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  1. The God of Cookery So fun, Stephen Chow/10 - the man can't do wrong
  2. Just picked up the DX, really liking the sound so far! Not a fan of the soundmondo process of getting patches on tho, so unintuitive to find stuff, most things are tagged with every tag possible so you just end up scrolling down and down - anyone have any other techniques? Having said that I started making my own and you really dont have to do too much to start getting some magical sounds Wish it had something along the lines of the Volca FM with the dedicated attack and decay knobs
  3. Lil' warning to users - I just sold my OP-Z a couple days ago and hadn't been using it for months, though was storred away safely in its original box, when the buyer recieved it there was an issue with the battery not charging properly and apparently this happens quite a bit to them if the battery isn't actively being used often. The soloution was something along the lines of taking the battery out and connecting it with some wires to another battery source (you can find a proper description online if you ever need it) just so you know!
  4. Innerspace bit of gem! it doesn't quite know what film it wants to be - sci-fi/action adventure/comedy/family/romance - but it doesn't really matter as it all seemlessly blends into non stop fun. Think I saw this when i was a child and it scared the hell out of me, can see why now - some scary body horror ideas here. Ponyo Great stuff - hadn't seen before, nice and trippy animation Beyond the Mat Think i may have seen this when it first came out back in the day, was a great watch then but in heinsight probably even more powerful today. It couldn't of been more in the right plac
  5. On the list! Think i'll just have to work my way through most of Chows and Lee Lik-chi's stuff - Love on Delivery was wonderful.
  6. Kung Fu Hustle Great fun! Stephen Chow knows whats up 😎
  7. Love on Delivery Really enjoyed this. Effortlessly charming, funny, extertaining and creative at every turn. Its on Netflix at the moment here in IRE if anyone else gets the same selections. Also a Shaw Brothers film so you know you're in good hands 😎
  8. wow jaysus fair play! So close yet so far, nice to know it is posible but as you say perhaps too tedious to keep doing everytime you want to use the feature c'mon Elekron!
  9. I dont know what it is but for some reason the Blackbox 1010 really turns me off, just looks so sterile! Also a bit pricey with as you say lack of physical pads. I'm sure looks can be deceiving and its actually great but not a huge fan of touchscreen. As far as i'm aware the Octatrack doesn't allow you to trigger slices via MIDI or any external input. Had the idea to somehow get a MPD working so would have the best of both worlds and do the MPC thing while in the Elektron workflow world but sadly no joy! Didnt realise the MPC 1000's went for so much money these days, maybe my imaginati
  10. been mighty tempted by any boom-bap making devices ala the MPC's or Roland SP's but now realising I should just focus on the good ole' Octatrack and go really deep with that, just such a bummer that you cant MIDI trigger slices, how have Elektron not solved this by now I probably shouldn't even ask, but are there any other hardware alternatives out there for simple vinyl/sampling beat making?
  11. I've been back and forth about buying one of these the last few weeks...think I may pull the trigger today - seems like quite the magical box, just hurts how expensive it is, but cant complain when it makes things sound so good...
  12. That was probably my favorite of the lot when i watched it ^ 😁 Dont get me wrong I appreciate it to the max but in comparison to the others it doesn't take the cherry. Possibly because I grew up on the other ones and saw this later in life...however same thing happened with Wrongfully Accused and I absolutely loved that, so maybe its just Leslie Nielsen who makes everything better! Shall just have to give Top Secret another watch soon
  13. Recently re-watched all the Naked Gun films yet again, always a pleasure! Wasn't too taken with Top Secret! If you havn't ever seen 'Wrongfully Accused' it's an absolute gem! Written and directed by Pat Proft who also co-wrote the likes of Naked Gun, Hot shots etc.
  14. You are doing gods work Of all the films you've uploaded so far - anyone you'd highly recommend, or are they all equally stupendous?
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