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  1. a lil' late but I recently picked up the Toraiz Squid (I had never heard of it before!) and i'm loving it. Its a pure MIDI brain/workstation with loads of ins/out CV sync etc. I've probably never been as productive with utilising my gear and jamming out ideas thanks to this bit of kit... There defo are some cons, but the pros out weigh it for me in terms of a completly offline (no laptop) MIDI sequnecing hub - having said that you can use it with Ableton and other DAWs as a controller and such too The main downside i've encountered is a max step length of 64 which isnt great (but you can do things like changing the time resolution to trick it into doing longer sequences) and theres no song mode (doesnt really bother me but seems to bother others) but you can so simply drag and drop midi clips back and forth between ableton and the unit that it doesnt really matter as I like to do the final song structure in ableton anyway - it does tho have clip/scene launching ability similar to ableton if you wanted to stay in the box Main draw for me is you can mangle and flip your MIDI in so many interesting ways and capture any happy accidents with its 'time warp' feature
  2. Wow 4 years ago! Back again with more tape questions Have upgraded to a beautiful Tascam 244 and have bought a bunch of nice high quality blank tapes Am currently recording straight to tape from hardware and then recording the individual tape outs to the computer for final editing but now am reconsidering the idea and thinking to record into the computer first, tidy up, then bounce to tape - just so I'm saving as much potential tape space However now I'm just double guessing the idea - am I potentially going to lose some quality in doing this? I vaguely recall some people online saying that once you digitise your recording bringing them into the PC it loses some of its qualities and muddies the signal by the time you put it to tape? Any thoughts or suggestions as to how to mitigate this if it is an issue? Record into the PC at the highest quality possible? Or is it all too subtle and you wouldn't hear the difference either method?
  3. The Lighthouse Pretty much a modern masterpiece
  4. JoJo Rabbit Glad to see Waititi is still on top form, hopefully he'll continue to do the writing/directing/producer shtick and not sell out too much to Hollywood. Excellent performances and enjoyable throughout! He's one of few directors who can blur the lines between kid/adult films so well.
  5. That prog seems vvvery interesting - thanks for sharing! Also picked up a MKii recently and have been trying to get my head around it Saw some of that guys tutorials on youtube and thought he presented well, shall check more I think
  6. I think i'm starting to come around to this conclusion - just started thinking 'real songs are stemmed out and processed individually' but in reality you're just making more work for yourself in post I used to record live jams on an ole' H4N from the headphones out of my mixer and I honestly don't think i've ever mixed a song better by individually stemming it out and mixing it in the DAW than I have doing the 'live' mix method...also it's near impossible to recreate the magic you create when doing the live jam as opposed to tracking each synth one at a time Also its asking alot from you as an artist to not only compose a cool song but also to somehow have all the know how to 'professionally' process it in post... Time is limited these days, so the quickest and most fun method to getting the music finished should be the way forward! Thanks for everyone giving their thoughts and opinions, interesting to see all the different methods we have
  7. Thanks for all the helpful info! I'm still trying to get my head around this idea - is it that each input on the mixer has a separate out which is then connecting into a rack interface? So use the mixer standalone for offline jam then switch on laptop/interface for recording? (How did you get the rid costing 200 all together if the CR1604 is €698?) Also what do you mean by AD/DA? Sorry for all the questions, never thought buying a mixer would be so complicated 😂
  8. Thanks for all the info and ideas! That mixer looks perfect but also on the expensive side (but I sort of expected as much considering all I'm asking for) Perhaps my understanding of what a sound card can do is wrong, but the main reason I think I'm avoiding the soundcard route is that I want to have all my hardware hooked up so that I can do a live jam without having to turn on my laptop/daw, but also have the ability to record the stems of each input if I decide to turn on the laptop Also could you tell me what the correct terminology is for recording AUX sends? That is to say, the ability to record the AUX send as a separate stem like any of the other inputs on the mixer? That will help in my search for specs Does 'pre/post fader routing' refer to the mixers ability to record the physical fader position?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, but seems to be an analog mixer - to clarify when I say record the AUX sends I mean via USB as a separate stem
  10. There's a 20% off sale at noise kitchen! Just ordered myself a softPop 😄
  11. Would any of you fine gents be able to suggest me some mixers? I've been through 2 so far - first was a Mackie DFX-12 which was nice but no usb, second was a Behringer UFX1604 which had the ability to record stems via USB However, my biggest gripe with it was that it would record the stems 'raw' and not listin to the 'live' physical fader mix, nor could it record the AUX sends Is this impossible or just comes at a higher price tag? Also would like more inputs than 16. Any ideas?! The finer and cheaper the better! Many thanks
  12. Midsommar - loved it, wasn't big on Hereditary, but this is next level Westworld (1973) - loved it, 70's sci-fi always a hit, Yul Brynner excellent Demon Seed - good stuff! wasn't blown away as much as i'd hoped but apprieate the ideas and designs...cool soundtrack too
  13. Chairs for the rec! Looking forward to BoP! Also thoroughly enjoyed all the Bakshi i've seen so far so shall add to the list!
  14. Nice! Defo gave me an appetite to explore more Hammers, dont think i've ever delved in too deep!
  15. Quatermass and the Pit Nice and meaty sci-fi, practical effects could have been a lil' better but happy to go along with the fun, the story is engaging enough for you not to care so much and experience it like a stage play Good stuff!
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