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  1. Nice! Defo gave me an appetite to explore more Hammers, dont think i've ever delved in too deep!
  2. Quatermass and the Pit Nice and meaty sci-fi, practical effects could have been a lil' better but happy to go along with the fun, the story is engaging enough for you not to care so much and experience it like a stage play Good stuff!
  3. Big Night What a gem, never heard about it till it was suggested to me. Well made, not perfect - but just a darn good film!
  4. Just saw they announced sampling with the op-z via a free software update, utilising the in-built mic or by plugging in a mic to headphone input...not out yet but coming soon also said they may be bringing out a sampling add on module also
  5. Got a new EP for ya'll, a more melodic pursuit with a mix of sci-fi and summer vibes, good for all the family! Would love to know your thoughts... https://polyglove.bandcamp.com/album/leisureplex Just recently released a video for one of the single ---> Also made a few limited edition cassettes
  6. Thanking you for the help, master Modey! Think I may just take the plunge and get it off Thomann...can always return after 30 days 😎
  7. Dang, and have you tried doing such yourself? The main thing i'm concerned about is the 'chord' track, or if you make chord progressions would this output in MIDI also?...or just root notes?
  8. Gents, quick OP-Z question... The idea of a portable 'groove box' allowing me to come with ideas on the fly then taking the projects to my hardware and expanding on them really interests me....however I cant seem to find a definite answer anywhere if you can transfer the MIDI from your created projects out of the OP-Z? I'm guessing with the USB-C you could record each track individually into ableton, but that sounds like a bit of a pain (but i'd take it if it was the only option!) Also, in terms of the master transpose/chord mode feature - does anyone know if the op-z outputs this info in MIDI, or is it just an internal algorithm? So it wouldn't output the correct chord in MIDI, just simply the root notes? Can anyone clarify all this for me, plzzz?
  9. thanks for this Found this related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-FB1_5pQNk
  10. couldnt recommend the DFAM more! Has been paired with the Digitakt since day one and allows for quick fun jams. Perfect for saving/backing up sequences and then re-sampling them again to extend them beyond 8 bar loops. Can do nasty drums or deep bass lines or high leads, very verstile! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsv4zKZnLz2/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp2aNODlRxj/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BpZi5Lsnbb9/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BpmUN4tn_az/
  11. Murder Party Big fun, way better than expected! Absoultely chuggs and zips along with great pace. only shy of 1hr 15mins but feels like a well developed epic.
  12. Chopper Great performance from Bana, instant cult classic. Venom Way better than I was expecting. Probably the best modern super hero film i've seen (not saying much). Was decent fun. Vevlet Buzzsaw Really wanted to love it but very flawed and misguided. Happy to see a mainstream film like this being made today, whacky trash horror throw back/arthouse mix. Jake was great. The Polka King Watched the end of it again last night with friends - tis' great! Jack Black's best performance, knocks it out'a the park.
  13. Seems OB is finally on the horizion, didn't exactly get what he was saying towards the end in terms of the Digitone version - are they waiting till thats sorted before offically releasing it to public, or can you already get the Digitakt final public release now? also this seem pretty kewl:
  14. Gofundme has raised over $150,000 to pay the poor caterer. Ah that's great! Although no doubt there were others who were left out of pocket that just didn't feature in the docu
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