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  1. Had a dip into a bit of some classic Kurosawa recently Drunken Angel Excellent stuff, so much innovative techniques for its time and never a frame wasted. Takashi Shimura is incredible here, probably best i've seen him. Toshiro Mifune is also great, hardly recognisable at this young age. Stray Dog Also great, interesting to see it being 'considered a precursor to the contemporary police procedural and buddy cop film genres' - goes on a little too long at times but good stuff. Interesting, alike with Drunken Angel, that at this point Shimura is the leading man with Mifune soon to
  2. love Barton! Stand out Orson flicks for me are Touch of Evil and F is for Fake. Also really loved the Netflix docu they did called 'They'll Love Me When I'm Dead.'
  3. so glad I didn't scratch that MPC itch, the slice MIDI triggering is well overdue but grateful it even came! Also the per-pattern BPM thing, I was so confused when I found it didn't do that when i first got it thanks to the Digi, looking forward to try expand my octa brain again 🙂
  4. Game Night Pretty decent bit of fun. It's definatley more than a date movie, but feels like it fits that category, and within it i'd say its one of the best of its kind - but outside of that it's also just good fun with nice twists and turns. Hard to see Jason Bateman as the star leading man in this sort of film, carries it off well but can't help but feel it's a parallel universe type of thing going on - but no surprise when I saw he produced it
  5. Rituals Real gem. It's basically the worst camping trip ever - 5 old friends, all doctors, go off on their yearly trip and stuff starts going bad, real bad. Pretty low budget and there doesn't seem to be any HD scans, which is a shame, but worth the watch even if you can only find a lower quality version. It seems to be compared to Deliverance, which I can see the connections, but it's own thing really. 9 Decent slightly adult animation. Cool sci-fi ideas and good action sequences but suffers from other problems.
  6. dang the Opsix sounds amazing! Happy with my reface DX but can only imagine how much more fun Korg could make it 🤑
  7. already posted about it a while back and not sure if you said you saw it or not (also may not be in your Netflix region), but - 'Love on Delivery', so good! From Beijing with Love Probably my least favourite of the Stephen Chows i've been watching, released the same year as 'Love on Delivery', quite different in tone but still maintains good solid comedy moments, just not as relentless as LOD, but in anycase Chow is a born leading star so its hard to not like!
  8. Nice work! End sequence is great Were you using Blender or any other programs?
  9. TRiP


    Also made a music video for one of the tracks 'Easter' made up of old Japanese VHS tapes - hope you enjoy!
  10. Fair point! Just saw The Duelists not so long ago and really enjoyed it so it must have re-juiced my Ridely tastebuds...have since rinsed and washed I heard he's been directing his latest film from an issolated tent, here in Ireland. No one is allowed to be in the same space as him. Wonder how that will work out
  11. TRiP


    Been working on a solo project the last few months and today is the release date of the debut album - 'Palm303'! Our good fellow WATMM'r @Nil did a beautiful job mastering it, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't recommend him more! The album was all recorded directly to tape on an old Tascam 244 with a bunch of hardware. Have a limited run of cassette tapes available via bandcamp: https://nickcoolroy.bandcamp.com/ Tis' streaming now on most platforms - hope you enjoy! x https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/nickcoolroy/palm303
  12. Paranorman Surprised by this one! Wiki describes it best 'stop-motion animated dark fantasy comedy horror film' - inspired by B-movie zombie movies. Has a great look and aesthetic, utilised some cool production techniques. Although for all ages it definitely has a charm older audiences will dig, especially loved the intro scene of a fake schlock horror film. Perfect Halloween fix for those not into big scares. American Gangster Jaysus this was poor. Don't know what to make of Ridley anymore. I can see how it might have done well at the time when it was released, especially watching
  13. Thanks for all the above! Feel I need to read/hear these words every now and then to give me a boost of encourgment to push my octatrack workflow further As modey also mentioned, one can get lost/overwhelmend by the seemingly endless possibilites of the machine I find i've been stuck just using it as a live mixer/effects/remixer and want to get more out of it - think for me I need to treat it like Ableton and start to layout tracks with it by recording my lines in and seeing how further I can push them before hitting the DAW/tape Side note on embracing the limitations of the Octatra
  14. Yes indeed, watched most of his films - except The Castle of Cagliostro i believe! must check that soon Think when Ponyo came out originally I wasn't aware of his work or Studio Ghibli and just disregarded it as some kids film, shortly after I think I first saw The Cat Returns and thus started my awakening
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