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  1. I've been back and forth about buying one of these the last few weeks...think I may pull the trigger today - seems like quite the magical box, just hurts how expensive it is, but cant complain when it makes things sound so good...
  2. That was probably my favorite of the lot when i watched it ^ 😁 Dont get me wrong I appreciate it to the max but in comparison to the others it doesn't take the cherry. Possibly because I grew up on the other ones and saw this later in life...however same thing happened with Wrongfully Accused and I absolutely loved that, so maybe its just Leslie Nielsen who makes everything better! Shall just have to give Top Secret another watch soon
  3. Recently re-watched all the Naked Gun films yet again, always a pleasure! Wasn't too taken with Top Secret! If you havn't ever seen 'Wrongfully Accused' it's an absolute gem! Written and directed by Pat Proft who also co-wrote the likes of Naked Gun, Hot shots etc.
  4. You are doing gods work Of all the films you've uploaded so far - anyone you'd highly recommend, or are they all equally stupendous?
  5. Just watched Black Cat, White Cat recently! Loved it, such imagination and great characters - a joy to watch. Looking forward to checking out more - have been meaning to watch Arizona Dream for a while now, I'm guessing its quite different to his non-english work
  6. Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski Really cool docu on Netflix, genius sculptor/artist you've never heard of tells his story, lost all his work, crazy but all (maybe) true!
  7. Hustle and Flow Re-watch after many years - holds up wonderfully! An off-beat, feel good, blaxploitation inspired yarn. Wonder if Eddie Murphy headhunted Brewer for Dolemite Is My Name, has a similar vibe. Inspiring for all the music makers out there. Highly recommended! Humanoids of the deep Way better than i was expecting! For a b-movie/body horror/exploitation film it had a pretty big budget! Was shocked to find the director went on to make the famous 'The Snowman - walking in the air' animation. It's on Netflix at the moment (Ire/UK), worth a watch if you're into those sorts of films Wishmaster Very much enjoyed this! Had a dodgy copy but was happy to see it was just recently added to Netflix! Fun concept and a sneaky amalgamation of a few other horror franchises. Very much looking forward to the sequel... Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Really poor, feels like it was made exclusively for 12 year olds. Avoid.
  8. Thanks for that - food for thought! shall rethink using LANDR now...may try some minimal mastering myself and A and B them to see what each is doing. The main thing which attracted me to it was being able to upload a full albums worth of songs, knowing they'll be equally 'processed', therefore probably sounding more consistent then If I would have mastered myself...also the price, €39 for a months worth of mastering vs. €50/60 per track...but as always I guess you get what you pay for
  9. Have also done much of the above - had tracks professionally mastered, tried mastering myself and used online services Have never really had experiences where the professionally mastered track blows me away from how it already sounded mixed, seems its just a damage control scenario for most making the levels suitable etc. however in saying that I'd say if you built up a good relationship with a mastering engineer who you felt you could have an open dialogue and go back and forth with you could most likely make a good track sound even better - but in my experience its usually with professionals who are trying to bang them out to bang more in and dont have the time to be walking through it holding your hand, unless you have the extra money to spend! Would agree that doing it yourself can be a dangerous tight rope walk, and sort of self defeating when you put so much time into bringing the song to the final stage and then just half ass it (purely because you dont have the correct knowledge to judge it) Have been working on a release and was thinking of just using an online service, did a test with LANDR and it sounded fine, didn't seem to make it any worse to my ears, and if all its going to do is 'balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats...'(quote from landr) then i'm happy enough could you elaborate on why you think so? Would be interested to know your perspective, having all your experience. Has there been any similar online mastering services which you thought were decent? One potentially silly question for you: I recorded directly onto a Tascam 244 then transferred the tape stems to my computer for final mixing - would using the likes of LANDR be sacrilege and in some way undermining the original quality of the recordings or should it not make much of a difference as the stems have already become 'digitised'?
  10. a lil' late but I recently picked up the Toraiz Squid (I had never heard of it before!) and i'm loving it. Its a pure MIDI brain/workstation with loads of ins/out CV sync etc. I've probably never been as productive with utilising my gear and jamming out ideas thanks to this bit of kit... There defo are some cons, but the pros out weigh it for me in terms of a completly offline (no laptop) MIDI sequnecing hub - having said that you can use it with Ableton and other DAWs as a controller and such too The main downside i've encountered is a max step length of 64 which isnt great (but you can do things like changing the time resolution to trick it into doing longer sequences) and theres no song mode (doesnt really bother me but seems to bother others) but you can so simply drag and drop midi clips back and forth between ableton and the unit that it doesnt really matter as I like to do the final song structure in ableton anyway - it does tho have clip/scene launching ability similar to ableton if you wanted to stay in the box Main draw for me is you can mangle and flip your MIDI in so many interesting ways and capture any happy accidents with its 'time warp' feature
  11. Wow 4 years ago! Back again with more tape questions Have upgraded to a beautiful Tascam 244 and have bought a bunch of nice high quality blank tapes Am currently recording straight to tape from hardware and then recording the individual tape outs to the computer for final editing but now am reconsidering the idea and thinking to record into the computer first, tidy up, then bounce to tape - just so I'm saving as much potential tape space However now I'm just double guessing the idea - am I potentially going to lose some quality in doing this? I vaguely recall some people online saying that once you digitise your recording bringing them into the PC it loses some of its qualities and muddies the signal by the time you put it to tape? Any thoughts or suggestions as to how to mitigate this if it is an issue? Record into the PC at the highest quality possible? Or is it all too subtle and you wouldn't hear the difference either method?
  12. The Lighthouse Pretty much a modern masterpiece
  13. JoJo Rabbit Glad to see Waititi is still on top form, hopefully he'll continue to do the writing/directing/producer shtick and not sell out too much to Hollywood. Excellent performances and enjoyable throughout! He's one of few directors who can blur the lines between kid/adult films so well.
  14. That prog seems vvvery interesting - thanks for sharing! Also picked up a MKii recently and have been trying to get my head around it Saw some of that guys tutorials on youtube and thought he presented well, shall check more I think
  15. I think i'm starting to come around to this conclusion - just started thinking 'real songs are stemmed out and processed individually' but in reality you're just making more work for yourself in post I used to record live jams on an ole' H4N from the headphones out of my mixer and I honestly don't think i've ever mixed a song better by individually stemming it out and mixing it in the DAW than I have doing the 'live' mix method...also it's near impossible to recreate the magic you create when doing the live jam as opposed to tracking each synth one at a time Also its asking alot from you as an artist to not only compose a cool song but also to somehow have all the know how to 'professionally' process it in post... Time is limited these days, so the quickest and most fun method to getting the music finished should be the way forward! Thanks for everyone giving their thoughts and opinions, interesting to see all the different methods we have
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