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On 4/8/2024 at 4:22 AM, th555 said:

Any info thats not youtube vids?

Right now it's pretty much all locked behind the dev's Patreon https://www.patreon.com/colugomusic

Some interesting discussions online about it. The basic concepts that are kind of unique about it appear to be.

1. No concept of a master timeline starting point or tempo. You can create tempo grid tracks to align audio to, or you can go freeform.

2. Everything you do gets baked into the audio waveform as you adjust it. Like so if you add a pitch envelope it bakes it into the playback waveform and the waveform display.

3. Universal modulation, so if you modulate a filter cutoff, everything synth/effect/plugin above it with a filter cutoff parameter gets modulated at the same time. This has the downside that it's locked to it's own native devices that have specific parameter names. You can work around this and only target certain devices

4. Constantly recording audio that you can grab and put into your track.



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