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  1. th555

    elseq 1-5

    Since I never know which part to pick when I want to listen to Elseq or NTS I just listened to all of them in random order (coincidentally NTS 4 ended up as the last one). I *think* I can now reliably identify at least elseq vs. nts lol. As someone mentioned upthread the use of (at first impression) quite simple static sounds is quite unique to these albums compared to their earlier ones (of course someone could prove me wrong with numerous examples ;)). Also noticed a lot of unapologetic aliasing sounds (like you would have a patch and then increase the tempo/speed 100x and basically everything you can hear is just aliasing effects of what the patch is doing way above 20khz). And latentcall is such a banger, damn...
  2. Came across this on your site, good stuff esp. that track at around 11 mins.
  3. My relatively new kensington trackball at least has 2 separate optical sensors for the 2 axes and when you block one it moves the cursor on 1 axis only like you describe.
  4. Thanks for having a listen!
  5. Wow thanks good stuff. @Key it's Untilted ackchually 😉
  6. th555

    Japanese IDM

    Some late 90s/early 2000s japanese electronic label I recently came across: https://www.discogs.com/label/785343-Transonic-Records-4 I would also like to bring this absolutely stunning but a bit overlooked Nobukazu Takemura track to your attention
  7. Nice tracks. I actually find Dusktrail quite fun and almost lighthearted, in a way. Also "Structures Group" is a dope artist name 🙂
  8. Nice, it gets pretty cool at 4:00 with the chords.
  9. th555

    Luna Chop

    Don't miss the little q&a in the yt comments btw. " XH HX 1 hour ago @Joaquín Martínez oh yeah i almost forgot - re-issues for confield and draft are in the works"
  10. th555

    Luna Chop

    I like this thread.
  11. Put together an album with some recent tracks. These represent a pretty thorough shift in workflow for me, and as such they fit together quite snugly 🙂 Clocking in at 36 minutes it's a respectable mini-album or maybe just an EP.
  12. Jazz for your soul Can I call this bolero?
  13. As I probably mentioned before I used three of these before I had an actual mixer.If you have 2 you can make stereo mixes 😄
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