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  1. Thanks, you're the man 🙂 Yeah So is quite lovely indeed.
  2. If you'll allow me to go slightly off-topic, can you namedrop some more early 2000's japanese artists that you'd put in the same list? I'm very curious as I'm always pining for more Takemura-esque stuff but rarely find it.
  3. Thanks encym ^^ Some simple ambient sounds:
  4. Much love for Sines & Singularities. Hi!
  5. Been having some fun with this lately. The ensemble Gong Explorer is really nice (physical model), and there's a nice reverb (R66) built out of nodes all the way down so you can go really low level and mess around with it.
  6. Some Blofeld grooves
  7. Jazz for your soul
  8. https://ranzee.com/volca-fm-firmware-1-09-unofficial/ https://ranzee.com/volca-sample-unofficial-firmware/ Pajen´s custom firmware for the FM and Sample, most notably adding velocity from midi input to the FM, and chromatic note triggering to the sample (!!!!)
  9. Cheers acid1! Got a new track: Synth is a poly blofeld patch through the monologue filter, really liked jamming with that but I'm not sure it really shines through in the track. otoh I did the final mixdown live which is something I don't usually do, and that was fun.
  10. Hmm, something like those but with a piano roll, does that exist?
  11. It seems Modalys is now free: https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/modalys/
  12. th555

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Yes I guess, from the first page of AAA (Sean):
  13. Giving this a spin since I saw these two fellers live this weekend. So far I don't like it as much as the live show, which was way more hard hitting.
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