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  1. Ah yes I remember them saying in AAA they liked it. Or at least one of them did. Edit: as mentioned earlier -.-
  2. Thanks Q Little jam, using two oscs + two envs of the neutron as 2 separate (very simple) synth voices
  3. Yes! Also came across this a while ago, really fantastic stuff. This one is my favourite so far: Between this and Senni it's funny to see a little trance revival of sorts.
  4. Thanks Acedia 🙂 Been thinking I should make an extended mix or something, it's way too short. SU10 lofi beats
  5. th555


    Was just thinking it does sound very BoC-ish in a way.
  6. Hmm ok, maybe it's just me then, I'm gonna try a few different themes.
  7. Is it just me or is the forum really heavy now? Whenever I open watmm my CPU goes to 100% and my fans start to whirl like a mofo, my laptop is quite old tbh but displaying a bunch of text and images should not max out my cpu right?
  8. Dunno why I can't edit but the last one should be this
  9. I've got it set up so I can just rhythmically mash some keys in real time and a vid plops out, so here's some more
  10. Thanks! No it's a little python program actually, using pygame for displaying polygons. 100% certified homegrown organic 🙂 Anotha 1
  11. Thanks, you're the man 🙂 Yeah So is quite lovely indeed.
  12. If you'll allow me to go slightly off-topic, can you namedrop some more early 2000's japanese artists that you'd put in the same list? I'm very curious as I'm always pining for more Takemura-esque stuff but rarely find it.
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