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  1. Quality stuff these last 2 tracks (though I enjoyed snoopytokes too earlier :)) Great pad/synths in Far Away.
  2. Lots of good stuff in here. Glasscannon is especially nice. Always good to hear some Bochum Welt love.
  3. th555


    Hmm love these kind of lighthearted acid tracks. Veery nice, love it. Really draws me in.
  4. https://music.stackexchange.com/questions/21977/intended-shift-of-meter-in-certain-songs
  5. Nice track, solid eery pads.
  6. Oh, and don't forget the OPN-esque arps 4 minutes into track 4 (28:00 in the vid).
  7. Amazingly fun, repetitive/minimalist synth work that you could compare to Nobukazu Takemura's Milano (a bit).
  8. Sure! Just added some docs and you can see it here: https://github.com/th555/bezziersz The other one is too much of a broken mess right now, maybe one day...
  9. Built a new viz system, now using Raylib instead of Pygame, which is a bit more modern and full-featured and working very well for me so far.
  10. Gave it a spin, some pretty nice drones throughout. Cool breaks in the first track. Quad is a standout for me because of the bongos and that wonky synth stuff near the end. Enjoyed Innert as well.
  11. Vid is sorta rubbish tbh, just messing with nodes in Blender for the first time but didn't make it reactive to the audio. I'm quite content with this track though. Naive faux-classical analog synth music. And some ambient techno cheese or whatever. Turns out marimba + supersaw goes well together.
  12. Just great, every layer has something to like about it. Lush pads as well. Serannian track is p. lush as well.
  13. City Escape - good atmosphere, didn't expect it to evolve into a beat like that. Cool. Not sure about that syncopating bassline though. Liminal Factory - very nice, no comment, had to restart it a few times over.
  14. Ah, Audiomulch, yet another digital modular software I've always been curious about but never got around to using. Just how much of those are there anyway? Really enjoyed the Equation tracks, nice classic ambient/drone vibes not shying away from somewhat more intense and/or rhythmic parts (compared to the stuff I used to listen to hehe). Digging the other tracks too, so far.
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