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  1. Thank you, and Steh BL as well 🙂 I think there are quite a few programs that simulate oldschool video synthesis and nowadays eurorack modules as well. I got a reel to reel multitracker and am enjoying the workflow (and sound, to some extent..) so far. Turns out that this, and not some "studio brain" sequencer, was the missing piece of my hardware setup. Kinda stupid posting these in a videos thread but whatever.
  2. https://www.kvraudio.com/product/atlantis-by-jeremy-evers
  3. I'm still bummed that you can't remove reposts when listening to your "stream". There's a browser extension for it but still. And the spam.
  4. This is the good stuff. Still enjoying some Budget Lords too every now and then.
  5. Good stuff, I thought they would be a bit long for eurorack techno tracks but in fact I enjoyed hearing them all the way through. 15a is especially funky. Mind if I ask what you use for sequencing? ps. nice pads in track 16. Thomas Fehlmann vibes.
  6. Thanks Tim 🙂 Got some classic IDM groove going on
  7. Sum kinda italo disco, just taking it easy eh 🙂
  8. I like Lost in the Void, that trumpet there is brilliant! I like the combination of straightforward exotica cheese (no offense ;)) and odder idm-ish stuff. Getting mu-ziq vibes, as well. Oh and Safe to Eat is a great track too.
  9. Ah I switched themes and now it's alright again.
  10. There is no CSS for me, but only when logged in. I tried clearing cache/cookies and disabling adblocker. Firefox 86 on linux.
  11. PSP games had some good soundtracks man
  12. Rob should give it back, smh just stealing snd's monomachine like that
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