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    Warp Tapes WAV

    Yes I guess, from the first page of AAA (Sean):
  2. Giving this a spin since I saw these two fellers live this weekend. So far I don't like it as much as the live show, which was way more hard hitting.
  3. Came across this nice list of livecoding environments: https://github.com/toplap/awesome-livecoding/blob/master/README.md
  4. This is some good stuff, more gamelan tips would be most welcome.
  5. Was about time for me to post a bunch of tracks. First of all here's some pitch tracker acid: Small Blofeld ditty: Also I did an hour-long jam for my soundcloud buddy Venderstrooik's PillowTalk podcast. It's based on a sequencer that loops the notes and note lengths independently with some offset: Be sure to check out the other episodes, lot of different stuff in there 🙂
  6. I was intrigued by the bird recording in the tracklist, and it turned out really nice, fits right in there. Overall really enjoyed the whole thing, this is gonna do just fine for me to get into ambient/droney stuff again.
  7. Sounds really good! I'll do my best to keep up.
  8. Here's another compilation of old-ish tunes: BEAT BONANZA
  9. Would really love something like the Nord Pad to use with the modular g1, but it seems the only way to get midi out of it is via a nord drum. Any ideas for a similar (velocity sensitive) standalone drum pad?
  10. Noice. Has that sort of woody texture which I like.
  11. I've always wanted to try Numerology, but don't have any macOS computer.. Definitely will have a look at this. Should note that you can just get the free edition and all you'll miss is patch loading.
  12. I'd think some scanning lasers would have a scope function?
  13. th555

    XHK - XH HX

    Do we know anything about how they made this? I was thinking they might have used this: http://warmplace.ru/soft/ans/ , it's from the creator of SunVox which has been mentioned in AAA iirc.
  14. No! Didn't know about that, thanks.
  15. I had a look at the NMG2 files with the nord modular g2 demo (for windows), not all of them load because the demo doesn't support all modules, but here are screenshots of those that do. You can play around with them in the demo although it's monophonic.
  16. Been meaning to pick up this from the company Decksaver: It's only for the buttons but that's all you really need I'd think.
  17. Sorry if I missed something but did nobody take a look at the nord modular g2 patches yet? I have a G1 unfortunately (well, not really) so that won't do, but even just screenshots would be nice. I did find this G2 to Csound converter, it seems to be missing quite a few modules though: https://github.com/gleb812/pch2csd
  18. Reminds me of this art project thing I saw on the internet a long time ago. https://pleaseenjoy.com/abstractor/
  19. Nice Tanzmaus! Demo'd both it and the Tanzbar lite, settled on the Bar eventually but it was a tough choice.
  20. It's cool, the osc section is especially great and it's nice to have a different filter option besides the old Nanozwerg. Track in my sig is a Blofeld fm patch through the Monologue.
  21. My little jam space at the moment.
  22. I like em, seen them live once too. They have some great synth sounds every now and then.
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