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  1. Put together an album with some recent tracks. These represent a pretty thorough shift in workflow for me, and as such they fit together quite snugly 🙂 Clocking in at 36 minutes it's a respectable mini-album or maybe just an EP.
  2. Jazz for your soul Can I call this bolero?
  3. As I probably mentioned before I used three of these before I had an actual mixer.If you have 2 you can make stereo mixes 😄
  4. "DNA EXPLORER - extract and generate waveform DNA from audio" Some kind of resynthesis? Additive? Be curious how you like it, looks like a good machine. Personally, I bought... cables! Was about time.
  5. Nice! How's Slow Knife btw? Totally missed that.
  6. Yeah I guess? Model:cycles looks way better sequencing wise but I dig the full dx7 implementation volca fm has.
  7. I just wish the synth/fm/etc had a proper sequencer instead of this phrase recorder. I just want to put a specific note at a specific place ffs.
  8. He mentioned zK/Mark Godwin as well.
  9. Nice, remember digging his toytronic stuff.
  10. [quote=Rob]Sunvox yeah, i used it on a few tracks, one heavily, one thats out.[/quote]
  11. Wish I could watch it but there's too many fucking ads.
  12. When bouncing from one track to an adjacent track you can get feedback if the levels are too high, if it's happening on new recordings then I have no clue though.
  13. Reminds me of that ambiance sample player from tweakbench. Had rain and city sounds and whatnot.
  14. Was looking for some LXR demos, chill tracks ^^ Last one is a banger
  15. Been doing a bunch of relatively straightforward tracks, a drum track and some live synth takes mostly. First one's quite upbeat, the rest are rather downtempo. Last one is a sentimental bit that got a bit overcooked from ping-ponging too much on the 8-track.
  16. For the longest time I did all my hardware mixing with 3 behringer mx400 and some splitter cables lol.
  17. Beginning to slightly regret getting the soundcraft epm8 instead of efx8, basically the exact same mixer except the latter has built-in fx in place of the 2nd aux bus. Feeling the need for some high quality reverbs at the moment, Zoom MS50 isn't really cutting it.
  18. Quality stuff these last 2 tracks (though I enjoyed snoopytokes too earlier :)) Great pad/synths in Far Away.
  19. Lots of good stuff in here. Glasscannon is especially nice. Always good to hear some Bochum Welt love.
  20. th555


    Hmm love these kind of lighthearted acid tracks. Veery nice, love it. Really draws me in.
  21. https://music.stackexchange.com/questions/21977/intended-shift-of-meter-in-certain-songs
  22. Nice track, solid eery pads.
  23. Oh, and don't forget the OPN-esque arps 4 minutes into track 4 (28:00 in the vid).
  24. Amazingly fun, repetitive/minimalist synth work that you could compare to Nobukazu Takemura's Milano (a bit).
  25. Sure! Just added some docs and you can see it here: https://github.com/th555/bezziersz The other one is too much of a broken mess right now, maybe one day...
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