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Chaos A.D

Chris Moss Acid

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terrible! 4 the artist named Chaos A.D., there r not an eulogy 4 him!!! :omg: fuck!! Chaos A.D has made new something on acid house!!!! it's the most violent acid house never made!!! i want an eulogy 4 this artist Chaos A.D., please, thanks! :getlost: hum...






Let's Go Crazy!
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''A eulogy is a funeral oration given in tribute to a person or people who have recently died. It can also praise a living person or people who are still alive, which normally takes place on special occasions like birthdays etc. The word is derived from two Greek words - ευ (pronounced "you") meaning good or well and λογος (pronounced "logos") meaning word, phrase, speech, etc.


Eulogies should not be confused with elegies, which are poems written in tribute to the dead; nor with obituaries, which are published biographies recounting the lives of those who have recently died; nor with obsequies, which refer generally to the rituals surrounding funerals.''

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Guest nannystatenoise

chaosad rox


i love the track that starts with "BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY"


psultan (squarpusher remix) has the BEST USE OF THE SH-101 EVER !!!!

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Felt like ressurrecting a dead thread to express my love for Davey's Safety Lamp. I love this track so much. Sounds just like Alroy Road Tracks. Maybe even better.


And Theme from Cumberland Wrestling, and Dreaded Pestilence, and Male Pill Part 6, and Psultan (Squarpeusher Mix)....you know what? It's all great.

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