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  1. If anyone cares, it seems like all the 's' tracks (s2n, s3d, s1c, s2c, & s5d) are all from his soundtrack to the PS3 downloadable game Nucleus:
  2. Didn't both of those come out when the Wagon Christ name was still locked with Ninja Tune? Maybe they would have been if he had the choice.
  3. Wow, samples sounds great. Can't wait to get into this one. Makesaracket has always been one of his top contenders for me. Mike's giving Aphex a run for his money in terms of volume of output though, at least throughout the 90's. Good lord, I had no idea he recorded that much music!
  4. Been listening to this on repeat since it came out. It's lovely! Probably my favorite Vibert release since Rhythm, although Bizarster was pretty fantastic too (Can't believe that came out 5 years ago already!) Hello continues the trend of excellent Wagon Christ intros. Luke is the master of first tracks. The rest are all quality too - I feel like I usually end up skipping at least one or two on Vibert albums, but not the case here. That middle run of Designer-Bleep-Same Ol is sublime. Super fun album
  5. Man, this music is incredible but that T-shirt is absolutely hideous
  6. Another super obscure one that I tracked down was Penventon, which was only released on the bonus 7" with Chill Out Or Die III! Between stuff like this and those recent Deep Love remixes that were unearthed, I feel like we can never be certain that we've found everything.
  7. I think IOS and digit just won most IDM 2020 by default. Unbelievable work guys
  8. Love this one. Basically a secret Plug track. Indian Giver is another favorite that was America only. Sad it never made it to vinyl.
  9. Ha it's pretty undeniably catchy, if not also extremely cheesy. The original version is actually quite cool I think. Much weirder, Ozzy only (different vocals though), and more of a electro/new wave thing.
  10. I still listen to the first two Incubus albums quite a bit. Some quality funk metal on there, really great perfroamnces and original songwriting all around, I think. After that they do get steadily worse and embarrassing to some degree. I find most of their big hits pretty unlistenable now.
  11. Wow, previews sound amazing. A week after Autechre too, what a month.
  12. Toomorrow is very good. I come back to that one a lot. I think as an album I like it better than Lush, but if we're judging on individual tracks, Lush takes it for Kwikwidetrax and Night Night alone.
  13. Madonna and Ozzy together on a house track? Just found out this existed and I'm still a little baffled. Its honestly not that bad either.
  14. Already have the OG release, but was tempted to get the coloring book. Then I saw shipping was $21 and noped the fuck out ha
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