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  1. Reading the liner notes I was shocked to learn it was recorded live in one take. Such an amazing solo
  2. Weird timing on the bump, I just ordered a copy of the original LP on Friday! Anxiously awaiting its arrival. 🙂
  3. Oh weird...looks like they uploaded a YouTube video of the remix today, but it isn't live yet(?) Surprise remix drop??
  4. Anyone in the US have their copy yet? I ordered direct from Squarepusher.net and it doesn't look like its shipped yet
  5. Just popping in to say I just got the deluxe versions in the mail the other day and, having never heard any of the other remasters, I gotta say they sound phenomenal. Plus the packaging, art, inner sleeves, all is excellent. Definitely worth the price. AND they're taking preorders for a second pressing in October. So if you were on the fence the first time around, I'd pull the trigger on the next batch.
  6. Yeah those sound great. Im actually the opposite - I'm all for remasters, even if they're 'unnecessary'. Best case scenario - Breathes new life into music you already love, makes you listen in a new way, notice new things, etc. Worst case scenario - you don't care for it and just stick with the original. I guess I just don't really see the negatives.
  7. NI64


    Also, I can't recall - were Vicsynth or the NTS Mix announced when Be Up A Hello went up for Pre-order? Still got a dimly lit candle held up that maybe we'll see a bonus track or two down the line.
  8. NI64


    A little disappointed, but will still have to get. On the positive side - the remaster sounds good on the Bleep samples! Just compared the Deep Fried Pizza sample to the mp3 I have from the Japan CD, and the drums sounds much more crisp. Whole track sounds a bit less fuzzy than before. Or maybe I'm just crazy.
  9. NI64


    FMWT was one of the first records I ever bought, and I would still instabuy it again if they reissued it. So much nostalgia for that one, every track is fantastic.
  10. Yeah I can't really get caught up in any of the "hype" until there's actually something concrete and official out there, but I can say I would 1000x over prefer a release of Old Tunes-esque samples/remixes over a new Geogaddi or Tomorrow's Harvest. Fun BoC is best BoC.
  11. The both say fully analog cut. So it's just a mildly different type of gatefold sleeve? How deluxe!
  12. Can anyone explain the difference between the regular vinyl and DELUXE vinyl? The price is exactly the same and it looks like the photos are identical haha. Is this a troll?
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