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  1. It makes me really happy that VHS Head, EOD, and Aleksi Perala are all headlining the New Releases forum right now.
  2. Wonder if it's an intentional nod to Rephlex
  3. Was waiting for some car repairs today and listened to the interview. It was great! Tom is an incredibly intelligent and well spoken guy. I particularly enjoyed him laughing and referring to his music career as "a mess". Seems like he's always just following what interests him and never concerning himself with anyone's expectations. I have to respect that.
  4. Perfect timing for me - I've been listening to Amaterasu in my car on repeat for the past week or so. Now I can jump into this one!
  5. Bumping because this recently got a repress, and also is some of Lone's absolute finest work to date. If you haven't got a copy yet, now's your chance! This whole series really just kept getting better as it went on. Vol. 1 didn't grab me right away, but good lord Vol. 4 is stunning.
  6. Who in their right mind would listen to this quietly?
  7. Classic album, but this version looks so ugly. Red and green without yellow do not make rasta, they make Christmas. Plus it's not even remastered? They just reissued every NOW album a few years ago. I'll think I'll stick with that version.
  8. I'm way behind in my Proswell, but I jumped ahead and listened to this, partially because I love Okami so much and the title sold me. I gotta say, this is an incredible work. Beautiful melodies, complex progression, intricate funky beats, and a great sense of timing. Nothing overstays its welcome. The weaving in of the chiptune sounds is done very organically, and doesn't stand out like it does in some music. Fantastic album - highly recommended! Now I gotta check out GAIN next...
  9. I had listened to Entain quite a while ago, but for some reason or another it didn't grab me. I've absolutely loved everything I've heard of his since then. Well...The Present Lover might've had the euro house cheese turned up just a *bit* too high for me, but aside from that it's all top notch.
  10. Good timing for me. I just listened to Multila and Vocalcity for the first time last month (And Whistleblower today) The hype is well-earned!
  11. This album is ending up being more divisive than I thought. Also, while I personally love Ultravisitor, I do recognize that's it's probably his more difficult album to get into. One of my friends was recently going through his discography for the first time, and surprisingly said he really enjoyed Ufabulum and Damogen, but was incredibly bored by Ultravisitor.
  12. Looks like digitals are out! Well...official digitals, that is. A little bummed that the vinyl didn't show up today, but I think I have to cave and listen finally.
  13. I'm still holding out, but my record just shipped so hopefully not for much longer!
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