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  1. Someday, hopefully a very long time from now, Aleksi will drop off the face of the planet, and we'll all be thankful he left us with as massive of a body of work as he did.
  2. Love Melodies Nintendo plays like an alternate version of Boku Mo Wakaran. It's awesome. Was listening through a bunch of his early stuff this week to get ready. Fingers crossed I can pick up a copy of this at my record store tomorrow. They tend to get all the big Warp stuff on release day, but who knows with this one.
  3. Alright, hopefully this is clear enough to read - the text is really tiny.
  4. I agree, I love that one. The Exposures Lost Recordings follow-up is great too. Must be outtakes from that album,but I think they're just as good. I'd you get a chance to get the physical release, the liner notes are hilarious. Has track-by-track breakdowns describing the history of The Exposures and how the pieces were "performed". I'll type out some of them here after I get home. https://youtube.com/watch?v=glwEKjC_OEo
  5. Shifted Phases is awesome. Transllusion too (the first one). Honestly their releases as Drexciya are probably the ones I listen to the least. Not that they aren't great, just that the refractions and distortions of their sound explored through the aliases are what I find really compelling and satisfying to get into.
  6. So glad this is finally happening! Been craving more Bogdan for way too long. Now I just need a Voafose comeback and my ears can die happy...
  7. Oh - how could I forget! The Irresistible Force - It's Tomorrow Already The best thing Mixmaster Morris ever put out! (Legendary remixes aside)An absolute masterpiece of chillout/ambient music and an exceptionally efficient way to instantly transport yourself to a state of pure carefree bliss. Definitely one of the records in my collection that's seen the most plays, usually pretty early in the morning (It's literally just dawning on me that perhaps that was the intent, given the album title). Really puts your day on the right track if you kick it off with something like this:
  8. It's a great collection of tracks. Flexistenialism is super solid too. They really had an amazing lineup of artists in the mid 90s.
  9. +1 on Jaga Jazzist. You really can't go wrong with any of their albums. The first two (Livingroom Hush & The Stix) are absolutely essential, in my opinion. One Armed Bandit and Starfire shifted into a more progressive rock style, but with really clean execution. It's awesome. The first two Herbalizer albums are really good too, much more straight hip-hop than their later output. Mr. Scruff is an obvious choice if you're in the mood for something wacky and fun. Hard to listen to something like Trouser Jazz and not have a smile on your face. Something a bit more obscure maybe, I've always really liked this Animals on Wheels album: https://www.discogs.com/Animals-On-Wheels-Designs-And-Mistakes/master/42984 Pretty low-key and chill, but with some mad jungley breaks shuffling around. A very organic sounding take on the drill n bass style. It's got a really unique feel. Definitely worth a listen if you've never heard it before.
  10. All these were released on this (awesome) DVD back in 2004: https://www.discogs.com/Various-WarpVision-The-Videos-1989-2004/master/5398 Can't say for sure if they're in any higher quality than this though.
  11. yes, but Rombob got like anxious and Seoum had to kick him out, it was either Rombob or Richard, and Seoom liked Rombob more. Actually they both got scared because Divine is more “edgy” “metallica” and “modular” in his “brutal” “world-building”. Life-affirming post.
  12. I'm in camp ooze. As much as I enjoyed Cautella and Risp, they have a few of tracks I skip over. P much every track on this is dope. edit: I also wasn't really a richard devine fan until maybe a couple years ago. Def acknowledge his skill now though. Thirded. Excellent album Fourth'd. I've always loved Ricahrd Devine. Just getting around to the new one now and yeah it's fuckin nasty. He's got this real dark, brutal vibe to his music (I'd say edgy but that's way too cringe so I won't ha). Lends a gratifying 'human' touch to the super technical, digital mindfuckery, and also serves to really separate him from his contemporaries. Like I would never confuse a Devine track for an Autechre track in a blind lineup. Also Autechre fans hating on Richard Devine always struck me as akin to Metallica fans hating on Megadeth or something. Like....it's okay to like both, they're basically the same exact fucking thing haha. Nothing wrong with having a favorite and still enjoying the other.
  13. NI64


    Oddly enough, I actually live right next to that girl(s). I saw her walking her dog the other week. She's somewhat of a minor local celebrity, had a TLC show/special or something a few years back.
  14. I really liked Death Peak, once I saw things through the MBV-does-rave lens that he described as being an inspiration. Its definitely less technically interesting than his earlier output, but it's all about the tones, man! The repetitive loops and basic track structures are kind of the point. Havent listened to much else from him the last few years. I dont think he'll ever top Turning Dragon for me. But I'll always give his music a good chance. I'm sure he's still got plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Also, as a side note, that new P73 album from earlier this year was fucking great!
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