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  1. Would love to see an episode of Maury with Tom & Rich.
  2. Well good thing I got paid today! Between this and the new Squarepusher the new year is looking to bust down the door with some badass tunes
  3. Zero hesitation, ordered instantly! So excited for this, especially for whatever tracks get added over the next few months. Hopefully they don't just mean other tracks from the album; that'd be a bit of a cocktease.
  4. I feel the same way about Lone that I do about games like Celeste (Which I also absolutely adore). They both take familiar and comforting styles and recontextualize them for a modern audience in an incredibly masterful way. In both cases, on a surface level it appears to be from the 90's - the style matches very closely, but there's a certain level of polish and refinement that could only come from a genuine love and encyclopedic knowledge of the source material. It elevates the original ideas into something that would've been impossible at the time of their inception. In short, Lone clearly loves exactly the same sounds and textures from the 90's that I do, and is a master of squeezing every last bit of delicious juice out of them. I hope he never stops making music.
  5. I've been really enjoying this! He's effectively doubled his discography in a week, it's insane. I think I'll take my time a little bit with these and give each release some proper attention before jumping into the next one. I've also been relistening to all his previously released music, and wow, what an incredible level of depth and quality he puts out. It's strange to me that BoC gets such an insane amount of love but artists like Christ and Fieldtriqp go largely under the radar. To my ears they sound so much closer in tone and atmosphere than [Insert random indie folk band with tape distortion/generic vaporwave soundcloud]. It's almost like most people that try to emulate BoC only do so on a surface level, but artists like Fieldtriqp are a rare example of really nailing the actual melodic and emotional depth, while still retaining a unique sound. In my mind that makes for a much more interesting and compelling listen. (Also to clarify - I'm not saying that Christ or Fieldtriqp are emulating BoC - just that they have similar melodic sensibilities)
  6. I'm really excited for this! I didnt particularly care for O or Voa, but Popp blew me away. Played loud it's an incredibly immersive set of tracks. Every time I put it on I notice new details and hidden layers. Cautiously optimistic that he expands on that sound and doesn't return to the sleepy electro-acoustic stuff.
  7. This is amazing. I've always thought there was something really special about his music and never understood why it wasn't talked about more. Perfect for Halloween!
  8. Thanks, this is awesome. I've heard some of this but am very excited to dig into the super obscure stuff. Reading this made me remember I just got a PS3, so I downloaded Nucleus and played it for a little bit. So far it's kind of like an uglier, more complicated Geometry Wars. A little boring, but maybe it gets better if you put some time into it. The music is great, but it's a little annoying because there's about a minute of ambient intro and each level barely lasts that long. So I've only heard snippets of beats on occasion, but I've heard the intro probably 20 times haha. Also, as far as I can tell there's no way to just listen to the music.
  9. Haha yeah that's pretty bad. Great music though! Rising High is the shit.
  10. Guessing it was this festival? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stereogum.com/2004811/eaux-claires-2018-disappointment-justin-vernon/news%3famp=1 Sounds like the whole thing was based around experimental collaboration and was not received well.
  11. Quick shoutout to one of the nastiest riffs of the 1990's
  12. Yeah if you check in on his Twitter occasionally it seems like he's got something in the works. I cant even imagine how much work must go into his music.
  13. Totally agree, Black Breath is the shit. I think I recall them cancelling some shows recently? Hope they're still making music. One of the best shows I've ever been to in my life was seeing Black Breath play a house show in a gnarly punk basement, right before Heavy Breathing came out. I had never heard of them before and just got totally blown away by shit like I Am Beyond. One of those "Holy shit, who the fuck is this?!" moments. Got to smoke a lil weed with the guitarist after the show too. Good times
  14. Poor Crocomire. I always feel bad for him whenever I play Super Metroid. I heard they had to redesign his sprite when they were making the game because the original was too cute.
  15. Feel like I'm kinda guilty of missing Exhilarator too. But I'm still pretty new to Claro, and havent been able to stop spinning Neurofibro since I first heard it. Warehouse Sessions are excellent too! I really havent heard anything by him I havent enjoyed.
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