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  1. Guessing it was this festival? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stereogum.com/2004811/eaux-claires-2018-disappointment-justin-vernon/news%3famp=1 Sounds like the whole thing was based around experimental collaboration and was not received well.
  2. Quick shoutout to one of the nastiest riffs of the 1990's
  3. Yeah if you check in on his Twitter occasionally it seems like he's got something in the works. I cant even imagine how much work must go into his music.
  4. Totally agree, Black Breath is the shit. I think I recall them cancelling some shows recently? Hope they're still making music. One of the best shows I've ever been to in my life was seeing Black Breath play a house show in a gnarly punk basement, right before Heavy Breathing came out. I had never heard of them before and just got totally blown away by shit like I Am Beyond. One of those "Holy shit, who the fuck is this?!" moments. Got to smoke a lil weed with the guitarist after the show too. Good times
  5. Poor Crocomire. I always feel bad for him whenever I play Super Metroid. I heard they had to redesign his sprite when they were making the game because the original was too cute.
  6. Feel like I'm kinda guilty of missing Exhilarator too. But I'm still pretty new to Claro, and havent been able to stop spinning Neurofibro since I first heard it. Warehouse Sessions are excellent too! I really havent heard anything by him I havent enjoyed.
  7. Squarepusher was the shit. Gonna be listening to that set over and over again I'm sure. This whole event had far exceeded my expectations. BoC's mix was super unique and I'm excited to dig into the individuals artists' catalogs and mine out other crazy psychedelic gems. In a way it has a better shelf life than if it was all new material (Still holding out for the BoCset, of course). I'm sure something else has to be on the horizon for them before too long. Autechre are the real MVP's. But they always are. The amount of love they've shown for their fanbase the last few years has been unreal. It's a good time to be into this music. I'm really excited for whatever's coming next.
  8. Cool to see Mike recommending Desert Scores by Ian O'Brien on the postcard. Amazing album
  9. I dunno what it's like in the UK but it's really nice waking up and making breakfast to Nightmares on Wax radio.
  10. Some good shit. Excellent recording and mixing, makes me really tempted to get this on vinyl. Also probably the closest we're gonna get to a Wagon Christ full length if Ninja Tune isn't interested. Some stand-out tracks for me on first listen: Slide By, Matter, The Cure, Golden, Flying Mortalmovas
  11. That's awesome, I love this album! Oddly enough I just bought a copy of the Lawnshower EP last week...weird timing. Excited to hear the unreleased tracks
  12. Someday, hopefully a very long time from now, Aleksi will drop off the face of the planet, and we'll all be thankful he left us with as massive of a body of work as he did.
  13. Love Melodies Nintendo plays like an alternate version of Boku Mo Wakaran. It's awesome. Was listening through a bunch of his early stuff this week to get ready. Fingers crossed I can pick up a copy of this at my record store tomorrow. They tend to get all the big Warp stuff on release day, but who knows with this one.
  14. Alright, hopefully this is clear enough to read - the text is really tiny.
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