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  1. I still listen to the first two Incubus albums quite a bit. Some quality funk metal on there, really great perfroamnces and original songwriting all around, I think. After that they do get steadily worse and embarrassing to some degree. I find most of their big hits pretty unlistenable now.
  2. Wow, previews sound amazing. A week after Autechre too, what a month.
  3. Toomorrow is very good. I come back to that one a lot. I think as an album I like it better than Lush, but if we're judging on individual tracks, Lush takes it for Kwikwidetrax and Night Night alone.
  4. Madonna and Ozzy together on a house track? Just found out this existed and I'm still a little baffled. Its honestly not that bad either.
  5. Already have the OG release, but was tempted to get the coloring book. Then I saw shipping was $21 and noped the fuck out ha
  6. This sounds awesome. Really cool to see him releasing more music lately. I've always thought he had a wild and trippy sound ever since I first played around with LSD on a PS1 emulator back in the day. I can only hope that they repress the Wagon Christ remix of Face the Music someday. It's one of my all time favorite Vibert tracks and the original press is ridiculously expensive. Was bummed it didn't back it onto the LSD Revamped release from last year.
  7. Funny, this is the only record of his I own. Fully agree though, it's fantastic.
  8. Wow, yeah very rare. And only 100 of them? That's a mandatory preorder for me
  9. Exactly. Before their first "breakthrough" album, I remember listening to instrumental demos of Periphery and getting really excited for it, but fuck man...I dont think metal vocals get any worse than that for me. Who in the right mind thought that was the way to go? And Jens' vocals are great! He really nails that middle ground of the sing-to-incomprehensible-scream spectrum. I think it's got serious mass appeal, which in part I imagine is why they've stayed so popular for so long. Besides, if you really cant stand vocals in your djent, just listen to Animals As Leaders.
  10. Great news! I've been kicking myself for missing out on this the first time around.
  11. I'm right there with you. I'd love him if he never sang. I'd even settle for if he didn't use autotune. But for some reason that shit is like musical poison to me. No matter how good the rest of the track is, the second autotune comes on I'm out.
  12. I'll turn in my WATMM card for this, but I've actually never listened to Global Communication before. I'm half tempted to blindly buy this and have it be my first real exposure.
  13. 3:30am today, which has kind of sucked. My roommate just woke up at 6pm so it's almost like we're living opposite lives.
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