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  1. Are there plans to reissue that one? That and Abstract Thought (which apparently will never happen) are the two I'd really love to have.
  2. Yeah this is smooth. I dig the sort of subdued, gentle groove of the whole thing. Refreshing change of pace when compared with the complex, ultra-chaotic energy of a lot of recent braindance™®© Ltd.
  3. Does anyone know what this is referring to?
  4. Ordered these both instantly. Fruits of the Room in particular is one of his all time best. 97 really was an amazing year for him, between that, Cat Mouse & Me, and Fallen Angel. All top tier
  5. NI64

    Perlence Tracks

    Hey thanks for reminding me I did this! Was a lot of fun to dig into at the time, and yeah, this series still ranks and one of my favorite things Ae has ever done. I don't believe I ever got around to making a thread on the 90101 tracks. Maybe I'll take some time and get that together too.
  6. Wow, excellent recommendations. Those are exactly what I was looking for. A few other similar things came to my mind:
  7. This came to me in a dream last night - I was listening to a mystery album and thought "This sounds just like Music Is Rotted..." But I woke up and thought about it, and not much music comes to mind for me. Definitely some Miles Davis is close, but that tends to be a lot busier and more chaotic. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions (jazz or otherwise) that capture the sort of murky, smoky, basement jam feel of this album.
  8. There's something especially creepy and gross about spending top dollar for a 25 year-old lock of hair.
  9. https://ra.co/news/75516 Apparently this is going to be followed up with a reissue of F.T.N.W.O. (!)
  10. Anyone have a favorite track yet? I straight up can't decide. I think this is pretty undeniably the best Bug album though.
  11. I was worried from the descriptions that this was gonna be fast and energetic, which isn't my favorite flavor of Bug. So glad I gave it a shot cause this is as slow, dark, and brooding as he gets. Holy fuck this is good.
  12. NI64


    Damn, this sounds like it'd be amazing. I never got to see it!
  13. I ordered both these! They look and sound great. Really high quality stuff. There's a remix EP on the way too, and (allegedly) some other planned represses down the line. Fingers crossed someone releases Stevia - Fruits of the Room. That's such a incredible album. Also related, P-Vine Records is starting their own Yokota repress campaign with Symbol, which hadn't had a vinyl release until now. Pre-orders are up all over if you're interested. Comes out in September.
  14. Reading the liner notes I was shocked to learn it was recorded live in one take. Such an amazing solo
  15. Weird timing on the bump, I just ordered a copy of the original LP on Friday! Anxiously awaiting its arrival. 🙂
  16. Anyone in the US have their copy yet? I ordered direct from Squarepusher.net and it doesn't look like its shipped yet
  17. Just popping in to say I just got the deluxe versions in the mail the other day and, having never heard any of the other remasters, I gotta say they sound phenomenal. Plus the packaging, art, inner sleeves, all is excellent. Definitely worth the price. AND they're taking preorders for a second pressing in October. So if you were on the fence the first time around, I'd pull the trigger on the next batch.
  18. Yeah those sound great. Im actually the opposite - I'm all for remasters, even if they're 'unnecessary'. Best case scenario - Breathes new life into music you already love, makes you listen in a new way, notice new things, etc. Worst case scenario - you don't care for it and just stick with the original. I guess I just don't really see the negatives.
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