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  1. Oh man, this was one of my favorite albums when I was in high school. Hit me at the perfect time. Still holds up too
  2. So excited for this, VHS Head is one of the few truly inimitable producers out there. I can't believe Persistence of Vision is nearly 10 years old now, good lord.
  3. How does he keep getting better?!
  4. Great news! The original is pricey to get a hold of. The title track also made an appearance on this compilation, which I cannot recommend enough if you haven't heard it yet.
  5. Yeah I saw that! Would kill to hear more from him, hopefully something else comes out of this. Label said this about that EP:
  6. This is just a personal nitpick, but what's with all of the Bleep/Warp shirts having small text on the front and the art on the back? Seems backwards to me. I could see it if there was a larger logo or something on the front, but it just seems so weird to have 90% of what's on the shirt on the back. At any rate, happy to have the repress. Was really hoping for SOSW as well, but can't say I'm surprised it got skipped again.
  7. Thanks, I think 12 might be my favorite of the levels, if I had to pick one. I haven't heard Connection, Contact, or Presence before. I'll check em out!
  8. Finally got a chance to listen to the Vol. 17 5.1 Blu-Ray, and holy fuck is it intense in surround. What an experience. Anyone here know offhand what other Colundi is beatless ambient? Is it just random tracks here and there?
  9. NI64

    Japanese IDM

    Been getting really into some Japanese artists lately. Rei Harakami has quickly become one of my favorites. What an incredible talent he was, just a wholly unique sound. Such a shame he died so young. Some favorites I've found: (What a wild track, just high-energy all over the place for 10 minutes) (I absolutely love the stretchy bass part that kicks it at 2:45 here^) (Probably my favorite of his remixes, super solid groove. Tanzmuzik is fantastic too) (His quiet contemplative pieces are so beautiful, RIP)
  10. Wow this is awesome! I actually just snagged Aqua Team 2 earlier this year for a super good deal, but I don't have the first one so I'll definitely pick this up. I hope he reissues Electronic Countermeasures at some point. One of his best
  11. Absolutely - I adore the Studio Sessions tracks. I love when he goes full spaced out hazy stoner mode. It'll always bug me that he says those are the tracks that the labels never want to release, because to me that's what he is unparalleled at. Also if we're just making dream wish lists, a Vibert "62 Mixes for Cash" would be insane. An impossible licensing nightmare, but damn, imagine having a 8xLP monster box set of all his remixes, across all aliases, alongside bonus and unreleased content. How sick would that be?
  12. Also late to the party, but this is excellent. Someone said it earlier in the thread, but it really comes across as a heartfelt love letter to the 90's. And with how drenched we are in nostalgia bait remake culture, that's becoming an increasingly rarer and rarer thing to find these days. Nails the feel while still sounding new and fresh. Love it!
  13. Are there plans to reissue that one? That and Abstract Thought (which apparently will never happen) are the two I'd really love to have.
  14. Yeah this is smooth. I dig the sort of subdued, gentle groove of the whole thing. Refreshing change of pace when compared with the complex, ultra-chaotic energy of a lot of recent braindance™®© Ltd.
  15. Ordered these both instantly. Fruits of the Room in particular is one of his all time best. 97 really was an amazing year for him, between that, Cat Mouse & Me, and Fallen Angel. All top tier
  16. NI64

    Perlence Tracks

    Hey thanks for reminding me I did this! Was a lot of fun to dig into at the time, and yeah, this series still ranks and one of my favorite things Ae has ever done. I don't believe I ever got around to making a thread on the 90101 tracks. Maybe I'll take some time and get that together too.
  17. Wow, excellent recommendations. Those are exactly what I was looking for. A few other similar things came to my mind:
  18. This came to me in a dream last night - I was listening to a mystery album and thought "This sounds just like Music Is Rotted..." But I woke up and thought about it, and not much music comes to mind for me. Definitely some Miles Davis is close, but that tends to be a lot busier and more chaotic. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions (jazz or otherwise) that capture the sort of murky, smoky, basement jam feel of this album.
  19. There's something especially creepy and gross about spending top dollar for a 25 year-old lock of hair.
  20. https://ra.co/news/75516 Apparently this is going to be followed up with a reissue of F.T.N.W.O. (!)
  21. Anyone have a favorite track yet? I straight up can't decide. I think this is pretty undeniably the best Bug album though.
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