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the end all

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between cathedrals
the end all

1. the be all
2. make ice
3. elboliquor
4. slow-wave sleep
5. the end all (xvi's end)

so uh, this is it. took me long enough to prepare, but it's finally beeen released in conjunction with my birthday. i was hoping to share this with some people in hopes that it might reach some sort of audience. hopefully it will find somebody here otherwise it'd be rotting on 141414.

it's very melodic and chilled out. nothing ground breaking or extraordinary, just 15 minutes of some very simple music to listen to.

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wow at the be all. this is the 3rd rewind without getting to track 2.

i can hear the perfect 80's male vocals / backing vocals in never ending overdubs of perfect textbook harmonies. i'm serious - this might really be my favourite song from 1984. absolutely brilliant.


i'd love to have a go on these .flp files (presuming they are .flps)

brilliant little ep only marred by the fact that beyonce's irreplacable comes on every time it finishes.

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Guest Adjective



i wanted to know the host you used

and i jokingly pretended you were already planning a remix contest, because i'd like to remix any of these


sorry to be unclear

i like this a lot

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I just downloaded and listened to a bit.



edit. Nevermind, was thinking of the wrong thing.



Yes. I really like the first song. Really like the second but dont like the opening bass line at all. And thats all I really listened to.

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