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if you really think about

Guest weed

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think about it...how much weed (based on an average) have you consumed in your entire life?

lately i've been going through an 8th a day - (not on my own thankfully)

but on my own it usually takes me a week to get through around 5 grams (almost constant smoking)

in my entire life i believe i have smoked over 4 pounds of weed to my "dome" hahah



so the fun part : your turn


how much weed do you think you have consumed over the years?

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Guest my usernames always really suck

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Thanks for your much interest in my Apartment and the quick respond to my mails , i hope we would eventually becomes my tenant, i will be glad to have a perfect person like you as my next tenant ,for you sound nice and interesting to have as tenant .Am an Architect(A Building Contractor) so they transfer me to United Kingdom,i will be there for about 3 or 4Years .i just need someone with an open heart,love and clean to occupy the apartment and put all my worries off concerning the maintenance of the apartment for, since i am not residing there for now.I left behind some Facilities and electronics which you have to pay for the subscription, and a DVD player, air conditioning, alarm system. The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cooking utensils, a refrigerator-freezer, four-hob and oven microwave,dishwasher and washing machine, My Computer Connected with Internet Access Also the keys to the condo are right here with me, and the lease document.

Which i can send to you after all necessary agreement has be accepted. Also i will like you to know that the rent charges is not really the issue , but your absolute maintenance of my apartment..

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Guest mrcopyandpaste

Despite stringent quality control we have become aware of a defect with

'Milly', the pink and white soft toy cat. (Price £6.00). It has a small

label marked P01Ø33. Stitching on the cat becomes insecure, allowing

stuffing to escape. This defect presents a potential choking hazard,

particularly to small children.


This was sold from our Funtastic! shop between 7 January 2009 and

29 March 2009 and our records indicate that you booked a holiday

during this period whilst the toy was on sale.


If anyone in your party has purchased a toy cat, please visit


for further information on how to return this item to Center Parcs.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any concern or inconvenience

this may have caused you.

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Guest Adjective

my room is clean and i'm knitting.

feeling so inspired

the girl loves chocolate milk.

we gave the universe one out- if grant found a job he loved before springtime, we'd stay put. even though we wanted to go to cali really bad, and even though grant had been looking for a different job for a long time.

if you eat like this, people will give you crap because it's so not trendy anymore. but if it will help a woman who would do anything to ovulate and conceive do that (and i know personally quite a few that this was the key for), then who cares what anyone says. and jennifer aniston doesn't eat carbs. so there.

guess what i finally put in the shop?

from toast


when cate is too scared to go downstairs, penny will go with her and everything is all right. she lets cate dress her up for weddings or try to ride her or pull her by the tail almost daily. and even knowing the torture she will soon endure, she gets so excited when cate gets home from school. kat

all kits are shipped. phew.

i was born in orange county, where my parents had lived in the same house for like 20 years. they had both lived in so cal all their lives.

1. make stuff :: knit, 2. april, 3. fond of, 4. Crochet Stack, 5. noon :: 8, 6. layering, 7. 7mos, 8. afternoon, 9. sleepy mama, 10. waiting for me, 11. There's only one captain on this boat!, 12. Very Special Scarves, 13. Michelle Williams ♥, 14. new drawing corner, 15. the other side, 16. Untitled, 17. pride and joy, 18. steven alan imitation, 19. atthestove, 20. Untitled, 21. film.207, 22. hi, 23. Working, 24. Lashes, 25. s t i l l : morning quiet time, 26. anthem for a 17 year-old girl, 27. Untitled, 28. reasons for staying, 29. Untitled, 30. book girl, 31. Untitled, 32. ships ahoy!, 33. juk box, 34. ..., 35. grapefruit & new curtains, 36. gams


but let me tell you, that's not how it will really go. i imagine most kids will want to stay home and play computer games, but their moms will make them come and so they'll grudgingly put on a some church pants and skirts. so i was wondering if you could help me know how to bring the romance back into our modern life? it's not really that important, no matter the dress or the menu, we just want the kids to come to feel the spirit of the temple. but it's like you said, anne, when you don't use your imagination to make life beautiful, "how much you miss."

remember how i was so proud that my room was clean and i was knitting? well, i still am.


cate: (incredulously) what? were you a child of adam and eve?

i spent a few hours organizing my yarn and needles into that armoire.


one of my resolutions for 2009 was to stop ignoring the etsy shop and to not spin my wheels all day. (these two problems are very related). i am the queen of walking in circles around the house and not really getting anything accomplished. i wouldn't care except for that it drives me nuts! part of the problem is my insomniatic nights which leave me only half there during the day times ( which then leads to high caffeine consumption). so i decided step one is to get good nights' sleeps. i am trying to change my night time routine to a peaceful, herbal tea, quiet inspiration seeking few hours. it helps if i keep our room clean and the sheets freshly washed and calming. reading more- tv less- at night is a goal. then hopefully my days will be a little more with it. because i hate wasting time!

all the sudden i'm 30. i thought i'd be driving a mini van full of kids and happily decorating my own home. but life has shown me again that i am not in control. and as i wait for more children and a sense of being settled,

i love all the sweet, artistically talented bloggers that offer free downloads around holidays for us readers.

and that made me think of all the insomniatic nights that she stayed up with me and mirrored my every move and snuggled me right out of my anxiety into dreamland, long after grant and cate had drifted off.


i know some people don't love the whole valentine's thing. but it is so fun to me! i don't care if the greeting card company made it up- any day where i get to be pretty, treated with sweetness, have a declicious dinner and some romance is right on in my book.


did anyone else sustain life with saltines from the ages of 13-17?


well, as it turns out, it was me who needed her the most. i think if the test of the greatest among us is the one who will be the servant, than penny wins in this house...ok, animal people...i get it. i really really get it.

you love him too, right?


this week i am getting all my ducks in a row so that this weekend i can hole up and sew myself some desperately needed skirts for church and summer.


how have you been surprised? what can i say?

1. luce, 2. Untitled, 3. Working, 4. Stove Top

with that, here's the stuff i eat: salad with chicken, a different salad with chicken, repeat, repeat. this is the hard thing about it. not a ton of delicious options. i'm kind of kidding, i've found a few other yummy things, too:

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Guest Rambo

I must have a smoked at least 90 thousand joint in the past 11 years.


This was my routine during the holidays:


Get up, have at least 40 tightly rolled joints of extremely poor resin and then do my chores until my 11am bong of fire


11am - Bong of fire consisting of the finest premium eastern handbaked soggy-bud (50g)


11:30 - heavy petting


1pm i would throw the remaining unused bits (the embers, if you will) from my bong of fire onto the living room furnace, using my weed trowel and get my nan off her tits


3pm vomiting


3:05 - 5 medium strength resin joints to smoke on the walk upstairs to the den.


3:06 - upstairs now, feeling really stoned and spacey. Really sexy as well.


4:00 - squats


4:30 - i would usually get the boyz around at this point and really toke some j's, you know? The conversation would be minimal and the vibes would be fuckin' wet. I never knew what big Jeff meant by that but it rings true in hindsight.


6pm - WWE with ludicrous amounts of pot-based snacks. I'd go through half a pound of that shit, no bother.


8pm until midnight - study and prayer

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probably about 9 spliffs worth


i rolled 5 of those and barely put any weed in them


so not even 9 spliffs worth really


more like 5


edit: 6

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Guest melotronic

loads, me and a couple of mates generally get through 2.5 oz a week, more when others are with us. constant constant smokery

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gf and i smoke an eighth every three or so days, so let's say an eighth a week for the past three years at least. almost a pound overall? but more than a pound in my life, it seems. a little pathetic, maybe


i can't remember


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Guest Al Hounos

you know that's not true, right?


but c'mon guys, an eighth a day? get a life.... :omg:


goddammit i just noticed this is a weed thread

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you know that's not true, right?


but c'mon guys, an eighth a day? get a life.... :omg:


goddammit i just noticed this is a weed thread


I know more than my fair share of 50+ years old baked out potheads that YES, are lacking more than a few brain cells as exhibited by their mannerisms and behaviour.


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Guest hahathhat
you know that's not true, right?


but c'mon guys, an eighth a day? get a life.... :omg:


goddammit i just noticed this is a weed thread


I know more than my fair share of 50+ years old baked out potheads that YES, are lacking more than a few brain cells as exhibited by their mannerisms and behaviour.


well, yes, there's correlation, but you're presuming the cause is direct. weed doesn't KILL BRAIN CELLS ("grr, shred, rip them open with my little thc teeth!!") so much as cause them to chill the fuck out. if this happens daily, over years, i suppose shit can atrophy. that doesn't mean it has to, even if you smoke a lot of weed -- you just have to remain mentally engaged/challenged. too much weed can result in weed threads. now, cats:



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Better to think about how many brain cells you've smoked away!

way harder to calculate than ounces of weed, and potheads HATE math.

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