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Tim Exile - The Finger EP


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From The Now Wave:


"The Finger is not so much a release as an explosion. It's a 4-track live EP with videos of the tracks being performed and it's a playable live effects software for producers, performers or anyone else who wants to get their dutty hands on the sound.


Tim Exile has straddled the producer, songwriter, performer and inventor/programmer roles for years. The Finger is a mission statement of how things are gonna be in future... bringing this all together to open up the future of instruments and performance and connect with the now wave."



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the demo video etc. was really cheesey.


The live ones were awesome I don't know what you're talking about. Shit looks fun as hell too (the finger software with his setup). I dunno, I honestly have been to busy to work Tim Exile into my listening, so this was my introduction. My interest is piqued I guess. Not only that but I think I may be a touch inspired as well. I sound like a fucking advert. Christ.

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Yea saw this on CDM. I like the idea quite a bit, mainly the chaining of the fx using a keyboard. I always was fond of his keymasher, I've wasted so many hours jamming out with it, and this seems like a logical step in trimming it into something more functional. Lots of good drama on the demo vid comments too with regards to him 'jacking' the idea from dBlue or Sugar Bytes Artillery. Honestly I think Exiles stuff sounds/works a bit smoother anyways.

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