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More Instrumental Hip Hop Funky Psychedelic Braindance Craziness! The volume is a little low, so maybe increase your volume a bit more if you want to hear at your regular listening level. Enjoy




Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia

40 Winks - Welcome To Paradise (Interlude)

Fila Brazillia - 6ft Wasp

Dimlite - Locked

Misel Quitno - Im Halbhohen Gras

The Flaming Lips - Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast

DJ Shadow - Mutual Slump

GZA - Duel of the Iron Mic

Beck - Hollywood Freaks (Feat. The Dust Brothers)

J Dilla - Geek Down

Super Smoky Soul - Smoke

Flying Lotus - Spicy Sammich

Lukid - Fall Apart

Wax Stag - Glenferrie

Bibio - All The Flowers (Lone Remix)

Tobacco - Truck Sweat

Take - Black Space & Tangerines

Moby - Rushing

The Sight Below - Wishing Me Asleep

The Field - The Deal

B12 - Scriptures

Mike & Rich - Mr. Frosty


Genres: Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Downtempo, Braindance

Total Length : 1 hour 25 minutes 39 seconds

Size : 190 MB (320 Kbs)


Download or Stream @ Soundcloud

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