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More Songs About Buildings and Food

dr lopez

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Let's get some love up in hurr for this album!! One of my favs of 1978!! (Music for Airports wins 1st place)




Obviously not as sonically impressive as Remain in Light, however this is probably my second favorite T Heads album. The textbook example of 70s art rock. It just doesn't get any better than "The Good Thing" "Artists Only," and of course, "Take Me to the River" really sent the band to the next level. Is it better than the original? Not as definitively better as Devo's Satisfaction cover, but it's pretty close IMO. Add this record to the list of "Average albums that Brian Eno made great." That list is long.





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i reckon i need to relisten to this; all i remember from it is warning sign, take me to the river, and the big country

i guess because all three of those songs were on sand in the vaseline: popular favorites, which was my first th lp

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