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Community Answers

  1. Tickets booked for the Barbican show, very excited! Still can't believe that line-up 😁
  2. This is already absolutely fantastic.
  3. futureimage


    That Leterel prototype thing in the second session is so so lush
  4. Anyone notice that the link has gone?
  5. WTF is with the iMessage tones lololololol dummy
  6. I don’t understand how you make something so fundamentally silly sound so incredible and menacing and funky
  7. The deconstruction of the clap sound is amazing
  8. gonk steady one is Ae going proper full-on Grischa Lichtenberger THIS. Lovely head nod.
  9. No disrespect to bqbqbqbqbqbq meant. Merely jutting in on the bq-upside-down hint thing. Also nice to have a second version of some of these tracks (as if 8 hours weren't enough). Also, it seems to me that Autechre = their Max patch(es) now. The whole project is just the development of that software, and each release is a diary-like record of where that development is over a given period of time. Ultimate engineer's music.
  10. Re. the bqbqbq upside down thing, try listening to the side channel / stereo difference from the WAVs. Takes the drums out completely.
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