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Atop's Bleep competition entry::::||||


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VHS Head – Remote Control 00:00

Com Truise – Pyragony 03:51

Mitch Murder – Beach Interlude 07:07

Cygnus – Donorax 09:21

H. P. Sneastep – Cataclysm Theorum (Cosmos Mix) 13:52

Monolith – Vigton 2 Stun 17:24

Mount Kimbie – Blind Night Errand 20:38

V.I.V.E.K. – Feel It 23:30

Al Tourettes – When I Rust I Rest 26:41

Fantastic Mr Fox – Fool Me 31:02

Eprom – Shoplifter 35:06

Salem – Asia 39:21

White Ring – Suffocation 43:08

Broadcast and The Focus Group – Inside Out 47:03

PVT – Light Up Bright Fires 52:27

Lukid – Hair Of The Dog 55:36 – 59:46





yep yep....


check it out please and if you like it, favorite it...


Has Mitch Murder and Sneakstep up in it, so you will be supporting WATMM by supporting my need for new music machines....heart it, like it on FB, together you can help me win shit I probably don't need but really want!



love you all,




Akkad the Orphic Priest

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Nice mix man, listened this morning and gave this a hearty favorite! Thank god VHS Head and Com Truise are getting some attention in the Bleep competition. Good luck my friend!

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