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Polygon Window music video any good?

Guest KarakasaMusic

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:omg: wohh !!! I want to see this video !!


I have a copy the USA of the cassette but it is not compatible with my video tape recorder Europe!! :confused:

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It's terrible, and it's really not a video for it - it's more a lead-in to the next song, which is totally forgettable. Actually, the whole [motion] video is pretty boring early 90's CGI crap like the Mind's Eye.


I have the video and it was on WATMM at one time, and will be again.

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Does anybody still have this video and could you maybe try and upload it? I remember it being downloadable on the old watmm site, and I would love to see it again.



I have the MPEG of the Warp Motion portion with Polygon Window, it's exactly as Joyrex describes it, early CGI video, it shows some sea-shells floating around what I presume to be the inside of a bigger sea-shell? during song it shows the cover of Artificial Intelligence picture of the room (lamp, records, guy in the chair is smoking a joint) Anyways I found the clip in a .torrent file, I have the VHS as well. It's only about a minute and a half of Polygon Window (maybe less) then it goes right into Richard H. Kirk 'Reality Net' :sleeping:


It's about 30 mb. Where should I post it?


edit: yo



Nice one Caustic! I still have the file if anybody is interested

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