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it's interesting. i guess it comes down to pricepoints. if they can ship a phone with a tablet dock for say 30% more than the phone alone, it's probably a good idea. however, i suspect the screen is the most expensive part, not the cpu/storage/radio/etc... if it ends up costing the same price as a phone + tablet, then it's not so great.

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I think it's a good idea - but I like the idea of a tablet computer. I don't like the idea of holding an iPad sized device next to my head.

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Guest fiznuthian

the humor in the presentation kindof overshadows their real motive here, which is likely to try and reinvent the phone into its popular science fiction counterpart, the handheld video phone.

where you call someone on your PDA, tablet, whatever and communicate two-way with both sight and sound.



"hi mom!"






crap, thoughi must ask.. are smart phones doing this now? i.e. skype video chat

i'm kindof in the dark ages and use a dumb phone because i break phones frequently

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Guest Blanket Fort Collapse

LOL, did tom play bass for that wicked post power point soundtrack? gotta love asians

After he says "Padphone!", he laughs.


Me too.

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