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2 New Tracks To Haunt Your Speakers...


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:cisfor: Here's 2 from an upcoming EP I'm working on... I hope to be done by August


"Tempest Toll"



"Leaving Higbie"




enjoy! I think "Tempest Toll" may be one of my most fav's that Ive written in a while



Note to self: REEEEEALLLY need to setup a soundcloud

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on second thought... after coming back and listening after taking a break from working on it all day, there's a few things that need tweaking. I'll fix em for the version I post on soundcloud

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weak in the mix.


Hmm k, I'll have to push them up a bit... Thanks for the feedback guys, I always consider this place to be more useful feedback then pretty much any other board. Glad everyone seems to like the track other than the drums being a little buried.

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