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Gothic Cholo - Plastic Tears Part 1


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Gothic Cholo - Plastic Tears Part 1


Architects + Heroes Records is proud to announce the debut release of Bizzart’s alter-ego Gothic Cholo titled Plastic Tears Part 1. Tracks are produced by Suttikeere and cover art is done by Ayla Eichler. We are accepting pre-orders and CDs will be shipped out when available (approximately 2 weeks time). Part 2 will be released when the CDs are made available.


Bizzart has been pretty active in the Los Angeles Underground Experimental Hip Hop scene for the past 15 or so years.

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Nevermind on the preorders... Printers wont run the job because of the logos on the cover and Bizzart doesn't want it changed. So it's on hold.

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We finally got the CDs pressed. Arthur (aka Gothic Cholo, aka Bizzart) held true to his "Fuck the man holding me down" mentality and insisted that we used the artwork provided. So now instead of this being a digipak, we used a gatefold cover design and plastic sleeves to get this out. The CD contains both Part 1 and Part 2 with some bonus tracks not available elsewhere.


This album is album is experimental hip hop. Part 1 is produced by Suttikeere (aka deadnoise). Part 2 is produced by various artists. 10shun, Walter Gross, and Psycho Pop. Also contains bonus tracks by Arthur's side project with Walter Gross Garbage Pale Kids.


I understand that this may not be typical watmm material, but I'm sure a few heads can dig this.







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