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  1. Wow. Just bought and listened to Aphex'snew Cheetah EP, Lone's Levitate and this. This one is my favorite
  2. Underwhelming on first listen but it's growing on me. Loving the crunchy squares in CHEETA1b and CHEETA2. I have to say this EP calls to mind older EOD and makes a nice companion piece to his Utrecht EP http://eodtracks.bandcamp.com/album/utrecht The stylized packaging is nice too. Wouldn't mind one of those stickers.
  3. superstix

    US dates

    I don't know about xltronic but his albums get posted in the new releases section here all the time. I am currently listening to Vox Alia
  4. Want more previews. GIVE US MORE PREVIEWS
  5. superstix

    US dates

    See you in LA boys! Also, can we just stop for a moment to beam with pride that our very own Cygnus is opening for fucking Autechre?! This is AMAZING!
  6. Dudes. Navs is definitely not AFX. He is the guy who narrated "I Dream Of Wires: Hardcore Edition". Betta recanize
  7. LOL C'mon guys, just because it's poolside doesn't mean you are required to disrobe. Also, the attendees of these parties always vary based on the entertainment / party. It's not likely to be a bunch of aspiring actors and actresses lounging around. I get the sense it will be a tad more gritty than that. That being said I love The Standard pool. Already spent a couple days there this summer and it's always a nice time. If you plan to sneak booze in, conceal it well under your clothes. they usually check purses / bags on the way in but I've never had a pat-down. Ceephax NEVER comes to CA... you gotta get out to this thing.
  8. OK LA WATMM I expect some "hello"s at the Standard. I suppose a knowing, introverted side-glance / nod would suffice.
  9. FUUUUUUU why did I preorder?!!!!! Bleep better have sent some cool shit or imma have RAGE
  10. Long time no see, and thanks to all involved. This is more fun than Record Store Day!
  11. Just saw them last night at FYF Fest in Los Angeles. Their visuals were pretty interesting. Everyone seems to be going the way of bad 90s cgi / video game rendering. But the weirdest thing was they had special guest Henry Winkler come out and play the giant cowbell on that song while neon visuals of what looked like an astronaut with a huge schlong spewing a mighty stream of pee was flashing on the big screens. One of the weirdest vibes I've ever experienced at a music festival I think. lol But their set sounded great!
  12. Within and Without is still one of my most played vinyls for some reason... appropriate in many situations I suppose. Will definitely check this new one out when it drops... open to a sound evolution but he'd be crazy to drop his earlier style altogether.
  13. Tomorrow's Harvest, today. Made it all the way to California, USA with no bent corners! WTG Bleep.
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