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Bike Teeth


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not a bad start at all. the pads and such a little cheesy for my taste, but the melodies are okay despite that. i'd say it the track needs a little editing and focus, however.

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I like the bass/melody/chords a lot, although the staccato bass gets a little tiresome as the track goes on. The synths are not too cheesy to me although are too loud relative to the drums. You could balance the mix out more as well as creating more interest by reallocating some notes to a different timbre.


The main drums are cute but you could create more interest and create more propulsion/rhythm by giving them a stronger presence as the track goes on - eventually they become almost completely drowned out by the pads. The second drum pattern does a good job of this but it comes in too late and is still mixed a bit too low, especially the snare.


I really like the breakdown in the middle where one of the synth lines starts to sound like a piano.


Overall, I think this is structurally good, and I enjoy the melody although the lack of syncopation and agility makes it feel a bit sluggish. Mostly it just needs some work with balancing the mix (drums, louder ; lead synths, softer). Also probably to split up the synth lines into different timbres.

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Guest active galaxies

Pretty solid all round advice above there, some interesting components but variety in the synth sounds would aid the sound design, and the drums do feel a little disconnected from the track until around the 4 min mark when that snare comes in to beef up the rhythm section.


I think you need to look at the bassline again, it's a bit too one-dimensional to sustain 7 minutes here, if you turned off the synths and just listened to the bass and drum tracks together do they feel totally cohesive? I think if you looked again here and went for a better fit it would help the track move forward.

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