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  1. from a music making standpoint I would love to see more breakdown critiques of my favourite music.
  2. I recall digging into Satie at some point related to Avril 14th. Also in recent years I've really got into Nils Frahm piano recordings.
  3. Enjoyed seeing this guys review.
  4. Really sad to see this. It's been nice to see all the loving stories about her today.
  5. I've enjoyed their last two albums a bunch.
  6. Now-a-days I listen more to the "Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 1" side of Drukqs
  7. I just got an email about how the DFN post office is turning into a new cultural center! Was a pretty interesting place to be in. Would kinda love to go check out the new space when Richard plays there in 2023 😉 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/post-grand-opening-tickets-183000037037
  8. I remember seeing the vinyl at a record store and not caring at the time.... but oh how I want it now.
  9. Does anyone talk to Dave? How's he doin'?
  10. guidewire

    170871 50

    Happy Birthday old man
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