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  1. Now-a-days I listen more to the "Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 1" side of Drukqs
  2. I just got an email about how the DFN post office is turning into a new cultural center! Was a pretty interesting place to be in. Would kinda love to go check out the new space when Richard plays there in 2023 😉 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/post-grand-opening-tickets-183000037037
  3. I remember seeing the vinyl at a record store and not caring at the time.... but oh how I want it now.
  4. Does anyone talk to Dave? How's he doin'?
  5. guidewire

    170871 50

    Happy Birthday old man
  6. Interesting. Very different from what I expected.
  7. 20 year Anniversary this October! What big festivities do we have planned?
  8. Totally missed that last comment ! Thanks 😉 Here is another random thing.
  9. This is a head scratcher. I came in search of understanding.
  10. guidewire

    afx nft

    So did anyone go to this mysterious dropbox folder that was hidden in the image? Is there a file sitting there?
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