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  1. This year I'm going to try and keep more of a flat folder vs a monthly breakdown. I was thinking of going to a full flat WIP folder, but i'm not ready for that.
  2. - Richard was AWESOME! - I recall the Bjork audience crushing each other to get to get a look at her DJing in a bush. - Squarepusher was pretty great. - Loved that Moon shadow installation somewhere in the post office.
  3. Just pre-ordered new mhtrtc vinyl. Available: 27 November 2020 https://bleep.com/release/7819-boards-of-canada-music-has-the-right-to-children Anyone know if there is anything special about this new batch?
  4. Thoughts on what this could be? https://www.beatink.com/user_data/warp2020.php
  5. I have a soundtrack up now for the game https://guidewire.bandcamp.com/album/boreal-tenebrae
  6. I've got some music in this game. Go get it an help fund my gear purchasing ? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1311740/Boreal_Tales/
  7. Would love some extra feedback on this one. I've got a little feedback that people enjoy the bassline, but there is something about the twinkly synth that isn't working.
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