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  1. i dont think there were any significant bugs. i'm just talking about the hangups i listed that made me not gel with it fully. there's definitely a high learning curve, but i don't think in my case that was the issue. i put in the time and effort and learned it pretty damned thoroughly. my issue was that the interface didn't work in the ways that i'd need from a device controlling literally a dozen pieces of hardware at once, it was always a chore bouncing through the menus to get to where i needed to make on the fly changes if jamming, or to make permanent changes to the components of the song for pre-programmed pieces. if someone has a great working memory of exactly what is where, or is willing to put the time into correctly naming all those component song parts, then i could see the interface being a lot less of a hindrance than it was for me. my only point really is that on paper, it was pretty much perfect for me. but in practice, it was the issues listed that made it not work for me personally. it's a great machine, and i'm sure the Hapax is too, but the Pyramid was a great idea executed not so well, imo. it obv works for some so
  2. i felt the same before i bought the Pyramid a few years ago. and i got on with it well enough for about a year or so, was using it exclusively for writing and live jamming (minus some on-machine-programming on my Rytm and/or Analog Four). but as i got into writing more complex arrangements, i never got used to the hangups and i was constantly annoyed by the limitations of the interface of the Pyramid: the tiny screen that required constant resetting of my mind for each of its many submenus there's about 5-10 screens types that could pop up at any time depending one what you're trying to program or watch, and many work and display info quite differently. in the heat of trying to program complex arrangements while inspired and/or jamming, swapping between these screens was a constant difficulty that i thought i would eventually get used to but never truly did. it was a constant 'oh, wait, ok this is up and down not left to right, and to see what i'm looking for i have to press what to scroll through the screen? um....' and then i've forgotten the other thing i was planning on doing. the convoluted multi-button shortcuts to do almost all commands. it really started to prove impossible to deal with, despite the general functionality checking many of the boxes i wanted. many you'll often use are 3-button combos which for me was just a bit ludicrous. you can of course do many operations with the screen functionality instead of key combos, but see my first point on that as a problem. the lack of visual feedback in general was a pain. so the tiny screen did display helpful information, and the main buttons did as well, but they're at two different scales of perspective. watching both at the same time is kind of possible but not ideal, but that's going to be the case with most any hardware so not faulting the Pyramid here...but ultimately for quick feedback there's only the basic keys showing lit or not lit. this is fine for showing which keys are being triggered in a chord or melody, sure. but this gets pretty limiting when you're talking about the multi-tiered hierarchy of multiple Patterns, Tracks, Sequences, etc. that are trying to display information via these keys. i think if they had focused on more dedicated buttons, knobs, maybe screens, then the Pyramid would've worked for me (the Hapax seems to maybe be a step in this direction but i'm not sold on it). but simply, the whole point of a piece of hardware for music making (at least for me) is provide a dedicated device with dedicated controls and functions that can become second nature. the Pyramid didn't work for my brain like that, and it wasn't ever going to. i've gone back to using Ableton Live to sequence my hardware with (Blokas MIDIHub to route all the MIDI). i've still got a gen 1 Push that's a help for physical interaction, but most of what i'm doing is with a mouse and keyboard with a 27 inch monitor these days. i'd prefer a newer Push (waiting to see what they do with a Push 3 if they ever release one) or a dedicated hardware controller but for the time being with what i want to be able to do, this was my best option.
  3. here's a few codes to be redeemed at https://pointsourcearts.bandcamp.com/yum: 5pmf-hj2u 86rm-5ysq 23l7-73ht aaea-e4qb i've got a few others once those are used so just DM me once these run out
  4. https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/album/allosst 4-tracker out on Point Source Electronic Arts. lots of beats.
  5. pieces recorded over the last two or so years about Spring & magic & light & all the things between them
  6. got all my digitals up free for a week https://tsrono.bandcamp.com new stuff on the way
  7. yeah that's fucking amazing. waiting to hear the 'smoke that'-sounding part at the end of the song the two guys sing in some rap song in a few years what in the fuck is happening at 14:00ish, that shit is scary but to cool all the gushing, the piano player sucks i've got that record and it's been a while since i heard it but i believe the whole album is good.
  8. yo that’s actually a really cool track. kind of how i imagined Autechre working with some rappers might sound like, sorta deconstructed and twisted up all amorphous and shit. pleasantly surprised.
  9. there are far, far, far too many humans on the planet.
  10. now that Kelela's not selling PS5s on Twitter anymore, she confirmed she's got music on the way at some point so that's hopefully a this year thing that longer track on Plonk that's up is so good. trying not to cane it too hard but i've definitely been listening to it every week. the shorter track is cool but that long one is killer. some new AE is always welcome. two years since their last makes it almost certain they'll be doing something this year 🙂 (also what if some more Gescom? maybe??) idk if anyone mentioned Rezzett but Lukid's mentioned on Insta a few times that they've got some more in the pipeline, tiny clips sounded more like their album than their EPs so i'm looking forward to that curious if there's some of these coming but who knows: 1991 Barker BOC Core Alter eczem/Slonnesh Demdike Stare Florian Kupfer Belarisk/Gryd Complex IKTS and probably lots of others i'm forgetting about at the moment but yeah, sure there's some good stuff on the way
  11. don't eat the brown clouds yeah, just pure cloud cover. i'm guessing the yellow tint we see has to do with our atmosphere blocking or adding something inherent to the clouds coloring even tho from space Venus would seem just grey to us. correct, yeah. they're still not certain how Venus could've got to where it's at now but it obviously is what it is. it underwent something akin to climate change yeah, but it's, in my understanding, still vastly different than most anything we've seen on earth in the last billion years. the good news is that fucking up Earth to be as bad as Venus is almost impossible, even if we were to really try. anything we do is going to get some kind of counterweight by Mother Nature, but likely at the detriment of many, many types of life on the planet, including of course humanity. even if we fuck things up over the next few hundred years worse than we have so far, Earth will almost certainly reset to a relative stasis eventually. that could be tens or hundreds of thousands of years in the future tho, after long ice ages or similar eon-length events get triggered (which as far as we know humanity cannot now and maybe will not ever be able to counteract in any meaningful way). future generations of humans, be it soon or many hundreds of years away, are going to have to deal with unthinkably devastating natural disasters, human-caused and not. that we're so lucky is honestly amazing.
  12. re: previous conversations about true color vs false color in space imagery:
  13. https://notyetremembered.bandcamp.com/album/extra-life really good (all modular?!?) album released 12/31 that i've been listening to a lot. good mix of some more laid back broken and loose grooves with some weirdo experimentation and some sweeter synthy pieces mixed in. makes for a good release, and all the proceeds go to charity which is nice. i know some of y'all will be into this for sure.
  14. listened to this through earlier on headphones but playing again now on speakers and it sounds even better. dope shit
  15. Walmart in a backward baseball cap and holding a skateboard: how do you do fellow kids
  16. man cannot live on bread alone sometimes man needs a yacht
  17. maybe he's expanding the series to be 1991-2091 edit: (also i liked some of the tracks i listened through, and that last track sounded like there might be some gold hidden within)
  18. honest question here what if communism created ludicrously elaborate yachts like, what if a hundred years after every government on earth read your post and went 'yeah, communism now!' and everyone was happy and well fed and mortality rates for every person of every color and creed were all low and free education for everyone and then like, everyone looked around at their communist lands and went 'yeah this is great but also why don't we all have some communist megayachts' like, would that be okay? maybe that should be the carrot at the end of the stick to tempt the capitalist world: one day we can all share megayachts. because honestly that megayacht looks totally insane and i kinda want to ride on it
  19. pics m8! you’re welcome hm, i don’t see anything
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