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  1. old AE Myspace page around Quaristice was fun and got me digging around this morning, but what's this mess from the current one's bio? (spoilered below) it doesn't look like any html code i've ever seen, but maybe it's some sort of broken Javascript leftovers?
  2. the ae logo would need to be on the back, offset to the left, to copy the LP5 CD design accurately which would work well, with the 'autechre' center front? it's not the 'conjoined' ae logo as seen on Gantz Graf but the GG art and ae logo would also make a cool shirt could do basically any screengrabs from the video in fact but that one's nice.
  3. nice stuff, classy but weird, sharp but not grating.
  4. grabbed. apparently the Draft shirt is $40 worth of dope but not $50 worth of dope.
  5. same. Draft shirt is dope but not $50 dope. maybe they’ll have some next time they tour the states
  6. https://esawebb.org/images/weic2303a/?fbclid=PAAaYoz5JWzuz9ZmKnHRha6nUkUsUHRFs1HnZ-Fdp8W-gMAwI1Jrf1qxK1oUs
  7. vale | tsrono (bandcamp.com) release day bump!
  8. recent Colin Dyer / Braintree liveset
  9. might be my fave track from the album so far
  10. https://tomhall.bandcamp.com/album/failed-attempts-at-silence dude is one of the Max devs, i believe i’d read him saying most or all of this is was made in Max
  11. i've sure heard some good things out of the Hydrasynth, but overall it doesn't seem like something i'd personally get on with. M seems to be capable of a bit more unknown depths, i guess is the way i think about it. but without actually using either it's really hard to say....a lot of my personal experience enjoying an instrument or not comes down to workflow and allowing for immediate, intuitive reactions, which is hard to judge until it's on the desk, yknow? there's a plethora of machines that sound great tho, no doubt. also: any reason you grabbed the Fireball instead of a Hydrasynth or other wavetable options?
  12. the funniness/shock of it definitely was intentional. solid movie actually. it is hilarious tho
  13. i see...yeah the Argon8 sounds are solid, the recent updates over the last year have added a surprising amount of sound shaping options. and if the workflow is meshing with you, plus the sounds you've heard from the Cobalt are more what you're looking for....seems like the Cobalt is a good idea. i've not heard much of the Nanobox series because they just look way too small for my tastes. i'm all for compact/desktop synths but palm-sized instruments don't seem to be great. (i've got a volca kick and it's only saving grace is that there's only a few things it does, so it's more of a set it and forget it thing) but on the wavetable tip, anti-tiny-instruments thing, and just general GAS thread chat, i've been eyeing a Waldorf M. really not needing to spend that kind of money on a new synth right now but that also doesn't mean that i won't.
  14. Climeworks verifies that it captured and stored CO2 for Microsoft, Stripe, and Shopify - The Verge some good news? maybe? ish? article points out that this is basically just mimicking what forests do and yeah, that's right. so maybe we just need to stop cutting down the forests instead. idk, big brain thinking over here i know, but just sorta...seems obvious.
  15. i’ve got an Argon8 (the X full keyboard version) and i’ve enjoyed it. the effects are better than they were but still not exceptional, the basic wave shaping and sound capabilities are strong. it can be the star of a track or sit back in a mix, or provide subtle ambience. the build is….okay. some of the knobs seem to have gotten a bit ‘loose’ i guess, will skip parts of the turn. not terrible, but it’s there. connections (inputs outputs etc) section feels on the cheap side. however the keybed is a Fatar and it’s better than i can appreciate (not a keys player but learning v slowly). workflow of sound design is a bit awkward….i’ve had it for almost 2 years i think, use it regularly, but i still have to hunt and read and dig around in the menus/shift system to do basic sound design that really should all be more simple. for the price, it’s a solid buy. it’s got some great sounds, but not an instant classic or anything. i honestly bought it for the keybed more than the synthesis, but have come to appreciate the sound. i imagine they’ll get things better on a V2 if they’re working on that (pure speculation). from i heard/read of the Cobalt it’s basically the exact same hardware externally with different computer guts and obviously the sound design is going more for a virtual analog thing than a cold wavetable synth of the Argon.
  16. auxien


    attributed to Charles Simic stolen from someone on Mastodon
  17. that's exactly why i enjoyed that season the most out the whole series (well except maybe S1?). it was silly, it was fun, most everyone had interesting and fun stuff going on.
  18. auxien


    and of course he's an NFT shill. pathetic.
  19. i mean, it's starring a guy who was a professional wrestler so that tracks
  20. auxien


    lol yeah. loved the scene: 'yeah there's the joke that all these guys with huge modular rigs are always unpatched because it's just for show, but that's not the case for me even tho my rig is unpatched just because i totally just finished a patch and unpatched everything after and put all the cords away so tidy just because i'm like that' pan to perfect patch cords in holder that has obviously never been touched after being set up by an intern also made me wonder about the timing of this video. seems to have been posted pretty recently but the video quality is pretty shit, i assumed this was a video from like ~10 years ago or something and the whole studio was new and maybe he'd not properly started using it? also the fucking speakers are insane. cannot fathom why the fuck the backing wall between them absolutely had to be at that exact slope but what do i know man, what do i know. probably to offset the diffuser baffles infused with prime numbers which makes sound reflect in ways that could rupture the Gaian planetary noosphere if unchecked with opposing 11 degree reflections. it's gotta be the 'new age' version of Intelligent Dance Music that shows up in various places. the two alternate realities of IDM got mixed up in this reality i guess. some of that Mandela Effect shit maybe.
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