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  1. maybe except for the dating ding thing jk darrie 💝
  2. y'all, Polytely is amazing. i really hope he explores some more sounds and vibes that dance in the spaces this track is hinting at. i know the term is stupid and gets thrown around in dumb ways usually but idk any other way to say it: it's next level. seems to be coming from a similar place as Debiasing/Utility but it's taking it past it in ways that are hard to understand only listening to it a couple times through now.
  3. ^i'm not a doctor but i think the guy in the thumbnail for that video has a bigger problem than porn addiction: he's got a fucking fishing hook in the middle of his brain.
  4. these are the types of questions that are far, far, far more interesting to me than pseudo-intellectual babble and Marx/etc. references. do what works that's the best fit (accomplishes the most good within the framework of where the society is and can support) and let the collegiate types worry about defining it afterwards.
  5. i remember liking it, but it is a bit ridiculous (but i mean also of course it is, it's a film about possession by demons so, ya know) looking at a couple clips on YT i think the music was pretty strong too
  6. for the sake of mass irony it would be great if you got your coffee table from Amazon
  7. thank you for sharing all the kind words! 🙂 agreed that it's easy for this type of thing to go over that edge of maximalism and just be too much for many listeners, that was something kept in mind during writing and editing for sure.
  8. Idiot mindset seems pretty smart to me.... go look at the amount of sales on this album so far. i'm guessing it's well over 1000, just those that are showing on Bandcamp. the digital price is admittedly high, but it is basically a double album.... even after the label split and vinyl production costs that's a healthy cut of cash for him. and that's just in the first day of release too, and only on Bandcamp: it's also on sale at other retailers. so, yeah. fuck Spotify. not to mention the music's the best stuff i've heard from him i think.
  9. i think i remember from my childhood some mention of an ancient city with towers from many centuries ago, but my memory is the worst....nonetheless i don't think i'd ever seen the images like that, intriguing stuff. thanks! 🙂 i mean there's some artistic license taken, the drawing doesn't seem to be presenting itself as an attempt at realism. but the towers that do remain and some documentation of the previous ones seem to pique interest imo. i like 'em, but yeah i ain't been there in person or anything http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-PqdcOezRAW0/U4mxnDNXfhI/AAAAAAAAKII/njBWngMfiyo/s160
  10. ^that James Bernard is sounding nice i'm definitely picking this one up today, sounds fun as hell, from Bonding Tapes.
  11. i'm about to start loading up my shopping cart... what y'all buying?
  12. been listening to Barker 001 since a few months ago after they put it up on Bandcamp, it's really good but this one is maybe better even. first track is lovely and second is like a hint of the future or something...third track tho, fucking rhythmic layering shit going on in this is masterful, seriously.
  13. looks nice, but would love if you could elaborate
  14. ^those drums about 3:00-3:30 had some super crunchy sounds wasn't expecting that groove turn around 4:30-5:00 this alternate version where it's a different AI gets some pretty odd sounds going on with the vocals, i'm not terribly familiar with 0PN but it kinda reminds me of him more than AE.
  15. Zeff stated (non-ironically i think) that insects living in eusocial structures like ant nests and beehives are the pinnacle of evolution or implied it, so i think Zeff would agree
  16. so correct me if i'm wrong, but what you're saying (even tho it's about twenty steps past the points i was poking at) is 'fuck socialism or anything socialism-adjacent that incorporates any aspects of capitalism because capitalism=fascism 100% no difference between them', right? and because even tho socialism or socialist-adjacent countries are far nearer than the US or many other places to having all the good qualities of communism you like, they're just a false substitute and so damn them all to hell?
  17. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2021/Parker-Discovers-Natural-Radio-Emission-in-Venus-Atmosphere idk, that clip sounds like Earth does pretty often, at least around my house when some new AE drops but really that is cool, Venus gets so little attention really, always enjoying hearing any info about it and hadn't saw this. danke
  18. i'd be okay with some version of that^ (well, maybe not jail outright for just 'speech' but that's splitting hairs. but punishment for trying to deny basic humanity care services...) well there are some 'capitalist' countries that are closer to socialism (you mention Finland specifically after this) than the US, right? or at least closer in the ways you're referring to in the quoted area above, closer to universal basic health care, closer to eliminating homelessness? what got those countries to where they are today, at least closer to the goalposts of basic care being an integral right of a n
  19. i think i get your point, but the problem is when there is a separation between 'state' and all within that state (which, at the populations of nations we're all speaking of, is almost necessary). denying particular inciteful/outrageous speech and possibly the speakers is necessary in any known (and perhaps any possible) society. doing so quickly and with the correct restraint/moderation that does not severely degrade the rights of the offenders but still represents the will of the vast majority within that society is where the problems lie (edit: and the inability to do so with populations of
  20. re: the last two pages: actions speak louder than words. words are great but continuously empty words (especially in this era) are...well, they're worthless.
  21. re: Braintree.... Rytm is the best drum machine of this generation, full stop. people will still be playing them in 50 years, no exaggeration. probably well beyond that. it ain't perfect at all but it's great at doing what it does (tho this obv doesn't suit everyone's wants/needs). a lot of people also swear by the OT (as tbf points out^ and surely plenty of others ITT) and i'm sure it'd be a really interesting pairing with the Digitone. the OT can do so very much that few other pieces of kit can replicate even partly, certainly nothing really in the same class as it at all. if you'
  22. people talking about the business of music like this is so gross, just absolutely disgusting. couldn't get more than a few minutes into it.
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