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  1. nice melodic bits along with some good grooves so far
  2. looked at a couple reviews of SIGN again and this one kinda nailed this bit imo: https://www.clashmusic.com/reviews/autechre-sign (except for the bit about Incunabula being lauded lol i mean i maybe at the time it came out?) edit: also weird grammatical errors made it to publishing and haven't been corrected obv. looks almost as bad as one of my posts.
  3. Maarten: Rush Hour? great! BTILC & They Live? meh. 🙂 jk obv, i didn’t love either of those Carpenter movies either, but i almost love They Live, but it’s not *quite* great imo. Big Trouble is good fun, and just too wacky (not bad just…) my fave Carpenter movies are The Apocalypse Trilogy: The Thing, ITMOM, and Prince of Darkness.
  4. 1. yeah Dave's a living legend at this point. 2. i've only seen some bits from others, i think i maybe watched one of them through? honestly can't remember for sure tho. this one carried me through to the end without getting bored or anything tho (not always the case with any comedian's set, even Dave) 3. he's got some insight into the LGBTQ+ community (not 'original' insight, but nonetheless, he's not just tossing off his first dumb thoughts about it) but very obviously from the outside and with plenty of awkwardness abound. like you said it's def not his territory. his constantly butchering the "LGBTQ+" initialism as a slight dig comes off as a very weak 'annoying uncle joke'. i honestly don't remember the 'team TERF' thing tho i do remember him briefly talking about TERFs, so maybe i missed it or dismissed it. i don't think there's anything about TERFs that deserves siding with or defending, though i'm admittedly pretty out of the loop on much of all those battles. you're likely right that he doesn't fully get what he's saying tho. (not saying that i do either. straight guys who aren't entrenched in that culture drama/war mostly aren't i imagine) 4. lol. i wonder if this is just his sorta over-the-top approach he takes with some stuff, knowing that it's ridiculous 'speaking up' for the ludicrously wealthy...knowing that he's one of that class now (my god did y'all see the parade of behind the scenes/candid photos during the credits of him with dozens of rich and famous people). but maybe he seriously cares idk lol
  5. what’s the crashing/breaking sound in DekDre Scap B at 2:28? someone jumping onto a deck chair?
  6. haven’t listened through just yet but the whole album is out now
  7. yeah that climax is dense. crazy weird tonal shit happening all in there very dancefloor too good shit
  8. listened to this one today, Showbox in Seattle. i forget if it was the second or third section where they sorta the lay the backbone of the track out and it’s basically just a jungle loop. all around a fun set, quality ain’t great but i found it listenable. https://archive.org/details/Ae2001-05-16.csb.flac16
  9. that original is hella late 80s/maybe a little early 90s sound. probably good for a dance floor i’m sure
  10. it was good and quite funny. he ain’t perfect but he’s honest and he’s got his heart in the right place imo. but again, and most importantly, it was funny.
  11. i noticed a couple of ghosts in the backgrounds of the house but certainly not as many as they did! pretty cool. will still Bly Manor a try even if it’s not as good as Hill House. i started Foundation and my god is the pace quick, and not in a good way imo. decent enough to keep watching for now tho, i’m sure i’ll have more to say later.
  12. auxien

    Rare pics of Ae

    feels like a personal pic, bit icky if so. lol whose grandma’s house are they in?
  13. i tried watching Castlevania but the first episode just seemed like an info dump and i didn't care about anything happening at all as much as it kept changing. i guess it leads towards anime which i've never enjoyed anway so whatever i watched The Haunting of Hill House and it was really good. maybe a touch too long, but i guess i'll watch The Haunting of Bly Manor next and see how they do with a different thing. the new season of the Creepshow series is good and silly fun as expected. Ted Lasso s2 was overall good but maybe felt like they were trying to just do too many subplots for the sake of it.
  14. i tried watching Climate of the Hunter this weekend and it started out decent enough but got worse and worse every few minutes. i gave up halfway through when they started the film school drug trip visuals. i was expecting a bit of weirdness and low budget concessions but it seemed like just bad direction.
  15. wait til you see this i checked out this Really Cool Desktop Background website here: https://wallpapercave.com/really-cool-desktop-backgrounds and they are all so really cool! i wish they only were not just really cool backgrounds but instead they were NFTs that i could pay for. honestly each and every one, even the Hulk background, is totally very cool and easily worth a doctor's yearly income at the very least. i am glad that i have this kind of very real money that i could in theory offer to pay for each and every one of these very cool backgrounds and own the image perpetually, for eternity! that would be such a good feeling, dropping a hundred thou or so on an that cat face made of flames, and every time i opened my laptop seeing it staring back at me, would be worth every penny. but unfortunately these are just free backgrounds that are not for sale 😢 i do not know how to express my pleasure in this case, i equate large sums of very real money with exclusivity and status, which these Really Cool Desktop Backgrounds would all grant me if only i could purchase them. but alas this is not the case. i honestly do not understand how the internet perpetuated itself to this day and time so far past its birth without enabling paying creators of such awesome images in large sums of Very Real Money. we should all be so thankful that now we can express ourselves and support them in the ways that non fungible tokens have allowed us. this is truly the future.
  16. i'm not really a μ-ziq fan but breezing through that, this one sounds pretty interesting. will have to give it a proper listen once it's out
  17. what have i done in my life to deserve ads like this targeted at me
  18. ha, yeah, my source is also NASA obviously. they're not contradicting themselves, but the 'visible light' wording you used and i also used isn't exactly accurate, or perhaps entirely honest to the layperson, here. the page/text i quoted from further explains how they've manipulated the image. they're coloring the 'visible light' to extremes that are unnatural/surreal...like you mention happens in photography all the time. they sure look cool, but that's not what you see if you were to look at it with your naked eye. if i understand it correctly, NASA stating 'visible light' in these cases is only referring to the initial images having been taken using the Hubble which only captures light in the 'visible' (or visible plus a little extra) portion of the spectrum. multiple images are then layered, colorized, etc. what you see with a 'naked eye' type visual is still absolutely stunning and beautiful, undoubtedly. but it's not all the ludicrously multicolored sweeping ultraclarified stuff often shown. i'm not going to teach a course on the intricacies of all of this, mostly because i do not 100% understand it in this case or in photography in general. i know some of the basics. anyway, here's some resources if you're interested in researching on your own. i'm 100% sure this has been discussed ITT before as well. there's some good examples below of what can and cannot be achieved, and you'll likely start to get an idea of how much is the telescope vs how much is the editing in post: https://www.galactic-hunter.com/post/m42-the-orion-nebula https://www.messier.seds.org/more/m016_m2.html and this one shows the more extreme editing/liberties being taken with super long exposures https://astrobackyard.com/orion-nebula/ long exposures and photo stacking and editing creates that super fake looking shit listed under 'My Best Image'
  19. it would be one of my favorites if a certain someone would never post in it again. edit: i actually wasn't referring to you brian tragegegagageskin. for the record.
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