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  1. https://detritirecords.bandcamp.com/album/blind-seagull-cold-hands
  2. can't believe no one commented in here on the little nod to Eutow at the end of the first track
  3. lmao they had SO many cops out there after her. put some benny hill music on that shit
  4. auxien


    i think i'd read the Feyd thing acknowledged in an interview or unofficially or something, i think maybe he's not in this one at all and he'll play a big part in the sequel so maybe not even cast yet. my memory is shit so please don't take that as gospel
  5. imagine going to jail because you stole some tshirts and a bedsheet set
  6. auxien


    it looks really good. it’s definitely trying to appeal to a much wider audience than just scifi nerds….all the focus on Zendaya who is huge among Gen Z and the sorta quips and jokes peppered throughout, really trying to get asses in seats. looks really good tho despite any hints that it might be pandering
  7. yeah there are plenty of anti-vaxxers on the left, i think it’s pretty much bipartisan….lots of reasons everyone is giving for their stance as hesitant or anti-
  8. i'm related to the second patient on here, they start talking to him about 1:20 in. i haven't seen him in like 15 years at least tho, but none of this surprises me. i often enough see his mom and dad, in their late 70s or early 80s, and i heard they were just exposed to and/or got diagnosed with COVID a week or so ago (didn't get the full details, haven't heard anything since). absolutely stubborn and willfully ignorant people all up in my family and throughout the state...reminds me of the people down in south Louisiana getting interviewed before a hurricane 'naw, i'm not evacuating it's no big deal, the news is just hyping it up' then cut to a few days later when they're getting helicoptered out from off their rooftop.
  9. Kripal be all like this lady at 1:19: FF to ~19:00 for a UFO sighting 'it went *pew* and you could tell it was like miles away instantly, then it went into the water' "aliens under the mesa, been there long before us...we work with them! stay away from the moon! oh and yeah alien embryos growing babies in cows so that's cattle mutilations!"
  10. https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-life-expectancy-fell-by-1-5-years-in-2020-the-biggest-decline-in-generations-11626840061?mod=hp_featst_pos3
  11. the fake crowd audience/cheers/thunderstorms are pretty cool. and the fake ones under limitations at the bottom
  12. um, but Aphex Twin played those sawtooth pads and detuned them himself. checkmate.
  13. fiction is great, and looking at reality while using that fictional/'what if' perspective to explore unknown things is undoubtedly a tool scientists have used to great effect. but just inventing things whole cloth and acting like they're real is what trips me up hard. (yknow religion, occultism, magic, whatever) i sorta agree with this in theory...but at the same time i'd never encourage it in others, nor could i really deal with it personally. but at some point in 'live and let live'-ing the crazies, it's almost abusive, in the lightest sense of that word. encouraging, or at least providing open and safe forums for craziness seems slightly dangerous (again, in the lightest sense of that word) to the persons themselves and perhaps to the society they're in. no doubt. i'm not of the mind that 'consciousness' has shit to do with shit, despite some interpretations of quantum physics, and also of the school that thinks all religions are 100% bullshit. studying these things at the edges of our actual knowledge, even in ways that may seem loony, are good and should be done....reasonably. scientifically. yeah, the subjects discussed are okay to discuss and consider and explore...but to be fully presenting them as some sort of reality, especially from someone who seems to have some amount of renown and cache to their name like Kripal, is imo a bad thing, that's what i take issue with. but.... all that said i'm not the thought/word/karma police so i wouldn't ever advocate silencing him or anyone stating whatever crazy shit they want to. i'll just complain a bit on some forum 🙂
  14. that editorial board worked real hard to come to those super tough conclusions. truly holding the fire of at least one tiny candle to the toes of the beast. they are changing minds with this article. i am certain that each person on the editorial board went home that afternoon (they deserved a short day, of course, pushing the limit as they did) and told their stay-at-home significant other all about it, and reminded them at least once that in fact, the Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, mega zillionaire of Amazon itself. all editors of this board should be super proud of their 'opinions' shown here. they even snuck in a dig at systemic racism! they're solving problems left and right. strong words they concluded with: wow! policy reforms, STARTING NOW!, COULD make it happen! those policy makers and the uber rich americans who read this editorial board article are, i've heard, meeting now, all reacting powerfully to what this article exposed. the rich, it seems, have come to see the error of their ways. good job, editorial board of The Washington Post. (no shit at you ignatius, just the sheer disconnect of reading that absolutely fucking pathetic and condescending writing in that article made me want to puke)
  15. tbh as soon as i watched it with that in mind i was like, 'oh shit duh obv its just some fuckin birds' i think maybe it has to do with the odd movement of the camera, combined with being out of focus and decently far away, that made me not recognize it on first watch. i can't even imagine how pissed i would get reading that. i'm sure there's some intelligence and logic in him, but his general proposals in that full podcast are just...they're literally just full on bullshit. like, by design...they're like most any conspiracy theory or 'alternate science' shit you see loons posting...all wrapped in a theory that doesn't allow holes to be poked in it. i'd like to try and summarize some of the batshit insanity those two spoke about with absolute seriousness (the entire universe is alive! everything in existence is a story and therefore, UFOs!?!?!!!) but i just...my brain was disarmed by Kripal's Big Lebowski-like approach, but any credible ideas he may have are just mired with sheer crap and a stunning lack of restraint. honestly found it troubling this guy has any kind of 'respect' even amongst the most niche corners. the host (who was in near rapture to speak with Kripal but stopped short of cumming while recording, i'll give him that) was just eating it all up, makes me really hesitant to check out any other episodes. i love hearing about fringe stuff, but that's wayyyyyy past fringe ha, makes sense because that Kripal guy is spouting pure fuckin fiction
  16. halfway through this, should be a cool podcast. this guy is interesting but he is almost entirely full of shit
  17. i think he's tensing super hard to push out his cocknballs and flexing to make his abs pop, doing that all at once probably results in the concavity? weird tho yeah
  18. maybe they're the 2nd richest company because they don't waste their budget on shit like graphic design to make a cool logo can you even imagine how much tDR would charge for that? would take a year and a half and hundreds of labor hours from a team of designers, each making at least 6 figures a year. for one logo. communism got something right
  19. the problem is that you're giving money to support that asshole, and he's doing all he can to fuck over artists now and in the future. it's not that you or anyone doesn't deserve an easy way to listen to music, it's that 'easiest' way is super shitty for everyone except the user (and Spotify itself).
  20. UFOs do not imply a 'they' because UFO =/= aliens the UAP designation is more inclusive and accurate, as obviously some amount of reports are likely not any flying objects unidentified simply means that: it's not known what it is. there were a few attempted explanations in the comments of the video i posted. one of those is much more likely than hovering ships, be they human or otherworldly in origin, at least in that particular case.
  21. i’d say to consult a doctor if the fear you sense is overwhelming but who would trust a fucking doctor, amirite? fucking nerds
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