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  1. new ambient piece a way to the sea 1439 seconds https://tsrono.bandcamp.com/track/a-way-to-the-sea
  2. honestly kinda want him to make some stuff that doesn't sound so much like Lorn. it feels like he's painted himself into a corner the last few years, and i'm saying that even having kinda liked these two new tracks on first listen and enjoying that they're going a little past his normal style.
  3. hey Joypops any news on the borked Twitter embeds? i think most or all of us were seeing that across browsers
  4. this album is fuckin wild https://rojinsharafi.bandcamp.com/album/kariz
  5. i’ve heard of exactly zero good reasons to upgrade, and it’s janky on a lot of machines. it’s just Windows 10 with a new start menu and icons (and some amount of bugs) especially if you’re up to date on your current version of W10. wait a year.
  6. lmao how fucking deluded does one have to be to read that and think 'you know, yeah! we've birthed a free artistic nation with this!'
  7. i doubt it. he's always seemed like he was more interested in making money than making music. and i never liked his music anyway (i think someone showed me one song that was at best interesting). plus Endlesss looked lame from day one imo...some are into it obv, idk why. but whatevs, you don't make a video like that without being a grifter. he just wants money/status/whatever. fuck him.
  8. just recorded a quick demo thing that sounds nice on speakers/headphones. will delete later.
  9. i heard that this album syncs up with this film if you start them at the same time. wild!
  10. there's a lot of this on here, possibly more than we've ever realized. almost certainly contributes to that 'physical' sound, having those contrasting textures all existing together in the same space (and in the case of the samples/recordings, each one can represent a collection of textures)
  11. Quaristice et al is partly/mostly/all hardware, right? i know it logically doesn't exactly make sense but often i find more 'raw' sounding hardware-created music can feel more physical. this doesn't seem to track when the recordings are hella tweaked in post-production (see: Untilted) but i always chalked up the more visceral feelings of Quaristice to the mostly-raw mostly-hardware recordings (rightly or wrongly)
  12. it's like a proto-Gantz Graf, if you think about it
  13. brian i assume you're actually going to be into this
  14. well to be clear it's definitely not an exact 'most plays = higher ranking' list, i tried to insinuate that with my wording but wasn't terribly clear. if it were based totally on plays then BTTS's Off Season and Rime Trails' The Tunings of a Voice Divine would probably have knocked a couple non-BTTS/RT albums off the top 10 (they're some of the albums i play when going to sleep most nights but are also very good albums on their own but i didn't feel it necessary to rank the same artists twice on my list for brevity's sake: i am obviously being less brief now). i tried to present it more as 'these are the best ones of the year and i used my most-played estimate to sorta rank them but also ranking albums as better or worse is kind of lame' i never got far trying the last.fm thing, was just too much hassle to keep up with my sprawling methods of listening. but i really like the idea of it and i wish i could, it's cool that others do. i've sorta trained myself over the years to not spend much time on things i don't like and got pretty good at it luckily.... but i've done some of what you're saying (but never been too into playlists) as to listening music a lot trying to like it.
  15. the 10 best releases i heard this year in a vaguely most-listened-to order: Tom Hall - Failed Attempts At Silence Bisk - Vacation Package Rime Trails - Youth Blush to the Snow - Nightfall / The Golden Hour DJ Stingray 313 - Molecular Level Solutions Andy Stott - Never The Right Time Datassette - Zetex Barker - BARKER002 Tony Jaguar - No Return Taylor Deupree - Mur and honorable mentions that i listened to a lot but not as much as those^ (or only recently heard) and are also very good, in no particular order: Synalegg - Patchwork-02 exm - Post Acuem Owen Gilbride - I heard the sound of violence, far off Core Alter - m-Realizable Holy Other - Lieve Notien - Salire Arovane - Reihen André Gonçalves - Grnlr D. Strange - Variants Carrier Signal - Disconnected Trajectories MPU101 - ITX022 Grandfather - Sundowner mHz - Earth's Shadow Marc Etel - to Melted_Self - Distants Minus the Bear - Farewell Robbie Elizee - But Of Course We're Vanishing Invisible Double - ROAM Fronteirer - Oxidized SDEM - Fliter Dravier - Spring 2020 Euro Tour CD-R Florian Kupfer - Unit Sam Wilkes - One Theme & Subsequent Improvisations i'm too lazy to link all of them but i think they're all obtained through Bandcamp so available on my collection list: https://bandcamp.com/araucariaceae
  16. it doesn’t seem like it from the little i’ve read, but could be mistaken. i think he’s tried the whack-a-mole option of just reporting each when it gets uploaded, but once it gets taken down someone else is uploading things again (again, could be mistaken but i think that’s what’s happening). i’d assume these are bad actors uploading his stuff knowing it’s popular, siphoning the money from plays for it for a few days or weeks until it gets removed, then uploading again with a new account.
  17. he’s currently having some kind of issues with others illegally uploading his tunes to Spotify/etc. and trying to get Spotify to remove them but that’s not working. since Tweeter embeds are still borked, click through and read and check the comments/etc for further info if curious. i’m not into his music really but this sorta shit is the opposite of how things should work.
  18. re:^ i've always felt Bronchusevenmx was their earliest example of that idea. not perfectly getting there obv but it gets close in a lot of ways
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