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  1. Yeah it was the Australians. They didn't pay him for his work during the last few years of his life and after he died they refused to pay hospice, etc. bills to his mourning family, which led to an ugly legal battle which I don't think has been completely resolved. I don't have the complete story but it's ugly. Tiptop does seem legit, though, and if it's being owned/controlled by reputable folks now, well, that's great news.
  2. Count me out; I'd sooner fuck with Behringer than the post-2015 incarnation of the Buchla company after what they did to Don.
  3. I was floored by "Disappearing" when the video came out. I've spun through the album a couple times and it's nice but the rest isn't quite sinking in yet.
  4. Whatever is going on in the sink area is weird. And that pink cooler above the cabinet likely contains human bones. I'd probably have the same expression upon entering that kitchen.
  5. idk, I find myself rooting for them pretty much every time they make a headline.
  6. Thanks for reminding me of this. I haven't checked out enough of his other stuff - there was a documentary on Detroit I watched and he (the host) was the best thing about it. Would love more recommendations but I'll just go down his IMDB list.
  7. real fuckin' bummer. Omar is my favorite character period.
  8. https://infinitedigits.bandcamp.com/album/12000
  9. Yeah, I have a lot of fun with subharmonics in general but there's a million ways to do that with CV stuff - function generators, clock dividers, etc. You can get 2-3 rad eurorack modules that approximate the same type of stuff (depending on what you like about the Moog, of course) for that money (and less HP)... or back slowly away from the CV drugs and snag a desktop Hydrasynth for just a little bit more, which comparatively will take you to outer space. Come to think of it, the Hydrasynth has CV too... Could even get an 0-Coast for less money and that thing can make awesome drums and pretty gnarly basses and leads as well as doing some subharmonic tricks, though there isn't much of a sequencer in it.
  10. Flash Crash 3 is on NOW! https://www.twitch.tv/lines_community
  11. The third installment of FLASH CRASH begins in just over 24 hours! Come join to listen to some tunes, cheer on the hackers, and count the crashes. https://www.twitch.tv/lines_community
  12. Thanks for asking! I did do an SC set for FC2 and I'm doing a Teletype set for FC3 (which is tomorrow), but I'm going to sit the next one out so I can catch up on other projects. Thanks also for the reminder; I need to update the FC event thread Please do! You might be surprised how fast you pick it up if your mind is in the right place!
  13. I love that there was this phase when so many IDM-adjacent heroes were performing live with an MPC. Aphex and Pan Sonic were among them. (As far as gear spotting, I recognized several RY30 presets esp. in the title track)
  14. If you're interested, PM me! The lineup is filling up so don't hesitate :)
  15. Flash Crash IV is slated for September 4. This will be streamed on the lines_community Twitch channel. We are looking for live code performers to play a ~20 minute set. Max is strongly preferred, but other platforms are also welcome - previous performances have included ORC/\, SuperCollider, TidalCycles, Teletype, and Druid (Crow). Performing live is great if your network connection and anxiety level allow; pre-recorded is good too.
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