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  1. So I shouldn't keep my MPC1000? Who's gonna take it from me?
  2. Orange Romeda has great percussion textures, but if we're ranking stuff on the compo...
  3. Not closely, I admit. It definitely seems like a step forward. I'm more interested in how it gets fucked up and starts misbehaving, and also what input data (i.e. test harness) they used to test it. It's not magic.
  4. Since my last post I made another little track with the MPC. The track itself was nothing special, but as I was making it, I was really shocked how little it was getting in my way. Select track, choose program, bang on pads to find good sounds, record that, repeat until the pattern is done. Copy the pattern, empty out some of the tracks, record some new stuff into them. It doesn't get much simpler.
  5. Not sure how much sarcasm is in this thread, but take a deep breath and consider that this game: Is completely 2-D Has 8 colors Has few enough pixels you could count them by hand Is controlled only by the joystick Is incredibly repetitive, simple¸ and boring by today's standards It's a cool trick and a great headline. Beyond that, don't get your head too messed up about it.
  6. I used to have MPC dreams all the time, both before and after getting one. It's got a real je ne sais quoi to it, maybe that even though it's simple, it's also limitless in a way. And the pads are the egg for the Betty Crocker mix. Partly because of this thread I've been using mine again lately and it's been satisfying, it's a real workhorse. IMO the 1000 is the most reasonable choice of the MPC line besides the stuff that came out in the last few years. There's less myth associated with its converters or swing or whatever, the UI is mostly a breeze, it has solid timing, and JJOS is excellent. And it's heavy but it doesn't get in the way (but isn't too cramped either).
  7. Ehh, I think the only one you could fairly say this of is the FM, and even in that case they made some really nice performance/editing improvements, not to mention trimming it way down. Volcas are their own thing, imo, but they also fit squarely into the aforementioned "table of blinky things that fit together" category.
  8. Yuck! I actually don't think they could pull off a proper clone... so much of what makes the MPCs good is the "feel", and by that I don't mean anything magical, just the quality pads, buttons, and the lean, restrained, efficient OS.
  9. lol, I know how this goes. I go through this with the modular stuff too. I think I had the same thing for a couple years with the MPC before I finally got one - I would even have dreams about it and stuff! It really is a beautiful workflow, though - the magic of it is that there's no magic to it, it's total garbage-in-garbage-out.
  10. Yeah, you can just smack that Overdub button when it's running and you're rolling. Those 5 buttons on the bottom-right are so easy to develop muscle memory for, and you quickly get a feel for how they work together. When I was playing with mine over the weekend, though, I couldn't remember how to turn off the metronome - will have to flip through the manual to find that again. That's nuts about the prices. I just remember them being $400-$600 USD since like 2008 when I got mine, real middle-of-the-road, Goldilocks tier gear. I think I paid $550 and that was a little high even then.
  11. I actually have quite a bit of muscle memory with the MPC1000 from when my setup was basically that and a Shruthi-1. Overdub is definitely a thing. The MPC is one of the most intuitive sequencers I've ever used.
  12. I actually hope it isn't... I hope he just goes HAM and posts a ton of sloppy acid jams of increasing length and weirdness
  13. I ended up ordering both - my first proper semi-modular and my first Make Noise. I've had major GAS before, but never like this, like a fucking command hallucination. This is a really cringey thing to say about gear, but something about the 0-Ctrl speaks to me in a deep, almost primal way. I never was into Make Noise, in fact while I have been ogling modular fairly seriously for about a year now, I've made extra effort to avoid their gear. But obviously I feel differently now. Background info nobody gives a shit about: I've been a MIDI guy for 20 years. I've only started making the slightest flirtations with analog in the last 5 or so. However, unquantized time and pitch on a step sequencer is something I've been thinking about for a while. I made a pretty crude implementation of this in the Nord Micro Modular years back (which was still quantized to 7-bit values). I remember thinking it had potential but I didn't have a great way to control it so I mothballed it. Recently I've been getting into SuperCollider a decent amount, and while I love the precision, again it's becoming clear to me that controlling that stuff with MIDI just fucking sucks. I've come to the conclusion CV is where it's at for having both that kind of precision, but also a visceral poop-and-guts kind of immediacy, freedom, and just fucking fun. I've been hemming and hawing about how to get started, but I couldn't find anything that wasn't either too janky or too expensive, and I'm still a total noob to CV so the options are pretty overwhelming. Then this fucking thing shows up on YouTube after 7 weeks of quarantine. Tony Rolando may as well have whispered "pool's open" in my ear. Time to dive in. Possibly setting myself for major disappointment. With logistics all fucked up it'll be a while before they arrive anyway. Something to look forward to (or maybe dread, we'll see).
  14. I haven't used FL in like 16 years, so I might be way off, but I always thought of it as oriented toward hip hop and dance (and had a great time doing that kind of stuff in it). Reaper has a dry, utilitarian vibe, and it's more oriented toward, say, rock recording or stuff like that. I chose it primarily for the price and the scriptability. The value is frankly unbeatable - not just that it's cheap but there's a TON of useful stuff in there. I stuck with it (for about 10 years and counting) because not only is it cheap, but its licensing model is brilliant. Also its non-destructive editing paradigm really fits the way I like to work with longer audio, its routing features are great, and its performance (download size, startup time, crash-resilience, and responsiveness) are absolutely unmatched. On top of that there is just a shit-ton of goodies in it as far as effects, automation, etc. and most of its built-in utilities are open-source, so if you don't like the way something works, you are free to tweak it. Oh yeah and I just learned that there is a web-based control surface for it, so if you're ever in a situation where you're out of reach of your keyboard and mouse but need to control Reaper, you can use your phone or iPad to do so. All that said, I still prefer trimming one-shots in either Renoise or the MPC1000.
  15. Thing is, the US is full of morons who think this won't happen here because Jesus or something. You may as well tell them about a nightclub outbreak on Mars. We are gonna individual rights ourselves out of existence.
  16. Shit cover art is a time-honored break record tradition
  17. That's disappointing. That's kind of what I'm seeing over here, too, though. Is there a way to shock or disgust people into looking after their own interests? I hate to take a cue from this guy, but there was an obnoxious pro-life protester who used to come to my college's campus with giant photos of aborted fetuses. Then again, all it really did was gross people out and piss them off. Hm.
  18. I got a white/grey case for my PO-33 and it's making me use it more. I'm more vain than I thought. Samplers should be a grime-collecting shade of white or beige to match their auditory destiny.
  19. I'm a Reaper guy and I have a rather well-established habit of treating it like a glorified tape machine and completely ignoring all tempo-related features. This makes navigation a little tedious, but it fits your description of not quantizing. I don't know if it's easier to ignore in Reaper or if it's just me. I usually (but not always) record hardware sequencers into it, for what it's worth.
  20. I was having trouble with this too. I grabbed one of the official firmware downloads and it had a PDF describing the procedure. It was pretty simple, something like holding Func+Play then starting up. For the FM it had to be restarted twice, probably a memory limitation.
  21. My GAS was doing so well, but now I need a 0-CTRL I was never really into the MakeNoise vibe before, but something about this is whole concept and way of working resonates strongly with me. Also the 0-Coast looked cool to me but always seemed like it was missing something. This seems to be exactly what it was missing.
  22. This. I think it's a great response to the "secret weapon" mentality running through a lot of electronic music.
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