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I realize you're new, but using all these presets really isn't helping your stuff. Like in the first track at the 3:00 mark, you've got quite a lot of stuff going on, and it would probably sound somewhat interesting if it weren't because of those flat sounding presets. I'm not saying that you're supposed to sit down and do every little sound from scratch. Being a perfectionist, when you've only just started making the musics, isn't going to get you anywhere. But tweaking and applying some effects (reverb, delays etc.) does wonders.


Of course it takes time to learn the DAW and all that, but when you share your stuff on here, it would be wise to try and make it sound a little more personal. Most people are only going to give your stuff one chance, and if they don't like it, they probably won't enter any of your threads in the future. That's the harsh and cold interwebs for you.


I'm not hating on your stuff or trying to make you give up music. That would be super rude, and I'm totally not like that :cisfor:

Oh, and I still really like that Tokilove you made quite a while ago. seriously.

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