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Anyone else watch this on PBS as a kid? Made me way ahead of the rest of my class in math up until about 7th or 8th grade. It was a kids learning program in the 80's and maybe early 90s designed to teach kids about algebra, Roman numerals, the concept/implications of infinity, and even had a rap song about Archimedes and Pythagoras!


They had a ton of different "skits".



My favorite by far was "Mathnet", a clear play on the classic TV show Dragnet.


I finally found my favorite episode as a kid:




Another popular one was "Mathman" a play on Pacman, where the main character was inside an arcade game trying to eat the right prime number, or else he'd get eaten by a tornado like digi-baddie known as Mr. Glitch. I always loved watching this because not only was it a fake video game, but that every episode Mathman would get too damn arrogant and fuck up eating the wrong number/multiple/whatever.




Also even had celebs like Weird Al and The Fat Boys perform math related jams:




Anyone else know this show as a kid? Show some love for nerd maths as a kid.



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Fuck yes dude! I looooved that show! Watched it all the time -- there was one episode about how you could fit more hot dog buns or sandwiches or something inside a tray if you turned them the right direction, which totally confused me. Also a cheesy Beach Boys-style song about tessellations that was my gateway drug to the Carmen Sandiego quiz show (feat. Rock-a-pelllla!).


Also, this:



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