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  1. They have mastered arcane arts and can survive on Qi alone.
  2. It’s going to lead to a QAnon-Proud Boys-Trumpist-Domestic Terrorist political party, looking to install Generalissimo Trump for life. Once fully removed from the GOP they won’t even have to pretend to acknowledge democratic norms, actual constitutional law, etc etc. The GOP deserves to crumble but the Trumpist faction without the GOP infrastructure will be completely, unambiguously fascist. There’s going to be a huge struggle ahead.
  3. baph


    Mitch is very obviously the first step on the path of Reptilian evolution.
  4. This sounds so fucking good. Thanks digit, thanks IOS. Thanios.
  5. I got mine on the 20th (in California), so it seems possible that it was shipped out from the US -- despite charging for int'l shipping (unlike with SIGN, which clearly domestic shipping and was charged as such). Not really complaining, but it's a bit weird. Either way, these both got here in a timely manner, which is rare for Bleep IME unless coming from US distro.
  6. That’s not Big Georgie C, though. This is George:
  7. I must confess I still believe (still believe).
  8. And it works. Once you get Live Lite authorized on your Ableton account the cost of upgrading to Suite is $519 USD as opposed to the $599 at the 20% off pricing. Thanks again for suggesting this, I didn't realize that Lite would count towards a discount.
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