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  1. If there’s an Autechre album that wears its Coil influence on its sleeves, surely it’s got to be Oversteps and not SIGN. tbh I kind of wish there was more follow-through with the Oversteps compositional/melodic method, as much as I love everything that’s come since.
  2. Half of the album is just Rob saying “fish, fried rice, chips” tbh.
  3. You are referring to the (mostly) blank orange paper sleeves, right? As long as the vinyl itself is fine I would just put the record in a better quality inner sleeve and keep the originals for A E S T H E T I C. Which is what I'm doing right now because I'm finally giving the analog vinyls a first spin. Edit: M4 Lema is perfect.
  4. Who cares how the guitar solo in Californication sounds when it’s sitting in one of the worst sounding productions in history, don’t even get me started on that hack Rubin because everything he’s been involved with for 25 years has been absolute shit and thanks for the tinnitus from having to listen to all of your loudness war casualty crap on every radio station on earth circa 2000 you shit I had to break up with Nancy because she wouldn’t stop playing Scar Tissue and I still miss you Nancy I’m so sorry it wasn’t me it was the dynamic range and also when Reggie slipped me that bowl with the o
  5. Ironically enough my vinyl copy of Tri Rep is probably the cleanest sounding LP I own. I got a dispatch notice on SIGN a couple days back but it’s still showing as “preshipment” on the tracking info, which puts it on the other side of the North American continent. Bleep/Warp are always shit at logistics.
  6. sorry for the necro quote, but t1a1 @ about 2:55 sounds more than a bit like that old sample chestnut (compare Accelera @ 45s). Makes me lol everytime.
  7. Some Initialization Gonnatell Nobodythough
  8. Has anyone used Renoise Redux at all? I like the idea of using a tracker plugin inside of Reaper (rather than fucking with ReWire etc), but I don't see a ton of discussion about Redux one way or another, even on the Renoise forum or its own support documentation. For the record, I don't really have much experience with Renoise itself, just downloaded a trial version years ago. Kind of liked it but I had my hands full figuring Reaper out at the time.
  9. I think everyone's trying to say initialism or acronym tbqh
  10. Son, I'mdisappoint Good Night
  11. I believe what Sean was trying to say was it's emosh
  12. I'm still waiting on the LP to come in so I can give this a second listen. For some idiotic reason or another. But I'm going back to the elseqs in the meantime, because NTS and the more recent live sets kind of sucked all of the air out of that space for me. So much good shit, and I still feel like I haven't fully learned to live in it all even though it's mostly all well worth living in (NTS has a few spotty bits for me, although far fewer than something that massive should be expected to have). I guess that's all just to say I'd be ok if SIGN's companion takes a little while
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