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  1. baph

    confield art

    Can’t even identify a single ear of corn in it, let alone a whole field 2/10 artwork
  2. Because I was born in the north a Masshole, “mefd” reminds me of the city Medford, which any true Masshole would pronounce “Meffid.” Shmeffid Fuckin a weah goin ta fuckin Shmeffid to visit my dickhead cousin, it’s a wicked long drive so maybe stop at a Dunks on the way? Anyway, get in the cah ya fat fuckin fuck, &c
  3. baph


    Seeing laserdisc turtle again after all these years is... it’s a lot. Hello, old friend. I hope you haven’t been waiting all this time to get flipped. I.... 🤧
  4. I recently stumbled across ATKA and thought it was pretty great and then it turns out it were @jaderpansen all along? I probably knew that at one point and forgot? I spent most of 2018 in the fetal position in a darkened corner. Anyway, I could use more ATKA.
  5. Personally, I prefer Alfredo's Bussy
  6. ooooo hoho va chier tabarnak de câlisse ehhhhh :nasal vocalization intensifies:
  7. Actually quite liked Season 5 of the Expanse. I mean, I've liked them all but this felt like a big step up from 3 and 4. Dominique Tipper is great this season, especially from about the mid-point on. The dude who plays Marco Inaros is too pretty, I dunno. I guess I can buy him as a raging narcissist leading a cult of personality, but he looks like he'd be too focused on his skincare routine to cause a solar system of trouble?
  8. What if u sneeked up and to putted BOOGER in one of pockets?! How long befor jacket owner know horrible truth and find the boogar? Six year? is terrible design for this reason
  9. I never got to know Salv too well and yet I probably have a thousand little memories of little Salv moments. Who else could make a lasting impression the way he did, so often? this sucks 😞
  10. baph

    im done

    See, Larry? Watmm is just like Florida. You can come back! You can come back. you can come back Larry larry
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