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  1. baph


    Whoh oh, oh This disport is so augmatic (AUGMATIC) It is like a kind of magic (MAGIC) And baby when you dance I can see a bowl of crisps in your eyes (EYES)
  2. I wrote a script for a GB sequel and it was literally just Ray screaming “bustin makes me feel good” with his wang in the containment unit for 90 minutes and then they go ahead and make this shit instead
  3. baph


    he may be a fat fuckin pederast but at least he does his own oil changes
  4. baph


    nobody to sit, nobody to stand. it’s awful.
  5. I forgot to ever listen to this, sorry Lusty. :makes a note to listen to this: Edit: oh it has vocals though? Getting nervous again.
  6. Aim for the SARS
  7. *lengthy melodic guitar solo*
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