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  1. Para D was probably a little too on the nose?
  2. baph

    AE Tour 2020

    Come to Poopsville, Fucktucky pls Randy and Steve
  3. sweet, new steinvord tom is my biological father
  4. Fremont Brewing "Field to Ferment" Fresh Hop Pale Ale (Citra + Amarillo version) -- it's fucking lush (NGL way better than Fremen Brewing "Stillsuit to Ferment" Fresh Piss Pale Ale, huehuehue)
  5. Currently sampling the everliving everdead fuck out of this, FYI
  6. I don't like much of this except 7empest, which is the only time Adam's been inspired since Lateralus; also, Danny can still get it. Honestly think I'd rather just listen to Danny and I guess Justin jamming out together. Glad other people like it, but I can't keep up with the shit that's way more inspired than this and being released by other artists. 10,000 Days was absolute laughable tossed off ripoff shit, and this is better, but it's by no means interesting music for me. Sorry. Props for being pro-incoculumations tho :baph hereby dishonorably discharged from the toolnavy:
  7. So you're saying there's a chance?
  8. I need some fucking FREE FUCKING TIEM so I can listen to this more Sean pls
  9. watmm is dyeing grandma’s pubes (magenta)
  10. I’m usually all for a good Pegging but my cat can do a more convincing American accent.
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