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  1. They’re really having nunavut up there.
  2. No, I’m still not tested. I tried going through an alternate route through worker’s comp insurance and got the same spiel. Nobody is getting tested unless they’re very, very sick or very, very rich. Shit’s fucked up and bullshit.
  3. Thanks, dude. I’m doing ok. Still no breathing issues, which is the major thing of course. I developed what seems to be a secondary sinus infection (which kind of runs in the family after getting a virus like a cold or flu) and that makes it a bit hard to gauge whether the initial thing is gone or still kicking around. I have gunk running down my throat and making me cough and giving me a sinus headache. I got some antibiotics in the mail today from my healthcare provider, so hopefully that kicks in soon!
  4. Thanks Salman. Thanks Rabindranath.
  5. I guess that confirms it. It is washable.
  6. Looks like my fever broke. I still feel shitty but a bit less so than yesterday. Seemingly more sinus congestion than before and a bit of a tickle type of cough, but nothing severe. If that changes for the worse I’ll call the doctor right away. These symptoms are a bit ass backward for a usual cold or flu for me. I’ve also only managed to get the flu probably 4 times in the last 20 years (one of which was right around the time of H1N1). I get colds pretty frequently but I don’t think I’ve ever had one with a significant fever or without going through a couple boxes of tissue paper. Anyway, I’ll be keeping up the quarantine, obviously.
  7. I talked to a doctor over the phone and he said they’d test me if they had enough tests to go around, but they don’t. If I get short of breath, I’m supposed to call to go to the ER.
  8. Fortunately my wife is transitioning to work from home tomorrow. I really hope I don’t get her sick.
  9. I’m trying to get through to the COVID hotline for my healthcare provider through an automated system they set up. Should get at a call back within four hours from a nurse to see if I need to go in for testing. No idea how that works. Right now aside from the fever I have some moderate body aches, especially lower back. Coughing rarely, but occasionally. Sore throat and headaches are the worst symptom so far aside from feeling wonky from the constant hot/cold of the fever. It could be the flu or a shitty cold, but I’m trying not to freak out. Mostly failing at that. Couldn’t sleep more than three hours last night, which I’m sure is making the situation much worse.
  10. Just got a sudden onset of fever, 101 degrees F. Fuck.
  11. Have also had the same lung tickle/ discomfort for about a week. Also have generalized anxiety disorder. Have some mild headache symptoms and a slightly sore throat that kinda started up today. I dunno. Not running a fever yet. Could be seasonal/mold allergies since it’s been raining and damp for about a week, too. I’m in Orange County, CA. Tonight, all gatherings of any number of people outside of households, except for essential activities like healthcare, groceries, etc, were just banned, with police being told to enforce the lockdown. It’s not quite as restrictive as up in San Francisco, but it’s surreal as hell.
  12. California gov’t is shutting down bars and nightclubs as of tonight. I’m sure more is coming in a few days. Still seeing throngs of people crowding in the street for shits and giggles. Everyone hugging and shit. Had to do a supply run today and people are still getting right up into each other’s airspace for no fucking reason. Kids running around touching everything without parents around. Boomer dotards grazing through aisles, rubbing their eyeholes. Supermarkets here are largely barren due to hoarders. I’ve got enough supplies for a week or two, but can’t find much in the way of produce. No TP or paper towels in the stores. I’ll need to wipe my ass eventually, presumably. Might be a good time to hire some pervert as a live-in toilet slave. We’re gonna have fucking breadlines at 4 am before stores open. But not for bread loaves. For poo loaf wipes. What the fuck is this even I just left my part time job at a big corporate coffee place, you know the one, which had previously allowed me to get every strain of cold and flu circulating in the last four years due to customers being completely unhygienic. I’m fortunate in that I’ve got a job as a professor running through this summer, and by a nice coincidence it was in the online program. Going to focus on that and get some creative projects going, and forage for TP in the early morning hours. Stay safe everyone, and good luck
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