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  1. I guess I have to get both 🤔
  2. Would you: dreadbox typhon, or dreadbox nymphes? I have next to no room but I’m looking to get a small non-digital module to complement my modest hardware setup (Volca FM and Model:Samples, and Keystep37) and Reaktor/ableton/softube stuff. Any other suggestions in the $1000 and below range? Just want something thicc tbqh (shut up).
  3. yeah what kind of madman puts a three foot rose in a one foot vase, ridiculous
  4. Haha holy shit someone finally uploaded it Edit: didn’t click on ilqx’s link before posting, soz
  5. Listened to this on my walk around the neighborhood today, felt cool as hell 10/10 realized my fly was down halfway through but at least the music was good (true story)
  6. I had no idea, or else somehow forgot, G_d’s Pee @ State’s End existed. *jots it down* I’ve always liked them since back in the day, but something about the production on Luciferan Towers rubbed me the wrong way and I’ve only listened to it a coupla times.
  7. My memories: Autechre spelled Autecher until 1999 Skam released VHS Head's 3rd album in 2019 Cornfield “What if I told you that the World you know is just an illusion, that none of this is Real” -Morpheus Love & Light
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