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  1. Got mine recently, too. It’s beautiful.
  2. I guess I have to get both 🤔
  3. Would you: dreadbox typhon, or dreadbox nymphes? I have next to no room but I’m looking to get a small non-digital module to complement my modest hardware setup (Volca FM and Model:Samples, and Keystep37) and Reaktor/ableton/softube stuff. Any other suggestions in the $1000 and below range? Just want something thicc tbqh (shut up).
  4. yeah what kind of madman puts a three foot rose in a one foot vase, ridiculous
  5. Haha holy shit someone finally uploaded it Edit: didn’t click on ilqx’s link before posting, soz
  6. Listened to this on my walk around the neighborhood today, felt cool as hell 10/10 realized my fly was down halfway through but at least the music was good (true story)
  7. I had no idea, or else somehow forgot, G_d’s Pee @ State’s End existed. *jots it down* I’ve always liked them since back in the day, but something about the production on Luciferan Towers rubbed me the wrong way and I’ve only listened to it a coupla times.
  8. My memories: Autechre spelled Autecher until 1999 Skam released VHS Head's 3rd album in 2019 Cornfield “What if I told you that the World you know is just an illusion, that none of this is Real” -Morpheus Love & Light
  9. I spent a year learning c major and now I'm moving on to a minor edit: genuinely didn't mean for this dumb post to sound like a Matt Gaetz quote
  10. Hey old watmm friends, I put together a short little album, Teneral. It's really my first try at this. A bit of background: My only "official" release prior to this has been one track ("scarpfall") on watmm's own Tribute to Olympus Mons project from 2015. That happened shortly after I started tinkering around with making noises on my computer. Lots of screwing around in Reaktor after grabbing it at a steep discount. There's some stuff on this first album that dates from around then; usually with some new structural elements re-contextualizing drones and noisy things that were recorded years before. There's also a bunch of stuff that was created in 2020-2021. Lots of Reaktor and various other softsynths on this, but also some obnoxious fun (I hope 😬) with a Volca FM and a Model:Samples. There's admittedly a lot of me learning by failing on this -- and I hope the mix and "mastering" aren't too rough on your ears -- but I genuinely like how the thing fits together. I'd make some very different decisions next time around, but hopefully there's some charm in this as it is. I'd love it if some of you could give it a listen. Thanks! https://iteritinerant.bandcamp.com/album/teneral
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    I’m about a quarter of the way through Alan Moore’s Jerusalem after 2 years of staring at its cover on the shelf, and then moving it to the nightstand in an effort to commit myself to the task, and then staring at it for another 6 months without starting it. And it turns out it’s a fairly pleasant experience after all, so far, despite the wrist cracking weight of the thing.
  12. I finished up my first album and am releasing it Dec. 21 (so, like, in a couple hours?) on bandcamp and it's a bit terrifying to be releasing anything publicly, really. 😬 I had one track on that watmm Olympus Mons comp years ago and that was it. I shoulda just called the album "imposter syndrome."
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