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  1. One of my favorite games tbqh. Haven’t played TLOU2 yet but my wife did. I’m enjoying the show a lot; good mix of porting scenes directly over and changing characters etc when it fits the medium better (e.g, Bill). Kind of funny how the show excises hours and hours (and hours) of fairly unforgiving combat— just like doesn’t even attempt to go there at all — and still feels pretty much intact.
  2. Thanks, good to see some signs of life!
  3. I used to use Reaktor a lot but its update/support cycle is ridiculously slow these days, particularly with respect to Mac OS update support. I think it still works for now but I can’t really justify continued investment in NI stuff.
  4. baph


    could be an invasion of alien masochists, don’t kink shame them
  5. Emerald LeNazi’s bird site bird shite has made me make a mastodon. I look forward to having no followers and no post engagement on there now, too. IT’S FUN
  6. Where can I sign up to be a white paper special ops dude?
  7. Thank you all for the kind words. I still can't get my mom to listen to this, lol. If anyone wants free download codes, just send me a PM, I've got tons. edit: here's a few: https://iteritinerant.bandcamp.com/yum bmr4-cabj wrm4-wbsk pvrj-ccx8 8bm7-wwa2 tdba-cw3c hlhy-bpnw hce3-xnp4
  8. Got mine recently, too. It’s beautiful.
  9. Would you: dreadbox typhon, or dreadbox nymphes? I have next to no room but I’m looking to get a small non-digital module to complement my modest hardware setup (Volca FM and Model:Samples, and Keystep37) and Reaktor/ableton/softube stuff. Any other suggestions in the $1000 and below range? Just want something thicc tbqh (shut up).
  10. yeah what kind of madman puts a three foot rose in a one foot vase, ridiculous
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