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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ_lJMynRGc
  2. My favorite thing about him is the part on his Wikipedia page that says
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDZKlo0QyPM This is not a terrible-good track, it just genuinely sucks. Jason DeRulo SUCKS!! Listen to those shitty trumpets and farted-out toy piano sounds. Listen to the lyrics that he demonstrably did not write while looking at the girl but rather scrawled out in the time it takes to splurt out a Taco Bell aftermath diarrhoetic crunkalanche. Listen to his autotuned caterwaul like a tomcat in heat with its pecker stuck in the tailpipe of a Mini Cooper. Just fucking TERRIBLE!
  4. nm thread title has been fixt -- mods pls delete this thread
  5. Did Ufabulum not sell enough copies? I enjoyed it.
  6. No one's mentioned what is arguably the funniest part about it, which is that since the intro is 11 minutes long, once they finally start the show, they only have like 14 seconds before they have to say 'tune in next week!' and roll the credits -- the idea of a show whose intro is 99% of the run time and whose content is les than a minute is ducking g hallacious!!
  7. Thanks! Can't wait to hear in 3, 2, 1 ...
  8. Ps: I still want to hear the Aveda salon ost!!
  9. I stopped in once for the Autechre Q&A, but that was about it really. Not much time for proper lurking. Now that I've got the time though, I felt like saying hey instead and seeing if there's proper stuff I can contribute. (: Glad to hear it man! Judging from the muffaletta I take it you're perhaps in New Orleans? Do you ever come up to NYC perchance? Melodyne has been a bit of a godsend with respect to your latter point! Leagues to go yet but getting closer. Mobile, AL -- never thought I'd end up here but that's academia for ya! No idea when I'll make it back to N
  10. Beard is alive. I am in the deep south philosophizing to muffaletta sammiches. It's okay. Enjoyed your latest tunes! I remember you telling me on a walk about how you want to turn nature's ambient sounds melodic, and I think you do that more with each release.
  11. I made a quick mashup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKPf1yJxiAY
  12. reminded me of Otto Von Schirach
  13. nice ones spiral, amazingly shit
  14. encey


    fuckin a! i can imagine you down on bended knee making that shit-eating grin face you get whilst drunk off appletinis on a business account!!
  15. encey


    gratz BCM - bet you still havent proposed yet tho!
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