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Blush Response - VAPOR4


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hey guys,


been lurking for a while, and have made a couple posts here and there... figured i'd share one of my tracks.


do your worst!



most of this is eurorack stuff... make noise / harvestman with a bit of maschine and elektron analog 4

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this track (and most of mine) are edits of live modular jams... sequencing on this one was I believe the tiptop trigger riot. there is a lot of overdub stuff as well. drums were sequenced in maschine and analog 4. some rene stuff towards the end

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wow, this is a beast. nice one. on 3:40 it really picks up even tho the first part was a little more fleshed out. anyway, 8/10, would listen to more of your tracks


are you familiar with Octex? I can hear the similarities

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