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  1. I read on FB that apparently someone tried bringing 2 knives into the show, so that's why the patdowns and security were so intense. Mine actually was minimal at the show... but ended up getting the full-on treatment at LaGuardia.
  2. I unfortunately missed most of Richard Devine set (and everything before it), but Ruby my Dear and Hitori Tori killed it. The venue, sound and stage were rad too. Ruby my Dear aciiiddd https://streamable.com/fu8e5 (Oh... and attention lame ppl in the crowd @ Aphex, this is how you should get down.)
  3. Since this wasn't available anymore, I put it on my own Bandcamp page for free. I also included 4 bonus tracks made around that same time. https://weakmassive.bandcamp.com/album/bioelectric
  4. I think he just got busy with other things. That's a good idea about putting the album on my own bandcamp - I'll look into that.
  5. My guess is they are actual DMX Krew tracks (b-sides or Soundcloud rips, etc) with different names. Who told you they were unreleased demos? They very well might be originally, but I'm pretty sure that Polypipe compilation on Bandcamp wasn't authorized by Ed.
  6. Yeah, that's one of those fake Bandcamp albums by kronictronicboy or whoever... so annoying. They are probably actual DMX Krew tracks but with different tracks names.
  7. The image at the start of K59 seems to be a program guide from the BBC in the 80s. (Dallas, A Party Political Broadcast, Nine O' Clock News, Q.E.D, Sportsnight) Similar to this: https://youtu.be/EpXov8EcZAo?t=69 I'm guessing for many of these videos, they're processing old TV streams like the one linked above.
  8. Well done that man! Did you just know the show or... How did you find that?!There's something really creepy about that show - It's like CITV's Zzzap! but with undertones of Operation Yewtree Ha thanks definitely hadn't seen this show before... definitely creepy. I was able to work out a few more names in the credits and just google'd/youtube'd programs David Rose / Mike Slee directed until I found "The Kid".
  9. https://youtu.be/30FT1zJWnOc?t=294
  10. This Bandcamp page seems to be making the rounds again on Facebook (even on the Drexciya Research Lab page). From what I've gathered this is yet another account filled with renamed tracks (many of them Soundcloud rips) from other artists. These "albums" are free at the moment, but they were paid at some point. See this thread for other fake albums: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/84781-dave-monolith-hide-and-seek-bootleg-bandcamp/ Seems like a really shitty thing to do- to try and make money off other people's work and not credit them. In addition to the Odan tracks, this album has a bunch of tracks from the envmod SC page( https://soundcloud.com/envmod): https://thegunpowderplotconspirators.bandcamp.com/album/neonaticide Diounkysse = Orgonazur by envmod Walzukunke = 0DeVJ4ST (Fast Mix) by envmod Nastrifial = Ghudus End by envmod Bugmenteur = BGTon656 by envmod Sukoodiall = Undrwtryetagn by envmod Omitinemph = Slotski's by envmod Did they run that by you, BCM?... as I see you commented earlier in this thread.
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