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  1. i'll be sure to give him a kick in the ass 😉 heres a new mix I made too:
  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to share my new release with you. As it's on schematic I figure it might pique your interest. Cheers 🙂
  3. Digitone pad here
  4. it's def an underrated synth!
  5. so much to dig through! got it all now though 🙂
  6. Hey Everyone I released a sample set of really messed up sounds from my Kawai K1 the pack is 189 sounds total, 10 are available to download for free as well as 2 tracks made using the K1. If you buy the pack you get everything, 189 sounds + the two tracks here is a performance using the samples in my Elektrons: here is the completed track: and here is the link to stream and buy: Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂 cheers!
  7. also missed the bonus cd! if anyone knows where to find it plz let me know 🙂
  8. such a bummer that he removed so much stuff, i'm just really discovering him now. amazing work though!
  9. i get tense easily
  10. he made them from the front panel, i remember him telling me, but I could be wrong anyway here is something i did for Yamaha with some modX action. I think it's a worthy synth, the beat repeat stuff can get crazy and granular-like timbres on top of your FM, and it is definitely easy to edit from the front panel
  11. the new Yamaha MODX and Montage series of synths have 8 operators and all the algorithms from the FS1R. You are missing the formant stuff but there are other features the FS1R lacks that really make up for it. Definitely check those out. Richard Devine even made presets. Decently priced and actually easy to edit with the knobs and touch screen.
  12. here are a couple digitone things I did
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