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  1. heres a track I did entirely with a borrowed OT MK2 in kosovo. One take, no edits, stereo out of the OT. using whatever samples were inside:
  2. i'll be sure to give him a kick in the ass ? heres a new mix I made too:
  3. Hey everyone, just wanted to share my new release with you. As it's on schematic I figure it might pique your interest. Cheers ?
  4. Digitone pad here
  5. so much to dig through! got it all now though ?
  6. Hey Everyone I released a sample set of really messed up sounds from my Kawai K1 the pack is 189 sounds total, 10 are available to download for free as well as 2 tracks made using the K1. If you buy the pack you get everything, 189 sounds + the two tracks here is a performance using the samples in my Elektrons: here is the completed track: and here is the link to stream and buy: Hope you guys enjoy! ? cheers!
  7. also missed the bonus cd! if anyone knows where to find it plz let me know ?
  8. such a bummer that he removed so much stuff, i'm just really discovering him now. amazing work though!
  9. i get tense easily
  10. he made them from the front panel, i remember him telling me, but I could be wrong anyway here is something i did for Yamaha with some modX action. I think it's a worthy synth, the beat repeat stuff can get crazy and granular-like timbres on top of your FM, and it is definitely easy to edit from the front panel
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