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Drumatix Patterns EP


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To celebrate the release of the Drumatix Patterns EP I will be giving away free downloads for the first 3 that purchases the limited edition Merry X-Mas t-shirt. The EP is available for pre-listen and purchase on bandcamp. Shipping worldwide.
Support the label so we can release more music.




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Hi guys,


The EP is up for free download.


Working on some new material so I was thinking I might as well give something to the forum :wink:

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Melting Face and Demonic are my favorite so far. Great work man


Do you have other releases like this? I tried poking around your bandcamp but this seems to be the only release.


I like this style of music muchly.

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Thank you, that is kind of you.


Here is something I have been working on, takes quite a while to patch everything on the modular, but this is what I have so far, too hot to stay inside at the moment though



And some tracks that will probably never be released


I have lots of tracks, but I am not sure about releasing them, will have to consider. In my mind they are too messy

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By the way, Rutherford doesn't seem to get much hype on the forum, I absolutely love his work.


This is the guy that partly helped me to finally get some tracks out.

Hopefully one more EP this year :biggrin:




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Got an email about this release this morning (said it was just uploaded to bandcamp this morning?  :huh:)


Excellent opportunity to revisit these tracks.  :music:



Edit: have you released much since this btw, maybe under a different alias?

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Hi, yes it was drunken mistake, I had to upload it again and found out the track numbers were missing in the old upload

Another EP is out https://rexobb.bandcamp.com/

The cover is a picture of me around 88' at a ice cream shop in Italy, I thought the name of the EP fits well with situation on the picture :)

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