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Making playful melody the primary focus, any good?

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I've tried going back to basics a little here, using simpler sounds, limited effects/processing, and relying more on melodic structures. Playful interaction between instruments is something I really enjoy listening to, so I thought I'd give it a go. Waiheke is something I've just written. Red Panda Acid is a little older but in the same spirit, and I never really had any feedback on it. Any comments/criticism would be very welcome.


In particular I am concerned that Waiheke lacks breathing space and doesn't really return to the original themes, it is just a response to a response. I wondered if the listener would find these things detrimental to the total effect.


Thanks for listening!






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I do agree with The Finger, Red Panda Acid II is pretty enjoyable. I like it quite a lot actually. As far is critique, I think you could make the melody more versatile. It kind of feels algorithmic, where it's too meandering, which can work intermittently, but I don't think for enjoying a whole track! It needs a tempo change. Not necessarily actual tempo, but a fairly large switch of some sort. Like, for example, for some time you drop the acid bass, insert another bass of some sort, and do something different with the flute, like... something solo-y, where the mood changes a bit, then you bring it back in with something else changed!

I hope I made sense. You have a pretty unique style dude, nice work.

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