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Aphex Twin (Richard James) songs on Harry Fox Online


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I was poking around the Harry Fox website and popped in some Aphex songs by using “Richard James” as the writer. I found some tracks I've not heard before and couldn't find a reference online. Does anyone know what these are? I checked these songs against the search here and couldn't find anything so please forgive me if this is a re-post.


All have Chrysalis Music as the publisher which is consistent with Aphex D. Jamez. There are other songs with "Richard James" as the writer, but these have a different publisher.




Chill Out Zone C3780L (???)


B2 B3616Q (Bradley Strider maybe?)


Cat008 C3781X (Analogue Bubblebath Vol.3?)


Fags F2087E (???)


I Want Your Body I4080F (???)


Also check this out:

(known) KTPA2 K1470F

(unknown) Kicking Mr Bubbles K1470G (wasn't this a fake track or something?)

(known) Klop Job K1470H


Here's the site to check out if you want to do some digging.



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the entries on the site provide information only, there aren't song files, which is why i'm wondering what these are

especially with the combo of richard james + chrysalis


those tuss songs are published by chrysalis and that was one of the first things that tipped me off that these might be something new or unheard by fans


the "kicking mr bubbles" thing is especially strange considering it looks "in-sequence"

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Interesting. I think the Chill Out Zone one could be Ageispolis when it was broadcasted on MTV's Chill Out Zone?

There's also a couple more that are strange - Easy Love, Joaquín Murrieta, Jesse James (the Outlaws of the Old West tracks), etc. I reckon there is another Richard James that's a musician just being lumped into the same category. That would also explain "I want your body" and "fags" I guess.

Kicking Mr. Bubbles is indeed a fake track that was spread through p2p back in the day, funny to see it has been picked up :) I can remember hearing that one on TV as well.

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