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DIY electronics question


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I've got a 9090 kit here that I'm eager to build, but I'm a bit confused about transformer wiring.


This is the entry on the power section:











He recommended to get a ring type transformer so I bought this one:









But it's parallel? I'm not really sure how to properly hook it up. Any of you guys have any insight on this? Did I buy the wrong type?



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it's to power a 909 clone. I've just notice it says it outputs 15VAC not 15VDC, so I'm pretty sure I'm hooped lol.

Yeah there's no real way you're going to get smooth 15VDC from 15VAC, sorry dude! You'll need some "headroom" from the transformer output in order to then rectify and then use smoothing caps to get your 15VDC supply.

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I also have a 9090 kit! I should make time to make it.


Whether or not toroidal transformers are worth it is a matter of opinion.


As i understand it you need a transformer that steps down a mains voltage to -15 0 +15 volts.


The datasheet tells you you need the input to be wired in parallel for US voltage, canadian voltage is slightly higher, idk if this will make any real world difference.

The output should also be in parallel for 15V out.


I believe this is the configuration you would need: http://www.delabs-circuits.com/cirdir/electric/tables/center_tap_transformer.png




BE BLOODY CAREFUL!!!!! don't electrocute yourself pls.



Note that the 9090 runs fine from a 15v wall PSU, which would be safer.






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What is the purpose of building your own transformer? Is this some audiophile shit?


Also isn't it technically illegal to work with mains plugs without a license?

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Cheers guys. I'll have a go at wiring like the diagram you posted there AAAAh. I'm to wire it 1+3, 2+4, 7+6, each pair together to the same spot? I won't get electricuted I promise. Also, you should build yours already! Jeez. I've got a Yocto I'm going to put together after this one!


modey: I have no idea really. It's as it says to do in the build section... I'm also pleased to not have to find space for another wall wart. Anyways, if I can get this to work I'll be glad as there isn't anywhere to by parts near me and it takes about 2-3 weeks for a Mouser order to get here.

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