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  1. I've never touched the stuff and tbh I don't plan to because most people I know who do are kinda losers, but I suppose that explains why it's so popular on watmm LOL!
  2. It's quite long. The album that is!!
  3. Yes my friend I live in Bristol, however I will not meet you because I, like every watmmer, have a lot of autism. check out elevator sounds if u like synths.
  4.  love idm music

  5. I just logged in to the watmm idm music forum
  6. It's like being in an abusive relationship.
  7. Wow, fantastic news! Really insightful! I'm surprised he hasn't had a hair cut since I last watched one of his videos.
  8. you have too much time on your hands dude. jesus
  9. Wow those are nice gohsty! Wish i had photographed the ice we had yesterday. o00o i love that chair picture.
  10. Haha thought i recognized that tape! look forward to seeing it re-gifted next year :)
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