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Dual osc X0X I/O


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was just about to send my (what i thought was) broken Dual osc x0xb0x with the in/out mod (a '& the kitchen sink' x0xb0x, basically) to a guy in sweden that was going to fix it.



plugged it in, AND, it worked.




major happy buds floating around in my brain.




so i just stuck it on record and recorded a few minutes of me tweaking a lot to give you guys a flavour of what it sounds like. i presume they are a little rare


it does cross mod of the oscs, vco fm of the filter, sync, built in overdrive and adsrs for pitch or vca, with custom MarOS or SokkOS, along with CV ins and outs for lots of functions








so yeah , just this, fruity limiter to catch peaks & pcm70 on teh reverbs

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I don't know. I paid for mine.


It took ages and was a pita (bad communication with builder) - also this is nearly the 2nd time I've had her fixed..



Totally worth it tho!

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yes it was a mod kit for the x0xb0x by a guy called bcbox


he had a few extra pcbs and replacement panels. i added the IO / distortion to a few of my x0xb0xs


unsure if you can still get the kits

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alright lock this thread im ragingly jelous


any basic x0xb0x sequencer > dual osc with sync & cross mod/fm options > 18db filter oscA fm inputs > distortion will get you there


im thinking it would go even more places if i used 2 intellijel shapeshifter oscs or a DPO or 2 rubicons or furthrrr generator etc.



and dry it sounds good, but the lexicon makes it sound better, :)

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