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Max Richter - Out of the Dark Room


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2xLP / 2xCD compilation of various pieces from six of his soundtrack albums (specifically those released on the Milan label, who are putting out this compilation). Out 5th May.

I've been eyeing up his film scores for a while now, but seeing as there are 16 of them to date, and his overall sound is pretty specific, I concluded that they'd basically just all end up overwhelming me and watering down the main albums (not to mention they're all typically full of 50 second tracks and such which rarely make for satisfying listening). So a compilation like this is something I've been hoping for for a while now.


Waltz With Bashir
1 The Haunted Ocean 4 3:44
2 Any Minute Now / Thinking Back 4:16
3 I Swam Out To Sea / Return 3:52
4 What Have They Done? 1:52
5 The Haunted Ocean 5 1:37
Sarah's Key
6 The Vel D'Hiv 3:41
7 The Escape 2:32
8 When She Came Back 3:34
9 The Tree, The Beach, The Sea 2:47
10 Julia's Journey 2:25
11 Julia Walking 2:25
12 Sarah's Notebook 3:35
13 Wadjda's Journey 2:38
14 Conversation 3:30
15 Sequence 2:27
16 The Release 2:35
1 The Swimmer 2:06
2 Unwrritten 1:48
3 Break In 3:28
The Congress
4 Beginning And Ending 4:54
5 On The Road To Abrahama 1 4:14
6 In The Cosmic Lobby 2:19
7 Out Of The Dark 5:03
Testament Of Youth
8 Love And Imagination 2:51
9 The Rising Of The Sun 2:48
10 These I Send To You 2:43
11 Returning Over The Nightmare Ground 3:10
12 I Will Not Forget You 4:10
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Interesting,,, Love Max Richter but yeah so much stuff to keep up with recently!


I highly recommend his Three Worlds Virginia Woolf  album that cam out earlier this year one of my fav things I have heard from him 

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