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  1. N Cur is really nice, if only someone could Permanently Make it mine, I would be greatly appreciative!
  2. Very much this, love the set as it is it sounds to me like this sort of shit that should be played in techno clubs rather than the bland shite that tends to be played nowadays! P sure I will end up keeping and listening to both versions Ohh and also more than happy to chuck some quids in to support this sterling endeavour!
  3. I actually found NTS easier to digest than elseq cause of all the long tracks and each part coming out each week. It was an amazing time, find it strange all reviews saying it was to much! Where as lots of people wanted a return to the usual album format, I was worried it wouldn't seem enough! But the lads have reminded me with SIGN that they are also masters at this format. Love it more with each listen and think this could end up as one of my all time favs by them. Would love there to be a 2nd part but more than happy if this is it for now.
  4. Cool, loved the 1st one. Also reminds me i've not played that Shack / Zimpel collab for a bit due some more listens me thinks!
  5. This is lovely! Only listened for the burial mix (which is awesome) but also really enjoying the other versions. Don't really know Charles Webster but might have to check out more from him. As for Burial, his mix has that magic for me but I'm just a sucker for his sound, nothing else hits me quite the same way, loved all his little recent bits, old tape and his luke slater love remix still get loads of plays from me.. but think the world needs a proper release from him right about now! Not even that arsed by an album just another decent length ep would do, come on Will give up the g
  6. 🤣 amazing description of Oversteps! Love it And despite earlier saying i preferred 1/2 of SIGN the 2nd half has really clicked with me today, sounded beautiful earlier driving in the rain. Now got that feeling where I don't want to listen to anything else but worried about overplaying it, which is always a good SIGN that I'm falling in love hard for an album! ❤
  7. Has the 2 album thing had any more confirmation? Hope its true but everyone keeps talking like its defo happening but what ive heard so far sounds bit tenuous On the 2 album theory of them being "solo" albums was thinking in the context of Ae this could just mean it was curated by one of them on their own. So like album with a tracks picked all by Sian and another with tracks picked all by reeb? sorry just adding to the pointless rumour mill there, but just occurred to me as a pissabolity!
  8. Love this already but interestingly is a bit like what I was expecting from the cover and what had been said about the album.. put on oversteps yesterday morning as had a feeling this may be bit in same vein and though i take the point some made before about comparisons, its a music forum what else you going to do when talking about it! This is its own beast but i do agree that if you had to describe it to someone oversteps and lp5 are useful comparisons (but with 2020 Ae sound palate very much in effect! ) I'm also interested that so many people gushing over last few tracks..
  9. Ahhh, that was all so lush, Fuck! So emotional sounding, need to listen again now!
  10. Yep.. 1hr to new Ae! I am exiated!!
  11. This really opened up for me after couple more listens, strange how at first I more just noticed the noisy bits (but still very much enjoyed it!) But now so many lush beautiful parts shining through as well. This guy really is a master at making abstract experimental shit which is still really emotionaly engaging.
  12. New Oct 1 is a madness.. prob one of his most discordant and noisy but with amazing crazy sound design.. really enjoyed it on 1st listen but might take a few spins to fully wrap my mind around!
  13. Loving the new trim ep roadworks pt 1 https://www.junodownload.com/products/trim-roadworks-pt-1/4753386-02/
  14. Yes! One of the best.. well ready for some new Monolake!
  15. I really like it on 1st few listens. Nothing new but wasn't expecting it to be, but everything sounds so fucking amazing! Such a full lush sound but with room for everything to breath and the guitar riffs sounding particularly heavy and epic.
  16. Love his music but not kept up with his last couple of releases..He has released so much last couple of years, its all amazing but dense stuff, and dont feel like I've properly got my head round everything yet. Interested by this new one though and will catch up with the last couple at some point.. find his music suites the autumn / winter weather so could well be due another binge into it soon!
  17. I know few people have said this could be continuation of onesix sound but based on absolutely nothing at all, I have a strong feeling this album will be them handing us a new bunch of parameters and sound very different from last few releases!
  18. Awesome news!! I know lots of people excited for a normal length album but i love the longer form Ae, kinda worried that am going to listen to this wishing every track was 20 mins long! 🤣 I quite like the cover art, but not that keen on the title... but who cares, new Autechre!! Can't wait to hear it
  19. Its on his Youtube channel as him as well though.. but fuck knows whats going on 😃 Maybe this is young paint gone solo!
  20. Fuck this is really good! Btw as much as normaly prefer to use bandcamp when poss if anyone is after the digital it is a bargin on bleep! They have priced it like a 3 track ep when it's clearly an album in 3 parts.. but not complaining! ☺ https://bleep.com/artist/148293-shackleton-zimpel
  21. Nice.. not listened yet but it involves Shackleton so know am going to love it!
  22. Weird to tag it as him on spotify, youtube etc if its not actually him!? Think he just fucking with us, but not complaining loving all the recent activity and looking forward to Karma & desire!
  23. What is going on!.. not sure what to male of that on first listen, very sketchy and basic but kinda fun!! Is it available to download anywhere?
  24. Apparently the new mix tape is not actually Actress! 😃 it is worth a listen though! https://xlr8r.com/news/download-a-new-beat-tape-by-actress/
  25. New mix tape is lush, diff style from him full on smoked out hip hop vibe but really enjoying it!!
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