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  1. Awesome.. didn't know about that mix either but very much enjoying it! Thanks for posting
  2. 007 is lovely but 008 is really where its at! (At least on 1st listen)
  3. Personaly it's by far my favourite track on the e.p! 😃 but whole thing is pretty solid..
  4. True, plus if you do actually care about that stuff the guy does have chops.. his epic Sadly the future is no longer what it was album I belive was actually him on piano & think most of stuff under leyland kirby alias isn't sample based His a legend whatever though...I mean you could argue this was easy to make but it's still fucking genius Edit :Also listening to this for 1st time in a little while and just realised.. did this mother fucker vaporwave 10 years before its time!?
  5. I was thinking of it as a Leyland Kirby track but is more caretaker sounding tbh..is beautiful either way hope this sign there will be more on they way from him soon
  6. Not mega up on hip hop either but always think of that style starting with Lil B I'm suprised how much hate this album getting (and that track in particular! 🤣) love the album & that one not my fav on it but I don't mind it & don't think it deserves the level of shit it's getting tbh!
  7. Really like this... never really been that it ro footwork but this & the recent Dj manny album on mu I've been loving Also quite like RP boo...any suggestions for other footwork I should be checking out? Think in my typical fashion I will start getting into it years behind the curve 😆
  8. Dont really know this lads stuff that well but heard the preview tracks & was looking forward to this...First listen did not dissapoint! Awesome stuff... An Ae vibe going on here for me as well,not to take anything away from him as defo got its own sound..looking forward to listening more to this & think I need to check out his older stuff more
  9. Yeah the last 2 releases have both been particularly awesome
  10. Yeah is kinda interesting in places but not that good a listen. This on the other hand I love.... https://maxtundra.bandcamp.com/album/with-love-to-mummy Hope Max has new proper album out soon its been far to long! (Though that daphne and celeste album from other year was nice!)
  11. Yeah he always delivers despite releasing a crazy amount...Particularly enjoying this new 1.
  12. This is lovely...proper blissful sounds. Hope he has new full length out soon
  13. This is really nice, liking the slight change in sound/vibe from him
  14. The last track is essential 2 tracks with some silence in between but is a beuat Btw he's changed the name to 91-96 now so was a typo!
  15. Only part way through but already in love, the Rook stuff was so far ahead of the curve his 90 stuff still sounds like the future https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/arcv-dts-91-91-vol-x (Btw I'm assuming the title is a miss title and should say 91-98 like the other volumes? Unless this 1 is all from 91!!?)
  16. Its awesome to fall asleep to.. and I mean that as a good thing! I do understand people's frustration with it tbh it is a tease when beautiful bits don't last as long as you might like...but I kinda love that & think it's part of what will keep drawing me back & make this a grower..
  17. Is this review the kinda bull shit people are talking about? 😃 https://beatsperminute.com/album-review-burial-antidawn-ep/ Though im loving this Ep more & more on repeat listens just what a need on a rainy miserable January day
  18. Really disagree with this, you can criticise Burial all you like but lack of Adventure is bullshit..if he was catering to what people want he would be knocking out untrue sounding stuff still.
  19. Also agree with some of points Brisk raises actually but I think what holds this together is a consistent atmosphere and feel to the whole e.p. Plus being a bit all over the place and a collage style mish mash of bits & pieces has been a big part of Burials thing since his albums really. Would also like him to attempt a more standard album again 1 day but not sure if it will ever happen tbh!
  20. This is really nice and think it will be a grower Agree on this being Burial ambient done right, though I enjoyed some of his other ambient stuff alot of it missed that burial magic for me where as this very much has it.
  21. Been getting into his SCNTST alias recently... the image is everything series which is pay what you want on bandcamp is gorgeous Image Is Everything Pt. 2 by Skee Mask / SCNTST Regarding Pool prob my album of the year from 2021 & loved getting into all this guys music over the past 6 months or so. I've also particularly been enjoying the ISS eps recently. Can't wait to see what's next from him!
  22. Wait a minute, does the end bit say - Come inside me!? 😵 🤣
  23. It's beautiful, excited to hear the rest! Also pleased he at least let one track sneak out in time for crimbo!
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