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  1. Really nice e.p from him. Noticed there quite few newish bits on his bandcamp I have missed that I need to check out. Simons proper under rated IMO this guy is consistently amazing. Much recommended Music for Lifeforms by Simon Pyke
  2. Yeah strong contender for my AOTY it's fucking awesome
  3. Really grown on me with more listens proper nice e.p. especially loving the title track. I don't even mind the edits at the end, nice little reprisals to finish it off.
  4. Was a little underwhelmed on 1st listen..though think that was partly because I was expecting it to all be banging techno like Dream. Listening again now & enjoying it a lot more, its very much suiting the vibe on this misty grey afternoon
  5. Also very much enjoying this...proper 90s IDM vibes
  6. Is still prob her best but personally love all the albums! The latest, Bewitched is particularly good And this new track that dropped the other week is proper awesome
  7. Really enjoying number 10! Pleasent suprise indeed!
  8. Woke up early this morning (stupid body clock thinking it's a work day) & listening to this falling into a half sleep hypnagogia state was fucking awesome...maybe more ambient Burial was exactly what I needed...(still maybe bring some beats next time Billy Boy! ;)) Ohh & yeah the link to another person's stuff in burial thread clearly for lols isn't it...the joke being that people get wet for new Burial when better stuff being released no one cares about...(not that I think that but get where they are coming from)
  9. Really nice on 1st listen. Though not going to lie was a bit disappointed full on ambient again. As much as I love Anti-Dawn (and think I will fall in love with this after more listens) I'm ready for some beat driven Burial again!
  10. Nought wrong with a good meander imo! ๐Ÿ˜†
  11. I agree the edits are pointless but don't care as like you say nice long e.p anyway & really enjoying dream. Excited to hear the full thing!
  12. This is gorgeous. Really helping my Monday morning vibes having this playing while I work
  13. Like other have said have found hud mo very hit & miss in the past & held off listening to this but pleased I finally did cause this is very much hit for me! Is all over the place but somehow works as a bonkers cohesive whole! Love it
  14. Constant shallowness...was always one of my least favourite Coil albums but been enjoying It a lot more on re-listens since its reissue I've also very much been enjoying the sara dales sensual massage album and generally back on a Coil binge after not listening to them as much the last few years. So much awesome to explore again
  15. Yeah Charmed is still my fav & was my entry point...truly amazing album
  16. Any DJSTTDJ fans around these parts? I only got into her during the past year or so but probably been my most listened to shit since then. I really wasn't sure what to make of it at first but slowly fell in love & got obsessed..anyhow new album out & its brilliant once again! She seems to moving even further away from lo-fi house & more towards just weird beautiful pop perfection Bewitched! by DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ
  17. Yeah also enjoyed this. On a similar(ish) tip I've been loving the latest The Range album. https://therangemusic.bandcamp.com/album/mercury
  18. This was a very pleasant surprise! New Shack, just had first listen & sounding amazing as always https://honestjonsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-majestic-yes
  19. Awesome.. didn't know about that mix either but very much enjoying it! Thanks for posting
  20. 007 is lovely but 008 is really where its at! (At least on 1st listen)
  21. Personaly it's by far my favourite track on the e.p! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ but whole thing is pretty solid..
  22. True, plus if you do actually care about that stuff the guy does have chops.. his epic Sadly the future is no longer what it was album I belive was actually him on piano & think most of stuff under leyland kirby alias isn't sample based His a legend whatever though...I mean you could argue this was easy to make but it's still fucking genius Edit :Also listening to this for 1st time in a little while and just realised.. did this mother fucker vaporwave 10 years before its time!?
  23. I was thinking of it as a Leyland Kirby track but is more caretaker sounding tbh..is beautiful either way hope this sign there will be more on they way from him soon
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