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Christoph de Babalon - Grim Zenith


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Damn, his "If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It" is a cult release to me, so your description sounds like this should be straight up my alley even though I never liked any of his other albums quite as much. Going to listen to this one ASAP.

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I'll be curious to hear what you think.  To me, most of his releases around the If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It period were solid to great, so there's lots of gold from that time period.  He was quite for maybe a decade or more, and then started releasing again a few years ago.  That was hit or miss until this new one.

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B1 nailed it! :music:

The rest is perhaps rather "solid" than "great", but still, good stuff.


Well, glad you liked it.  Track 4 is my favorite of the bunch.

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