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    Hey WATMM ! I’m surprised Smerz has no occurrences here. they’re from Norway and have done a EP and a LP on XL RECORDS. wicked sound, sickk beats, and kind of r’nb vocals. https//smerzforyou.bandcamp.com/music Long Live Smerz ! ❤️‍🔥
  2. For those who missed it, the combo cd and boxset 6 Lp is back, 199 €, treat yourself !
  3. Slightly off topic, sorry, but one of the best Andy Stott’s remix was the holy other one. It aged well, at this time, stott was in his muddy phase (we stay together lp)
  4. Instabuy holy shit ! huge news, and it’s not a repress, but the original 1984 vinyl boxset
  5. There was this cool guy at my local library when i was 13, he used to give me lps to listen to at home. eskimo was like a strange artefact (i mean , look at the cover, the costumes , the eye balls !)that freaked me out, but fascinated me in the same time. (Still does) That 242 ep is Classic ebm imo
  6. Hey out there Cd boxset is out ! BP=🐐 https://www.soundohm.com/product/l-oeuvre-musicale-en-12-c-2
  7. Repress soon of cd boxset! Happy !
  8. this clap sounds like first ae phase (lowride)
  9. Wow thanks joeyblush and thanks watmm, I copped the md, and came back a few moment after to listen to first track and saw it’s already out of stock
  10. Bump this album is timeless who’s the artist ?
  11. https://www.soundohm.com/product/stries
  12. Sorry for misleading information guys ! I found the line up, and atp 2003 was curated by ae, there was gescom djs with visuals : https://www.atpfestival.com/events/atpautechre/lineup edit : line up is crazy
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