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  1. Yeah ! Hope they’ll drop some gorguts mixed to Parmegiani
  2. 2020 repress guyz stellar ep https://boomkat.com/products/grim-zenith-ep saw it on blerpe too
  3. “The new stuff is going to sound weird compared to everything else” lel could works today aswell thanks for the find draft78
  4. zaizai


    Maybe some visuals in next rig ? saenic pls
  5. Wut The hell i can’t focus anymore on ae live 16/18 ! this shit is funky A little skamey maybe, gescom related ?
  6. From 1997 i used to not like so much this lp when I bought it in 1997 I have to confess i love it ’ow of course, and particularly this track a sure grower, like his next lp in the same vein called « a shocking hobby » in 2000
  7. zaizai


    I’ve understand more with this batch what they said about the dryness of how soundboards can sound, and how their music live is done for a certain space, in specific conditions.( Iirc they play in the pitch dark cause it cancels the space of the venue) the organs stabs is the good example : it was breathless in live, because so much quantity of air particles became silent. it was loud and shocking and unexpected. i don’t feel this in headphones with the sets, but Im confined far from my genelecs for now, maybe it will restitute the same feeling on speakers ? Have you blasted those beasts on cans ? Nb : I member some guyz shouted “yeah ! “ During silences. Horrendous. Pls don’t do this. wait, was it me ?
  8. Dat muppet show bits are hilarious
  9. Hey guyz English isn’t my native language, And there are a lot of songs that I sing in the yogourts style, without knowing any meanings of the lyrics, and I’d like to know if this song from 1989 is about child abuse, or on the incest. I know it sounds strange but it’s an old track I love and I just recently Bumped into the lyrics, and couldn’t figure it out before it was about abused children, and from the POV of a pedophile. It appears to me those lyrics And the theme (child abuse, and POV of the abuser) are special for an 80s thrash metal band...
  10. Wow I loved the lp, everything from it. The flow, the beginning with those nice melodies, the middle break with Detroit track, then the dope rythmicks beat fuckery and then the « dark » ending. but here the Paris track isn’t doing it for me. That kick. ugh. The track is built like super mainstream. I don’t know. Yes what I know ? Nothing. sorry I just don’t feel this one It’s not my cup of tea, i love midi sans frontières tho i live in Paris, and here we say : I’m a Parisian, I love nothing. we love to complain.
  11. Yeah there are two guys upthere but it doesn’t sound like autechre at all
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