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  1. Squeller is such a banger !
  2. today is my tenth anniversary on Watmm ! I remember joining here for the oversteps hype, me too. All these contents that were hidden, I had to know....
  3. https://sote-sound.bandcamp.com/album/parallel-persia-diag054
  4. Yeah this one is special ! Madteo delivers once again, Gotta love the versatility of this guy
  5. Frapcore is french rap core, gabber with French rap samples, quiet fun :
  6. zaizai


    Anyone else got ae/confield vibes on vortrack ??
  7. interesting cover of Eutow in doom metal https://sonance.bandcamp.com/track/eutow
  8. bqbqbq in pole position is a smart move ! but to me your list lacks a delicious long kraken like shimripl casual
  9. CDU all the way cornfield dreft until Ted
  10. U were a fag still #1 traumatic track
  11. Less voices all over the place, and fucked up beats! Yummy thanks we stay together still hits hard imo
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