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  1. Nu primitive man https://primitivemandoom.bandcamp.com skull crusher
  2. Hey everyone have you heard about this ? https://www.flareaudio.com/collections/hearing/products/calmer i might order a pair and give you a quick review. it’s cheap and it seems it doesn’t work on all people and not On all tinnitus... will see
  3. Now today I love quari, was just joking around the fact that the best lp can moves, it’s relative to time ans space because a lot of hate around quari times for this one when it went out, but soz I never shit posted about Quari I love them all (I put lel tho...)
  4. This th red a Ranking albums from... best to worse ? well I supposed in 1994 u wd say Amber is best and in 2008 : Untilted is next level shit, the best, compared wit quaridrange or what arrggg I hate Quaristice lel then in 2013 : this is the one, the chosen, not monolithic, but with bangers and suun beat fuckery while rub is cleaning rocks with vacuum the love for autechre is revolving and changing within you, and with ae carrer too, and that’s the magic here. the ´chre Can be a time capsule the memories brought by old ae And the curiousity about the next one is one of the things that holds me on this planet. Otherwise would be in Saturn rings flying like a frozen eagle soz’ I’m high
  5. at first I thought the boomkat review was fake but.... tri rep and overstepped as reference ??
  6. What a promising good end of year new deftones new ae new zf boxset new gaspar noé Shortcut new jockstrap (jk) so far best ep is Terminus by forest drive west
  7. esc desc r cazt love those tittles Hope this is as next level as sunn said 👹 🤯🔥🔥🐐 i remember first listen of Untilted was something else, even not sure it was from the rochdale lads
  9. Greyminence oh yeah ian, rab and sunn pls triankles
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