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  1. zaizai

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    That granular snare in first parts of 16 sets is
  2. hi everyone, I heard a really good jean Claude risset track, and a Milanese one too during quarantine streams, but can’t find titles of those 2. Pls help me if you can !
  3. zaizai

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    I did that too in the same order ! now I’m in Melbourne, this one is different (proto column 13 inside, yes ?)
  4. zaizai

    Anybody out there???

    Hey old headz from 2006 you wouldn’t believe what I’m listening right now
  5. zaizai


    Wut I enjoyed A lot his set, and his commentaries between the tracks were the cherry on top. One of a kind ! andy maddocks was the shit man, I tried to Shazam but no results for his bangers. He played a lot of hip hop x idm, like the fear ratio. Ace ! i was in Lyon and Nijmegen gigs. I reckon I prefered the Ae set from Lyon, and I hope it will be in the first OneSix batch !
  6. Yes ! It’s gonna be a long day tho
  7. Yeah everyone knows it’s chocolatine
  8. zaizai

    Rob pls

    Rob is mastering is my new mantra
  9. Yeah I was there too feeling blessed
  10. In case of doubt, have you tried Parmegiani ?
  11. zaizai

    Rob pls

    Robert je vous en prie
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