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  1. he played this track while weirdcore used all these French characters, it was so lol and goosebumps in the same time
  2. just copped three of them, Norsch, Mohnomishe and Eostre ! Happyy :)) thanks guyz for this thread need sub fo cho
  3. This track is pure bliss, thanks for posting it guyz !
  4. Sorry if jazz but I recently discovered a doom and nihilistic band who plays some sick and heavy shit. “When the last light Burns out in your dense skull I'll inhale the smoke That comes from your burnt bones“
  5. http://kaer-uiks.bandcamp.com/album/swec-rollo
  6. Yeah nebulo is great, I instabuy all his shit ! You’ve heard « askidenz » ? https://stomoxine.bandcamp.com/album/akzidens edit : his collab with Horla : https://kaer-uiks.bandcamp.com/album/swec-rollo
  7. Soooo OneSix hopefully launch on Friday ? 2 of August, last Ae_live launched on 2nd February SIX months ago
  8. zaizai

    Warp Tapes WAV

    I dont deserve all this, been a bad boy recently
  9. zaizai

    Warp Tapes WAV

    Yay, they even don’t want our monies anymore what a bunch of losers !😂
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