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  1. Hey Thanks for infos on that ! Yes this transmissions boxset is glorious, hope next repress will be on this level of quality
  2. The mythic ‘verb of the ‘chre
  3. Ha ha and this one too ! Marvelous farts
  4. Banging ! Also nu fuming mouth https://fumingmouth.bandcamp.com/album/beyond-the-tomb
  5. Wow big let down steph carpenter is anti vaxx and flat earther https://metalinjection.net/news/deftones-stephen-carpenter-admits-to-being-a-flat-earther-says-no-vaccine-ever-worked
  6. My daily routine : morning SIGN afternoon OHMS night PLUS
  7. zaizai

    SIGN or PLUS?

  8. Or maybe because ae remixed this coil track ?
  9. Yuss !! and maybe announcement of the mysterious green lp after the streaming, with delivering SIGN digitalz
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