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  1. Thanks, interesting information lachesi ! i Hope the sound system will be massive then, if it happens outdoor . (btw I dm’ed you)
  2. Just bought tickets for the Milano show at Terraforma !! Feel hyped x10000 ! i will drive to Milano from Lyon, France. Tickets are 50€, so at less I don’t feel badly assaulted by the ticket fare. hmu if u r interested to join aboard i Hope it will be a pitch black show, this villa has big interiors made to be deformed by rob and sean artistic skills and oblique sounds.
  3. Cassette is out : https://allnightflightrecords.com/collections/highlights-instock/products/civilistjavel-jarnnatter-cass
  4. I totally agree, first listening was not incredible, but I liked the strange vibes and the fucked up vocals. i came back to it a little later, and some tracks really impressed me. The weirdness and the funniness reminds me The Residents, one of my favorite bands. I’ve listened to all their Discogs and this last lp is the one, the blend is lush. their first releases was more into EBM, with less processed vocals. must be their maturity album lol
  5. Thanks for this information ! I was wondering what the lyrics are about… maybe you can help someday, if you listen to it !
  6. Vanligt folk is a Swedish band I’ve discovered last year. I’m kind of obsessed with their last Lp since it was out, their sound is hard to describe. Somewhere between The Residents, electro body music and Skam sounds. Vocals are processed all the way, and sometimes you can get a laugh with them, but they can give you also massive goosebumps. (Well, for my case lol) hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do ! they deserve the underground fame. take my money Vanligt folk !
  7. Haake changed a bit his pace in his drumming, brilliantly imo sound is lush compared to the last Lp I’m gonna play it a lot I’m sure the sound reminds me a bit catch33, my fav of them
  8. Stunning album ! 💗 Feel like a little oversteppy in the spirit
  9. Sn pls before the end of the world 😞
  10. zaizai


    !!!!!! they’re back
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