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  1. Basilica has a sick combo drums/guitar, really precise and powerful, and they master the breakdown/switching tempo thing like bosses
  2. Happy birthday confield ! 20 years already What confield is to autechre is what 2001 a space odyssey to kubrick imo for ever an enigmatic piece of art (and not for everyone) but fascinating and mysterious for more decades Thankkss ae boyz
  3. I received this e mail today but 2 hours later it was already out of stock. Anyone knows if it’s legit ? (Or already posted, sorryz then)
  4. And you have Second Woman too. They did a remix, vinyl is up at boomkat ! https://boomkat.com/products/presentism
  5. No info about the artist but It sounds like Stott tho
  6. zaizai


    Is The t shirt page new ? Didn’t see it before https://shop.squarepusher.net
  7. https://avonterrorcorps.bandcamp.com/album/ecclesiastes *headbangs https://nyegenyegetapes.bandcamp.com/album/duma sorryz if already posted
  8. From the very first bit you know it’s gonna be an other good remix by ae og track sounds a bit like 95/00 ae remix sounds like 2021 ae tho 2020 ae with a lot more anxiety if that makes sense I love it, specially the field bits behind once Again, huge thanks to sod and rean, who keep delivering the best music out there
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