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  1. interesting cover of Eutow in doom metal https://sonance.bandcamp.com/track/eutow
  2. bqbqbq in pole position is a smart move ! but to me your list lacks a delicious long kraken like shimripl casual
  3. CDU all the way cornfield dreft until Ted
  4. U were a fag still #1 traumatic track
  5. Less voices all over the place, and fucked up beats! Yummy thanks we stay together still hits hard imo
  6. zaizai

    AE Tour 2020

    Well try again, it’s just one line in the bottom of the letter
  7. zaizai

    AE Tour 2020

    https://mailchi.mp/lb-agency.net/littlebig-artist-update-availability-941349?e=5a96180a0f the newsletter in full
  8. Lp is solid, go Danny go ! JPEGMAFIA still holds hip-hop AOTY though
  9. Incomplete without the ´chre
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