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  1. Happy birthday confield ! 20 years already What confield is to autechre is what 2001 a space odyssey to kubrick imo for ever an enigmatic piece of art (and not for everyone) but fascinating and mysterious for more decades Thankkss ae boyz
  2. I received this e mail today but 2 hours later it was already out of stock. Anyone knows if it’s legit ? (Or already posted, sorryz then)
  3. And you have Second Woman too. They did a remix, vinyl is up at boomkat ! https://boomkat.com/products/presentism
  4. No info about the artist but It sounds like Stott tho
  5. zaizai


    Is The t shirt page new ? Didn’t see it before https://shop.squarepusher.net
  6. https://avonterrorcorps.bandcamp.com/album/ecclesiastes *headbangs https://nyegenyegetapes.bandcamp.com/album/duma sorryz if already posted
  7. From the very first bit you know it’s gonna be an other good remix by ae og track sounds a bit like 95/00 ae remix sounds like 2021 ae tho 2020 ae with a lot more anxiety if that makes sense I love it, specially the field bits behind once Again, huge thanks to sod and rean, who keep delivering the best music out there
  8. the confield, the draft, and the holy untilted
  9. They remixed Sophie, track bipp !!
  10. Full glory
  11. Oops seems like I was in the wrong time zone ! well that is fine cause vlr is very, very good, his shit bangs ! like rob hall, gescom and ae friends always deliver thanks to them
  12. A few some unknown bits too One sounds like unreleased gescom to my ears
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