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  1. Hey out there Cd boxset is out ! BP=🐐 https://www.soundohm.com/product/l-oeuvre-musicale-en-12-c-2
  2. Repress soon of cd boxset! Happy !
  3. this clap sounds like first ae phase (lowride)
  4. Wow thanks joeyblush and thanks watmm, I copped the md, and came back a few moment after to listen to first track and saw it’s already out of stock
  5. Bump this album is timeless who’s the artist ?
  6. https://www.soundohm.com/product/stries
  7. Sorry for misleading information guys ! I found the line up, and atp 2003 was curated by ae, there was gescom djs with visuals : https://www.atpfestival.com/events/atpautechre/lineup edit : line up is crazy
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