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let's do this over: not obvious/not IDM music that WATMM members like


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gonna get flak for this flol



it's just there's a thing in interviews, if true, could add a REALLY dark undercurrent to this song, about 'jumping' :p or dream logic because if they jump can fly in dreamz


still kind of annoying, just found out parkour was a thing like 5 years before anyone else, gimmicky 4 video



again knew something was a thing 5 years before general public, Japanese form of zombieish morbid dance performance stuff called "Butoh". Is this like Chris Cunningham too? Dissonant piano shits at 3:00 is kind of cool too. Could just be the producer is someone cool. Didn't she steal Bjork's producer at some point? lol still obviously she had like 30 minutes herself of learning choreography trying to imitate the rando Japanese people who are probably the real thing in that Butoh scene. And then Butoh got exploited for The Ring/The Grudge type movies but the real stuff exists on Youtube. Wants to make IDM as the "idm not really dance music" type thing but for Butoh, Butoh style flow but undanceable lol


Edit: there's a bizarre thing with Madonna Bedtime Story, supposedly it's 100% canon the lyrics were written by Bjork

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