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  1. This last one didnt work so well. I spoke and sung on top of it, but I fucked up the recording. Oh well... Made a short one this mornin; (Not link)
  2. https://soundcloud.com/unistasis/fattmesse-no-piss-pan
  3. Yes, this is what im heading towards, but for me, you see, its a process of "cleaning out my brain" in regards to physical disease, and thus enable my memory, focus, concentration, etc, to increase experience and to more fully commit and deal with my sound. Pen. Is. Very nice... Basically just do live shit in FRUTY LOOPS and have several takes in AUTOCITY And then also just dont slack..(?) Ok Now im a foolish joker, i say goodnight
  4. No, don't be sorry, I totally agree with you! You see, I know i have to reduce the lenght of my cycles or repetition. It's a test of patience. Even if testing patience is a meta-product of my production, it's still valid, at least for me. But when it comes down to brass tacks, it just becomes too long and then people lose interest, including myself. My problem is also, away from being pretty new to production, health problems. I tend to just zone out too much. Like hypnosis. In any case, I would again like to point out, that I have no energy left BUT I like a
  5. Thanks, Blankoman!
  6. https://soundcloud.com/unistasis/yoyo
  7. Text up; Some indian shit (Meant next up)
  8. the best review we'll hear all year the best review we'll hear all year great review not
  9. The Aphex Twin you were expecting and hoping for only exists inside your head. wasnt really expecting much truth is people lose their stuff (greenberg) just in this age, people tend to lose their "stuff" more rapidly.
  10. I only complain on the lack of progress outside that of polishing old stuff
  11. Ok call me a cunt for my simpleton ways, but this is some old brushed up AFX aka TH almost EXAI. Although Exai has its moments, They're all up to their old tricks, aint they? Just fluffed up, thats it? No progression beyond their peak, i mean ("Something about Miles Davis' periods")
  13. id had to after-analyse, but make no mistake; I'm Ridin this Bitch
  14. its riding guesswork
  15. Thanks Bas, really
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