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  1. Dat cream. Dat butter. No austerity der.
  2. Samples of the vegan cake, and very un-vegan soup I'm making this evening. Dat cream, dat butter. Dat...vegan spread. Oh, and a glass (bottle) of Barolo with cheese and crackers.
  3. Cheese and wine* *Babybell and a Chianti that was on offer.
  4. That's a pretty tidy looking burger! I've never eaten a BK burger, I'd give that a go though (maybe minus the barbecue sauce).
  5. Cup o Lapsang Souchong with a bit of Derbyshire honey in it. And sum grapes.
  6. no one can be trusted No one can be trusted to press the shutter at the crucial moment you manage to suck in your gut, raise and press your tits together with your elbows, extend your jaw to stretch out dem double chins and pout to the necessary degree, whilst remembering to not blink and maintain the air of "Oh that's just how I like, look."
  7. Impromptu family gathering. Parents' fridge stops working. Answer: EAT ALL OF THE THINGS (plus drink all of the wine to wash it down). Had to go lie down and rest my bulging gut. A restless night's sleep, sweating like Peter Andre on Countdown, followed. And now I have to go to work.
  8. Ooh I bought one of these for t'other half last night. I struggle with beer but gave this one a try and it was lovely. At seven quid a bottle you'd fucking hope so.
  9. Err, you could say that. His Arkestra was more of a following, not unlike Fela Kuti. Surprised Spiral didn't show you Space Is The Place when you were here.
  10. Fuuk I just looked them up. That Sombrero contains lots of my favourite things. Watercress and stilton, dayum.
  11. Thread needs more Sun Ra http://youtu.be/UINN_bQzCPE
  12. Cup of Lapsang Souchong and a cigarette. Smokey success.
  13. Dem kittens have what's coming to em. Dirty furry gremlins. Oh wait...
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