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  1. Hi, I made some album using handmade BASTL modular gear, MS-20 and some vst's. It's released on NONA Rec. Cassette tape and digital download https://nonarec.bandcamp.com/album/auslander
  2. https://www.mixcloud.com/Rob_Booth/-ziq-electronic-explorations orpahed deejay selek tracks there :) November 2009
  3. do you think that the fact of analouge gear being recreated or all those new cheap analogs like volca etc could somehow influence richards decision to release new music? like an analogue bible or smmtink? :D
  4. who needs to be innovative all the time? calm down and dance!
  5. listening over and over again...almost crying at 3:20 ...so so lush ...LUSHHH :)))
  6. "To believe we may be an exception to men’s violence or men’s system simply because of access to money and education, is to fail to understand completely how men’s violence against women operates. Money and education, in and of itself, does not protect a woman from being raped by a man, owned by a man, impregnated, beaten or killed. Fame and popularity does not protect women from being raped or killed either. Only men collectively, as a class, benefit directly from wealth, education, high economic status and fame. It directly increases their power over women, it increases the power of all men over women. They are the owners of the status. Women are never middle class, but the slaves and offspring of the slaves of middle class men."
  7. hi, that is what i've been thinking about, but i didn't have time to complete it...on the other side i was aiming to do something that illustrates crowd-funding...
  8. i hope that it remains in our hands.....that nobody will leak it online.....in that case i suggest to make another kickstarter to hire a contract killer
  9. Hi again, in some ancient interview you stated, that major society thinks that music 400 years old is the best music ever created and has no ability to look forward...and that aphex twin uses some of it in his compositions...precisely crafted melodies witch he creates by moving notes for hours until it's perfect...you said that it's cold approach to music and you are trying to be more human...to get to year 0...how you think about it now? tbh i like each of those principles...because i don´t think that you're more human just because you follow your instincts more...
  10. Hi, what do you think abou DIY stuff such as this: http://www.bastl-instruments.com/trinity/ ? Did you ever craft anything alike? Is it possible to you to use such lo-fi instruments for some sounds?
  11. Absolutely stunning instruments i just bought... http://www.bastl-instruments.com/trinity/
  12. Hi check out this spectacular album from Cave Art duo recorded live in Munich http://zvukolom.org/releases/cave-art-pina-colada/
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