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  1. No one mentioned footwork. This remix is definitely AE's take on footwork.
  2. Please don't stop commenting on Watmm.
  3. Ahshaha, that was funny! I am just sick and tired of people bashing, successful and skilled artists just because of their gender, and popularity. These ideologically driven people are dreaming about revolutionizing whole music industry by sharing the income of the DJ with the composer. This sharing tracklist was a new one tho. My ex-girlfriend was just like this, so I know how corrupt these ideas can go. Check out the twitter of the author: https://mobile.twitter.com/MichelleLhooq?p=s zhe was criticizing festival sponsorship of Budweiser money but if you go down below, zhe was saying how zhe is upset about RBMA closed and zer dreams were ruined by it. Just amazing.
  4. I wrote an e-mail to RA-AFX article author Michelle Lhooqr. Here is the mail, (p.s tomorrow Avant Gardner will be crazyyy!!!, see u guys there and afterparty): " It’s mindblowing to see the things you wrote on RA and then on Twitter. First of all, you talk as it is a person duty to share the tracklist of the DJ set. I have never heard such a ridiculous idea. Back in the days, DJ’s were purposely hiding the labels with stickers to protect their record crate secrets. Would you call this action as unethical? And what is the benefit of sharing a tracklist when people are already Shazaming it like crazy, and therefore it is available immediately? And from there you go to, sharing Aphex Twin’s income with the tracklist composers. What do you recommend? Are we giving concert income money for %3 per each person in tracklist? Maybe you are not aware but, Aphex Twin concert tracklists are “Oscars” (sorry for using this term) of underground dance music. Check out this article which came out today. https://mixmag.net/feature/when-aphex-twin-plays-your-music Every artist in the tracklist gots lots of exposure and even gets album deals (Brainwaltzera, Zuli, etc.). And I am sure they would choose this spotlight over money. But I think it is not enough for you, to be ethically correct, Aphex needs to carefully selects each artist by its gender and give everyone an equal chance. How is %33 Male %33 Queer %33.333 Female for gender distribution of the artist? I think with your article you should go one step ahead and say shooting videos of people in the crowd are against privacy and using Aphex logo on people should have legal consequences. Above all, your twitter posts dropped your mask, by "saying shitty DJ obscure music.” You hate the guy because he is a big name and he is a successful male, and he is the reason why the old unequal music industry system should be demolished. If he were queer, you will love the concert and write 180 flipped version of this review. I am astonished that you call yourself a music journalist. How about changing that to my clan vs. your clan game in the music industry journalism? Your biasing must be super high to see Aphex visuals and music as not a real transgression or transcendence and put tags rave, hypnotic over the article. I’ve seen FAKA 2 times, and they were great, but I doubt that you will give them a chance if their performances were masculine-oriented. It’s too bad that RA removed the comment section. People would eat you alive for writing shitty clickbait article like that — anyway, good luck with your weedy ravey journalism. "
  5. Dear Rob and Dear Sean, Firstly sorry for my possible English grammar mistakes, I didn't have any steady platform to practice it. For me your music is direct proof of how certain sounds can leak into human nervous system (in this case its me) and change its structure and mechanism completely. I remember very vividly of my first Autechre experience,It was about 4 years ago, up to that time I never listened electronic music, listening Kalpol Introl and then Bike while doing breath exercises was the first big experience for me, and the day later it was new year, so there was some party which we decided to take shrooms and at one point I put Amber and at first Foil track everyone just lost their mind since then most of the people at that party began to make music and we created some kind of electronic music collective/gathering and had wicked jam sessions. Later that year I registered to electronic engineering undergrad course in order to learn signal processing and fourier synthesis/analysis, circuits, programming etc., and it's now my last year, over these time course I bought and built dozens of analog gear and learn to operate them meaningfully, I learned max extensively (wrote down all documentation of it in order to learn every bit of every object) , bought almost all of your lp's (tri repetea vinyl was worn out due to abusively listening so I bought second one) and had inexpressible experiences while listening all of it, also your radio shows were very very inspiring to discover some oldskool-electro and acid tracks, last month I was able to meet with Jean Claude-Risset and by his colleagues help, I will start apprenticeship at IRCAM next year, I just wanted to thank you guys for every support you give me unconsciously with your music, your tunes and sounds answered all of my questions. By writing this I just aimed to simply thank for everything, Hope this message doesn't seem silly or off topic. some couple of item specific questions: - Are you guys still using asr-10 or quadraverb effects on your recent albums? - Is it possible for you guys to name my roland mks-80 (it has purple lcd display)? - On Exai's "1 1 is" track did you use fm synthesis for those bubbly sounds?
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