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  1. I actually like dcom’s ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, wish I’d thought of that. I don’t think it’s up to us though. Back in 89 we were calling it ‘rogue techno’ for some reason. That didn’t last long. ELM pre-dates IDM so I guess it’s more correct but it’s also a bit silly because all music is for listening to.
  2. that's the plan but as part of a batch to come out later and given some proper attention like getting the eq even across all of them, they all vary a fair bit because of venue rigs/acoustics rn. now i have to back all my shit up and pack for friday, flying tomorrow. wish us luck ?
  3. I don’t do that any more but ok yeah it’s called Bod and really this is my last post ITT cos I got shit to do ?
  4. Ok We didn’t record that set but we got the two since
  5. sometimes knowing nothing is better than half a story, which is the main reason we hardly ever go into this stuff - the speculation is worse than a total lack of info.. so at the risk of kicking off a lot of further questions (which i will obviously refuse to answer) - rob did the mpc bits of perlence and i did all the machinedrum/monomachine bits (you can figure out which are which). losid was me, and subrange 6-36 was me (literally just some of my parts slowed down). pro radii was about 50/50, rob did the start and i did the end (the start is the best bit obviously). on most tracks from that period as a general rule all the mpc bits were rob and the md/mm bits were me, with a few exceptions. This will be my final post on this topic, no further questions pl0x, i'm off to eat, have fun
  6. Ok just this once, your headphones are called Derek Yeah it’s *mildly* annoying but at least it was mostly about other peoples music this time I’m outta this thread now but cheers Ivan, hi Jaderpansen and everyone, stay safe etc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. That Humo thing’s full of misquotes. Some of it’s prob just translation errors, or him not understanding the accent or getting words wrong but some is straight up not what we said at all and totally made up. Some of it’s the literal opposite of what we said. You should ask the journo to release the recording but he prob won’t do that. It is funny though esp the bit about Radiohead, almost wish we’d actually said that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. ok so i'm gonna have to split i just want to say cheers for asking so many mental questions i hope some of our answers were illuminating or at least amusing i really enjoyed it cos you asked us a lot of stuff that journos don't usually, i was hoping that would happen, watmm delivers and thanks for supporting us (really, i mean, well you know the score) oh and to everyone who thanked us for doing this, YOU'RE WELCOME cheers all and peace bye wattumz sean
  9. usually i use digital performer but if its something really simple like trimming starts and ends i'll use wave editor interesting, so you guys are still pretty die-hard about DP (digital performer)? I tried it a few times and never quite got into it but I know a few producers (one: bloodysnowman) who swears by it. What specifically about digital Performer especially in the context of AE's music sets it apart from other serious daws like Logic, Cubase or Protools ? i prefer the audio editing in DP logic has caught up a bit but DP still has the edge for me
  10. dope. it does, his spectrum software has low res its saws so it goes all the way up
  11. nah not enough bass otherwise, yeah sure, we invented a genre, BIG DEAL i invent 15 genres a week j/k
  12. steam mostlyi'm feeling fucked tonight tho i might have to bow out soon No Sean, don't go! Get Better! Sean, no! Sean! SEAAN! SEAAAAN! aw my ribs! not agaaaaaiiiiinnnn oh god I'm crying
  13. we did 3 shows together iirc one of them was a joint bill where we overlapped our sets but the others were collab gigs (i might have that wrong, maybe 2 of them were overlapping, my brain is gone) i can def rem 3 gigs tho, one in newcastle, one in amsterdam, one in nottingham (i think) got into them in 94 cos of chantal, she played me collusion and what is not true and look into me, and i backtracked steam mostly i'm feeling fucked tonight tho i might have to bow out soon Man steam is GREAT for congestion. Nothing better than standing in a hot shower and just letting it do its trick. Have you tried using a "nedipot" yet? Its pretty wild and makes you feel like you are drowning but will clear the nose and sinus out real quick. nedipot yeah self-waterboarding lol nah i don't trust it man
  14. i dunno it's easy enough not to use random in max not that i'm against it any more (at least in principle - as long as it's done carefully noise can be really useful), but on confield we weren't doing that no that was all programmed in logic audio i think there's a bit of mpc on a couple of tracks but none of the rest never used lemur iPads are great but tbh i prefer something tactile for using with max, for now anyway
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