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  1. These tracks look to have been there for a while. And the description just suggests they are a compilation of unreleased tracks.
  2. That's a curious metric to judge music by. "The prepared piano tracks could have been released in the early 1700s..." Like maybe I want to listen to good music even if it's not using cutting edge technology. Something I really like about Aphex Twin's music is that if he hadn't made it, no-one else would have, because it's just so different no-one else would have dreamed up anything remotely similar. The same goes for Autechre. For the most part, it doesn't sound 90s so much as like it could be from an utterly alien culture. That's a great post.
  3. I would really laugh if this was genuine.
  4. Didn't read the whole thread, so apologies if this came up already... IMO the best and most authentic sounding early-Aphex-style artist is RX-101, by far. SAW1 style, Analogue Bubblebath style, Polygon Window style, Caustic Window style, Universal Indicator style... he's got them all down pat. You may want to accuse me of being biased, since I release RX-101 on my label, but I think I can put my own bias aside and say it really doesn't get any closer than this outside of RDJ himself: https://soundcloud.com/thump/rx-101-like-yesterday You c
  5. I recently discovered these guys and this website https://sonicsunset.com/ However, I am gutted to say most of the download links do not work. I would love to hear these mixes so I wondered if anyone on here has any knowledge of where they might be hosted now (if anywhere) I have spent a bit of time looking but without luck so far.
  6. Coincidentally I was listening to that earlier. Great track selection there.
  7. Wisp - Teddy Oggie I knew I had heard that track before. So that archive is just a mixture of random tracks? It just happens to start with legitimate Tuss tracks.
  8. I really don't get these modular tracks at all. Do people really enjoy them or is it a bit Emperors New Clothes? I love Aphex, he is my favourite artist of all time but there are only five tracks on here I like including two already on the new Rushup Edge.
  9. This was on the aphex facebook group recently. Seems legit and the thread title might need changing.
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