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  1. I mean it looks quite beautiful, how are you integrating ? Did u guys learn french before going there ? I have always heard france is quite stubborn about speaking other languages besides french. How are you guys experiencing that is that just a dumb stereotype?
  2. Always great to discover new music trough someones likes.
  3. noise exposure isnt the only way u can get it.
  4. I think everyone here should take an online iq test and post the results. Than we can finally start creating a hierarchy in this wasteland.
  5. Do different sounds indicate something else ?
  6. What range did your hospital test for ? Have you ever tested yourself with some white noise to give some rough hearing range ?
  7. How do you know the reason u have tinnitus is because you have oversensitive ears? I really feel like hearing safety should be a subject on school with the prevalence of headphones and earphones. Cant remember hearing anything about it until it was to late. I got it pretty young as well unfortunately
  8. I mean he is never going to end up on the street or anything. But i feel like he just has to do stuff he probably doesnt really like like song remixes these interviews and how many albums has warp reissued ? I think its all just unlucky timing with the pandemic. He was probably about to stack up some cash with live shows. But wtf do i know man just weird speculation.
  9. @Nil whats the closest you ever gotten ? I feel like i got a patch that resembles it somewhat on dexed wondering if u got anything of yourself i can compare it to.
  10. you would think you just wanne fucking retire at that age maybe do some cool passion projects instead of dumb commercials.' Imagine dying on a set where u are shooting a commercial and the last thing u hear is some mega corps theme song.
  11. I feel like the the dude is unfortunately struggling for money with the cancellation of his live shows etc.
  12. oohh those silly crackheads always up to something.
  13. imagine making a online event restricted to one area lmao. They are going to be in that call and " a user started recording" is going to pop up.
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