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  1. like how blind total blackness? How did it go away? did it fade away or did you just wake up one day and it was gone? Going blind for a year sounds insane.
  2. Are u ever going to put all this knawledge to good use a give us kind of blue 2 ? Does anyone here see color when listening to music? like that synesthesia stuff.
  3. Aphex twin hyper pop inc. Mid life crisis mode has begun he wants to be young again.
  4. How do u even respond to people trying to downplay or whatever they are trying to do by saying stuff like .There is never this much commotion about other conflicts like palestina/israel or other middle eastern wars.
  5. How do u even get drone footage like this ?? does the government just post them ?
  6. Imagine having an anniversary about your break up lmao so corny.
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