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  1. Wunderbar


    Lets hope thimothee loving teenage girls carry the movie to financial success so you dont get left hanging, and then be left with one movie.
  2. this one is really nice aswell.
  3. what a creepy fucking photo.
  4. why would they reject your money ? If u get problems just go back to the pirated version.
  5. Im pretty slow actually, i got kidnapped a lot as a kid.
  6. I have it with both new and known music. Its kinda like being at a concert and some asshole next to you is screaming the whole melody. Very annoying because i don't know how to not do it now. I feel like im just overthinking it constantly,really ruins music listening compared to when i dont have that problem. Because when i dont have that problem im able to follow / hear the melody much better. So whats it like for u when u listen to music ? And when u audit u hear your voice or the instrument in your head. Like in the video when the bass drops out. I was only able to hear my voice because thats all im thinking of now.
  7. I misinterpreted what u said i didn't know the difference.
  8. Yea i noticed it was different. But i started trying to do it and now my voice wont shut up when im listening to music. I wonder if thats just ADD or maybe other people hear their voice doubling up the instrument aswell when they listne to music. But i hadnt heard of that term before i will check it out. I didnt mean anything by that capitalization.
  9. When u try to follow it. DO you hear the note of the instrument going up or down or like your own voice in your head doing it. https://www.openculture.com/2017/12/thelonious-monks-25-tips-for-musicians-1960.html this is why i ask. CTrl f "sing"
  10. rip dog having to walk around in all that shatterd glass.
  11. Herbie has done a dnb album?
  12. When u guys listen too music do you hear your own voice singing the melody or the instrument playing it ?
  13. I suck some mean dick though so im probably save.
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